Random Ridiculousness: Dad Accidentally Turns On “Freaky Flick” At Child’s Birthday Party Instead Of The Smurfs

smurfs surprise

Those poor children are probably scarred for life now! Continue »

Louis Vuitton Range Rover Spotted In The UK [Photos]

A Range Rover completely wrapped in Louis Vuitton logos was spotted in the UK, and it’s not even owned by a rapper (we hope). Continue »

Ladies, Would You Drop The Drawls For Your Dude If He Took You To A Romantic Dinner At Waffle House For Valentine’s Day???? [Video]

Check out this video and let us know if y’all would be up for heading to Waffle House for Valentine’s Day!! Continue »

Would You Buy A Bacon Milkshake??

bacon milkshake

Does this sound appetizing to you??? Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Tasered For Cutting Line In North Carolina McDonald’s Drive-Thru

mcdonalds drive thru

SMH at them tasering her in front of her daughter: Continue »


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