Random Ridiculousness: Man Raises $35,000 On Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad [Video]

With raisins in it or nah???

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Random Ridiculousness: Woman Sets Entire House On Fire While Trying To Kill Spider With A Lighter

spiderThat crazy moment when you end up catching an arson charge while trying to kill a spider in your house… Continue »

Watch Reporter Push Erykah Badu To The Side When She Goes In For A Kiss [Video]

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Random Ridiculousness: 79-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Fired From Cracker Barrel For Giving Homeless Man A Muffin

muffin man

You know isht is bad when white folks gettin’ fired over cornbread… Continue »

Men Sue NJ Lottery After Throwing Out $1 Million Winning Ticket Because Powerball Numbers “Weren’t Updated On The Website”

Men Sue NJ Lottery After Throwing Away $1 Million Winning Ticket

Lottery Continue »

WTF?!? Environmental Protection Agency Sends E-mail Asking Employees To Stop Pooping In The Hallways

EPA execs tell their employees to get their sh*t together….literally Continue »

Confused Bikini Bimbo Says “I Don’t Care About The Spurs Beating Mexico” [Video]

What in the hell is her air headed self talking about?

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Wait, What? Woman Banned From Zoo After Climbing Fence To Feed Cookies To The Lions


And people wonder why “animals attack”…. Continue »


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