Guess Which Celeb Got Tatted Up With This Trendy Acronym?

Zac Efron

You might only live once, but tattoos are forever! Continue »

Sorry Perverts: That Throwback Nekked Home Movie Featuring Tupac And a Groupie Will Never Be Available To The Public

Tupac Shakur Adult Film Sold To Private Collector

There must be a super ‘Pac stan out there who’s just been waiting for this day… Continue »

What The Hell?? Cable Guy Finds Big Azz 500 Pound Bear Sleeping In The Basement Of A New Jersey Home

Cable Guy Finds 500 Pound Bear Sleeping In The Basement Of A New Jersey Home

How the hell did a bear manage to get in someone’s basement without them knowing?????? Continue »

Geriatric Kush Chronicles: Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle Is Still Getting In Trouble For Smoking That Ya Mean Overseas???

Snoop Dog Lands In Hot Water For Smoking Weed In Lebanon

We weren’t going to say anything. Despite the fact that Snoop is about to play a high school student in a movie. Or the fact that his last single was “Young, Wild And Free.” Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Man Sentenced For Driving His Lawn Mower On The Streets To The Liquor Store While Slizzard

donald wymer

SMH at this guy thinking that just because he was riding a lawn mower, it was okay for him to drive drunk to the liquor store: Continue »