Kush Chronic-les: Woman Accidentally Brings Pot Brownies To Canadian Co-Workers

Looks like “happy hour” came a lil early at this office. Continue »

Twitter Files: Drizzy Does His Damndest Not To Fall Under Erykah Badu’s Spell

Erykah Badu Drake

Drake has been showing Erykah Badu a lil Canadian hospitality during her visit to Toronto… and the singer couldn’t help but to make a few jokes about the urban legend regarding her prowess over rappers. Continue »

Transgender Children: Jack Or Jackie?? 10 Year-Old Boy Has Always Wanted To Be A Girl Since 18-Months-Old

How early is too early to realize you’re a transgender??? Continue »

What Were You Thinking?? Lady Sticks Out Tongue And Crosses Her Eyes During Mugshot Booking Photo

Lady Sticks Out Tongue And Crosses Her Eyes During Mugshot Booking Photo

This unnamed lady thought it was a good idea to pose like this for her booking photo. Continue »

All Jokes Aside: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Responsible For At Least 21 Deaths, A Million Without Power In 8 States

Photos Of Flood Damage Caused By Tropical Storm Irene

Many people think too much of a big deal was made about Irene considering the fact that the storm hit the Eastern Seaboard as a low level hurricane and was downgraded Continue »

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