A “Lil Positivity”: Little Girl Saves Her Mother’s Life… By Slapping Her With A Pizza! [Video]

If we slapped our mother with a pizza, we’d be the ones in need of some saving! Continue »

SMH: Police Searching For 50-Year-Old Toothless Woman Who Robbed A Pennsylvania Bank

The comments from the police chief are pure comedy: Continue »

For The Stans: Rutgers University Has A Course Called “Politicizing Beyoncé”?!?!?!

Beyonce Kevin Allred  “Politicizing Beyoncé” Rutgers

Okay so we’ve heard it all. A white male lecturer who teaches women’s studies has a college course on BeyBey: Continue »

Don’t Disturb This Groove: Teenage Girl Calls 911 After Feeling “Disrespected” When Hearing Her Mom Getting Her Backs Blown Out In The Other Room

We kinda understand where the girl is coming from here, but calling 911 is a tad bit extreme: Continue »

Ron “Racist” Paul Has Strong Ties With White Supremacists, Gets Action Figures

ron paul action figure

We are all aware that GOP candiadte Ron Paul is overtly racist, but here is more evidence that this guy truly ain’t sh*t: Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Popped For Catching Fade In An Ohio IHOP, Slapped Victim With Metal Coffee Pot And Had Glasses Flying Everywhere

tiera kimbro ihop

Dayum, you can’t even enjoy a little pancake and rooty tooty fresh n’ fruity action at IHOP in peace these days: Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Sega Hopes To Make A “Splash” With Urinal Game Consoles in Japan

Elsewhere In The World: Sega Hopes To Make A "Splash" With Urinal Game Consoles in Japan

You can’t be serious….

The Tokyo-based firm is rolling out game consoles that it has called “Toylets” at urinals for men in bars around the country, encouraging men to take part in a series of contests by varying the strength and direction of their urine.

Each of the urinals is fitted with a pressure sensor, a company spokesman said, and a screen is mounted on the wall above the unit, which each cost £1,266.

Players can choose from five games, which are interspersed with advertisements for products and services. Sega hopes that users of the lavatories will pay more attention to the adverts if they can also play games while using the facilities.

The most simple game is titled “Mannekin Pis” and simply measures how hard the player can urinate. Slightly more challenging is “Graffiti Eraser,” in which the player is required to remove a picture by pointing a hose at the offending image.

The curiously named “The Northern Wind, the Sun and Me” is designed to stimulate a player’s interest in the opposite sex. The aim is to blow a girl’s skirt up and reveal her underwear, with the harder the player urinating, the harder the wind blowing.

Would you play this?



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