For Your Information: Black Women 40% More Likely To Develop Cervical Cancer, Twice As Likely To Die Because Of Issues Clearing HPV Virus


New Study Shows Black Women Have Harder Time Clearing HPV Virus That Leads To Cervical Cancer

A new study shows that race may really matter when it comes to cervical cancer and HPV in black women! Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: Hospital That Called One-Time On Woman Who Died From Blood Clots In Jail Says They “Acted Appropriately”

Anna Brown

St. Louis Hospital Defends Their Actions After Homeless Woman Dies In Jail Cell Where She Was Taken After Refusing To Leave Emergency Room

The hospital that called one-time on poor Anna Brown, sending her to a jail cell where she died, claims they’ve done nothing wrong. Continue »

Race Matters: This Is The Guy Who Helped Spark The Online Protest For Trayvon Martin

Kevin Cunningham Trayvon Martin

Yes, he’s a white dude who went to the historically black school Howard for Law School… Continue »


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