Ho Sit Down: Sarah Silverman To Plan Live Comedy Show In Texas Called “N*****head”

Sarah Silverman Racist

And all the proceeds are going to the NAACP. SMH: Continue »

Bye Bye Christmas: NBA Lockout Negotiations Break Down, No Resolution In Sight

kobe bryant

So, basically we’re not going to have a damn season. Continue »

Hi Hater: Al Sharpton Says People That Don’t Like Tyler Perry Are “Proper Negroes”

al sharpton

“Permed Up” Al Sharpton is at it again, talking that yang. This time, it’s about people that aren’t Tyler Perry fans. Continue »

This Sounds Mighty Suspect: Black Texas H.S. Football Player Killed By Train, No Suspicion Of Foul Play

Matt Thomas football team

Authorities say foul play isn’t suspected in the death of a young black football player who attended a mostly white school, even though the train conductor says Matt Thomas was laying face down in the tracks when he was hit!!! Continue »

Can Cain Please Sit Down Now? Hermie Says That Liberals Killed Jesus!!!

herman cain

Our favorite soft shoe-in politician is at it again. This time, he’s talking about Jesus! Continue »

NBA Lockout Gets Racial: Bryant Gumbel Calls David Stern “Plantation Overseer”…’He Treats The NBA Men As If They Were His Boys’

Bryant Gumbel And Wife Hilary

Bryant Gumbel discussed the NBA lockout on his HBO show Real Sports and went into detail on how commissioner David Stern is more of a problem than the solution: Continue »

Race Matters: 1 In 7 Marriages Is An Interracial Couple, But Are Mixed Families More Accepted??

Interracial Marriages May Be Up, But Mixed Families Steal Deal With Racial Tension

We obviously didn’t need a study to tell us that interracial dating and marriage in America has become more common than it once was. Continue »

Sit Down Somewhere: Hank Williams, Jr. Is Still Talking That Yang About Obama And Hitler

hank williams

It looks like Hank Williams, Jr. didn’t learn his lesson after getting fired from his ESPN gig. Continue »

Myth-Busting History Lesson: Everyone Already Knew The Earth Was Round When Columbus Set Sail

columbus day

Let’s get the facts straight on this fake holiday. Continue »

Race Matters: Two Black Men Go On Trial For Allegedly Killing White Supremacist In South Africa

white supremacist killing

The trial of two blacks accused of hacking to death South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’blanche Continue »

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