Rest In Pork: $3K Bacon Casket For All The Pig Lovers That Ain’t Here No Mo!

Makers Of Bacon Salt And Bacon Lube Create $3K Bacon Coffin With Bacon Air Freshener Inside

Pour out a lil bacon grease… Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: Hospital That Called One-Time On Woman Who Died From Blood Clots In Jail Says They “Acted Appropriately”

Anna Brown

St. Louis Hospital Defends Their Actions After Homeless Woman Dies In Jail Cell Where She Was Taken After Refusing To Leave Emergency Room

The hospital that called one-time on poor Anna Brown, sending her to a jail cell where she died, claims they’ve done nothing wrong. Continue »

Eff A “No Limit Soldier”: Army Charges Four Of Their Own With “Premeditated Murking” In Execution Style Killing Of Former Solder And Girlfriend

Army Charges Four Soldiers With Premeditated Murder Of Former Member Of Their Brigade And His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend

Guess it’s hard to be all you can be when you really ain’t shyte! Continue »

13-Year Old Trayvon Martin Killing Witness Mother Speaks Out: Lead Investigator Said “Some Stereotyping Going On” And Updated With Her “Fitness Video” [Video]

The Lead Investigator Stood In My Living Room And Said “There Is Some Stereotyping Going On And Read Between The Lines.”

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