Update: Feds Subpoena Kendrick Johnson’s Schoolmates Amid Probe Into Georgia Teen’s Death

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Hopefully, the feds can get the answers they need and finally give Kendrick’s family justice. Continue »

Don’t Mess With Texas: Lesbian “Soulmate” Couple Murdered And Left Near A Dumpster (Family Cries Out For Help) [Video]

Ohh, it was in Galveston? Hmm… Continue »

R.I.P.: 12-Year Old Boy Dies After Middle School Bullying [Video]

Wonder what that school score is now on the property listings?

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Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Boston Woman Charged For Helping Cover Up For Boyfriend After He Beat Her 4-Year-Old Son To Death

This is extremely upsetting… Continue »

Rumor Control: Tameka Raymond Confirms Whether Or Not She Quit “Hollywood Exes Atlanta”

Tameka Raymond

Would you want to watch a “Hollywood Exes” spinoff without Usher’s ex-wife? Continue »

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