Race Matters: Soledad O’Brien To Host New CNN Special On Black Techies “The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley”

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien investigates how African-American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley struggle with racial bias, financial security, . Continue »

Just STFU Already! Tiger’s Ex-Caddy Stevie Williams Talks That Shove “It Up His Black Ar$e” Yang Then Apologizes!

stevie williams tiger woods

Tiger Woods is still taking hits from his former caddie Stevie Williams, but this time people say he’s gone too far by talking some racial yang. Continue »

Condoleezza Rice Tells Herman Cain: “Sit Yo A$$ Down With That Race Card Mess”


When Condoleezza Rice tells you to sit down, it’s probably best that you just sit it down. Continue »

Cry Me A River: Herman Cain’s Buddies Say He’s A Victim Of A High-Tech Lynching


Oh, so Herman Cain and his people want some sympathy for him now? No thank you. Continue »

Does The GOP Support Herman Cain Because They See Him As A Black Man Who “Knows His Place?”

Herman Cain Michele Bachmann

Are Republicans supportive of Herman Cain because he’s the kind of black man that makes them feel safe? The kind that helps assure them they’re not racist? Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Condoleezza Rice Admits That Shady George “Dubya” Bush Had A “Race Problem”

condoleezza rice and george w. bush


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said President George W. Bush had a “race problem” Continue »

SMH: Condi Rice Says She Now Regrets Shoe Shopping And Yukking It Up During Katrina Disaster

Condoleezza Rice shoe shopping at Ferragamo

Condoleezza Rice is speaking up about how she let the country and her race down by being such a thoughtless beyatch during Hurricane Katrina. Continue »

Race Matters: Grandmother Of Missing 5-Year-Old Girl Jahessye Shockley Says Her Disappearance Has Been Ignored Because She Is Black!!!

missing 5-year-old girl Jahessye Shockley

This story brings tears to our eyes… There is NOTHING like grandma’s love. Continue »


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