Shade Files: Iggy Azalea Fires Shots At Lorde’s Kurt Cobain Tribute – “She’s Not His Peer…I Don’t Think It’s Appropriate”

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No Soul!: Woman In Accident Has Her Groceries Stolen Out Of Car While Dying Wrapped In Wreckage! [Video]

Someone’s going to hell.
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200 People Killed In Nigeria By Boko Haram Terrorist Group (Known For Snatching Up 300 Females) [Video]

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R.I.P. 2 Texas A&M-Commerce Basketball Players Killed, 2 Injured In Car Crash


Aubree Butts and Devin Oliver

So Sad…
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R.I.P.: 4-Year-Old Drowns At Pool Party While Guests Sing “Happy Birthday”


Sad, gotta watch the kiddies at the pool man…
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SMH: Woman Killed By Pervy Truck Driver Peeking At Sleazy Sites On His Phone


Put the phone down people, poor Lauren and her fiancé didn’t deserve this…

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So Sad: Humiliated Bronx High Schooler Jumps To Her Death After Being Caught Cheating On Test


Just sad..

High Schooler Jumps To Her Death After Being Caught Cheating

A high schooler at a prestigious NY school was reportedly caught cheating on a test and was so anguished by it, that she jumped to her death in the Hudson River.

The New York Post reports:

A bright student at a top city high school was humiliated in front of her classmates for cheating on a test — and was so ashamed that she jumped to her death in the Hudson River Thursday, sources told The Post.
Omotayo Adeoye, 17, of The Bronx, wrote a suicide note right on her German-language exam that read, “I just want to go away forever on the bottom of the river,” law-enforcement sources said.

Divers were still searching Friday night for the biology whiz in the waters off Washington Heights, where she jumped in Thursday afternoon.

The promising senior was caught peeking at her cellphone during the German test at the Harlem HS for Math, Science and Engineering, which is affiliated with the City College of New York.
Her teacher, Eva Malikova, “was walking around the room and saw [Adeoye] on her phone,” a male classmate said.

“She snatched it away from her and started screaming at her, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be cheating! You guys shouldn’t be cheating! You guys are lying to yourselves!’ ”Adeoye burst into tears, sobbing, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
“Oh, you are not really sorry,” Malikova allegedly snapped back. “That’s not a sincere apology!”
Law-enforcement sources confirmed the classroom exchange.At around 2:15 p.m., a teary-eyed Adeoye scrawled her desperate note on the test, then asked to use the bathroom.

She never returned — instead walking from the West 140th Street school to the Hudson River’s edge at West 165th Street. Shocked fishermen watched helplessly as she placed her ID on a rock, then jumped in the water. Adeoye — whose father told cops she can’t swim — ignored their cries to go ashore, the witnesses told cops.

She appeared to be forcing herself down, they said. Her head bobbed briefly above the surface before she was completely submerged.The first 911 call came in at 3:35 p.m., nearly an hour before school officials alerted cops to her disappearance at 4:20 p.m.

A Department of Education spokeswoman said, “We are conducting an investigation into this tragic incident, and we are taking immediate action.” She said the DOE would do more to address mental-health issues with students.

Malikova could not be reached for comment, but several students said they heard her screaming in anguish at the school this morning.She did not teach any classes.

If it is confirmed that Adeoye killed herself, it would bring the total number of public-school student suicides to 14 so far this year, the DOE said. There were 14 suicides in the 2012-13 school year.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and her school community,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “This must be a call to action.”

Mental health issues are real y’all.


Maya Angelou 911 Call: Caretaker Says Poet Did Not Want To Be Resuscitated

Maya Angelou

Rest in power Maya.

Maya Angelou 911 Call Released 

Just before Maya Angelou’s passing, her distraught caretaker called 911 to ask for help.

TMZ reports:

Maya Angelou had informed her staff she did NOT want to be resuscitated in the event of her death … this according to the caretaker who called 911.

The caretaker called 911 to report Maya’s death — but told the operator she was hesitant to perform CPR because the famed poet had previously been crystal clear … when she passed, don’t try to bring her back.

The operator tells the caretaker to perform CPR regardless — because Maya didn’t have a “Do Not Resuscitate” order — and the caretaker complied … to no avail.

As we reported, Angelou passed away Wednesday at the age of 86.

So sad, her caretaker was obviously torn between honoring her wishes and wanting to help.

People Aint Isht: Two Police Officers Arrested For Raping & Murdering Teen Sisters Before Hanging Them From A Tree [Video]

Hopefully justice will be served for the families of these young girls…

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