This Is The Face Of One Sick Muhfugga: Details On Man Who Burned Woman Alive And Torched Her To Death On NYC Elevator

jerome issac burned woman alive on elevator arrested

Remember the crazy story from yesterday where a man set a woman on fire in an NYC elevator? Well here are more details: Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Psycho North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Died Over The Weekend

Kim Jong Il Dead At Age 69

It’s the end of an era… which may or may not be a good thing for the people of North Korea. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Illinois Woman Murks Boyfriend And Three Kids, Including 10-Month-Old Baby At Point Blank Range Before Turning Gun On Herself

emington shooting

An Illinois mother shot and killed her 10-month-old baby daughter at point blank range while a horrified neighbor looked on. Continue »

Update: Death Of FAMU Drum Major Robert Champion Has Been Ruled A Homicide

Hazing-Related Death Of Florida A&M Drum Major Ruled A Homicide

Ladies and gentlemen, the isht has officially hit the fan. Continue »

The Whole Truth: Jennifer Hudson May Be Asked To Testify Against Her Brother-In-Law In The Murder Of Her Family

J-Hud may have to relive the awful memory of her mother and brother’s violent death on the stand, under oath… Continue »

R.I.P. 35-Year-Old Black Man Beaten To Death By 20-Year-Old White Man In Indianapolis

Shaun Fields Arrested in Beating Death

This guy just looks like a menace to society. Continue »

So Sad: Part-Time Baby Sitter Murks 4-Year-Old And Takes Pics Of The Poor Dead Baby Because He Wanted The Kid’s Mom

We cannot ever stress it enough: you have got to be more careful about the people you bring around your children. Continue »

UPDATE: Both Children That Were Shot By Their Mother Over Food Stamps Have Died

R.I.P…we wish this selfish beyatch hadn’t offed herself so she could be sent to prison!! Continue »


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