Another 10-Yr Old Girl Commits Suicide Because Of Bullying! [Video]

This mess needs to quit…

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Peaceful Journey: Family, Friends Say Goodbye To Heavy D [Photos]

Heavy D Funeral

Late rapper Heavy D was laid to rest during a private funeral service in Mount Vernon, New York on Friday. Continue »

R.I.P. Diddy, Chris Rock And Flavor Flav Pay Their Respects At Heavy D’s Wake, Rapper Being Laid To Rest Friday

Heavy D funeral program

The private homegoing celebration for rapper Heavy D. is being held today at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, NY. Continue »

Jesus: 10-Yr Old Cutie “Jasmine McClain” Hangs Self Because Of Bullying! [Video]

This story is sad:

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“Tot Mom” Casey Anthony Narrowly Misses Being Murked After Assassin Discovers Her Safe House

Casey Anthony

Cotdamn there is a lot of failed assassinations going down today. Continue »

Mystery Solved? The Results Of Heavy D’s Autopsy Revealed

heavy d

Do we finally know what killed Heavy D? Continue »

Secret Adoptions, Reality TV, And Finding Daddy Drugged Up And Passed Out: Our First Inside Look At Prince, Paris And Blanket’s Lives

Inside The Lives Of Prince Paris and Blanket Jackson

Ever since seeing those little un-smiley photo of Blanket Jackson at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the U.K. last month, we’ve been a little curious about what the Jackson kids’ lives are really like now that their dad is gone. Continue »

A Hero’s Homegoing: Muhammed Ali To Pay Final Respects By Attending Joe Frazier’s Funeral

Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali

Joe Frazier’s death earlier this week has helped revive talk of his longtime rivalry with Muhammad Ali, who is expected to be at the homegoing for his three-time opponent. Continue »

Notorious Big Stops Baby-Baby From Crying [Video]

This lil girl just loves her some Biggie…

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Updated: Heavy D Had Flu-Like Symptoms, Visited A Doctor The Day Before He Died

Heavy D

Relatives of Heavy D say he visited a doctor the day before he passed away. Continue »

Heavy D Video Memorial: All The Greatest Songs Young Bucks Never Heard! [Video]

This was one of his later hits. Turn the page to go back in time, or before your time.

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