For Discussion: Is Reality TV The Modern-Day Minstrel Show??


Is drink-throwing and weave-snatching the new “shucking & jiving?” Continue »

Sit Down Kenya!!! “Rich B**ch” Nene Leakes Says She Will NOT Donate $20,000 To Struggling Detroit Public Schools

Pay up Nene!!! Continue »

Love & Hip Hop Ep.9: Omarion Has A Baby And Nikki’s Mom Breaks Out Masika’s Mugshot “Jumpoff” [Video]

Continue »

Watch: Diamond Judges Extreme Nail Designs On Tonight’s Episode Of “Nail’d It” [VIDEO]

Who has what it takes to get their nail designs featured on her album cover? Continue »

Phaedra Defends Abandoning Apollo On Sentencing Day — “The Marriage Was Already Over”


It was already over? That certainly seemed to be news to Apollo… Continue »


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