Kim K and Her Cakes Seen on the Scene

kim kardashian shopping 231009

Kim Kardashian and her donk were out shopping this weekend. Uhhh, nothing new here, but pop that hatch if you’re interested in some cake shots… Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure


The King of Rocks and Blunts was spotted rehearsing for his upcoming concert at Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn.

More pics under the hood. Continue »

Gabby Hits the Red Carpet Looking a Hot Mess in her Granny’s Dress


Gabrielle hit up the 2009 Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Award Ceremony last night in Beverly Hills. We have to give it to her, if she’s going for a classy look to clean up her image, this is perfect. Otherwise, stop shopping in your grandmother’s closet.

Pop it for Laila Ali & Ghostface Gabby Continue »

Kimora’s Body is Bouncing Back…

Paris & Kimora

Kimora Lee and attention whore Paris Hilton came out for the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary event in Cali the other night. Kimora brought the girls out so, guess that means Dijmon and Baby Kenzo were at home having a bonding moment.

Pop the Top to See Kimora & the Girls Work the Red Carpet Continue »

The Odoms and Kardashians Hit the Streets and You Won’t Believe how Khloe Looks


Lamar launched his Rich Soil Clothing line at Kitson in Hollyweird last night, and of course, the whole Kardashian clan was there to support. Pop the top to see flicks of the Odoms and more.

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Ci-Ci is So So Hollyweird

Hollyweird-ed Out

You know you’ve officially got that Hollyweird steez when the paps try to catch you in an ‘up-skirt’ position. Here is Ci-ERROR hopping out of her Lambo at her new best friend Kim Kardashian‘s birthday party.

Check on the flipside to see if they got her…. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

saul williams 221009

Chris Rock was spotted in the UK chilling with Saul Williams for the African Punk Tour. Neither one of these brothers is a looker, but if you had to, your life depended on it, and you had to pro-create to keep life going…

Which One Would You Hit??? Continue »

Somebody is Playing Footsies Under the Table


Can you guess what couple was caught getting close and comfy on the low??? Continue »

You Can “MAKE” a Hoe Look Like a Housewife…


Amber Rose has evolved into a lady just like they claim monkeys evolved into humans. She popped up at the Elle 16th Annual Women in Hollywood event looking the part. We got to give props when they are due… Kanye, we salute you!!!

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Black Women Come Out for a Good Cause…


Raven Symone hit up The Black Girls Rock Awards on Saturday in NYC to honor some prominent black women both known and unknown. Naomi Campbell, Janelle Monae, Queen Latifah and more were also on deck for the festivities.

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Are You Feeling This Get Up???


Some animal is out there freezing its tail off thanks to Amerie who hit up Lounge 501 in New Jersey on Saturday with this get up on. A fur with no sleeves, exactly how cold is it??? Well, all we want to know is…

Are you feeling this get up??? Continue »

Ne-Yo Turns the BIG 3-0


Ne-Yo‘s birthday bash went down over the weekend at Cipriani’s in NYC. A lot of people came out to help Ne-Yo bring in his thirties. Now that he’s getting older, maybe he’ll tone down the chicken grease lip gloss effect.

Flip the Hood to See Who was There… Continue »

Chris Brown on the Set of His New Video with a Bald Headed Beast


Chris Brown is shooting the video for his second single Crawl. Every video has cameos but can you guess which bald headed beast popped up on set as the leading lady???

Pop it for a Peek Continue »

Ci-ERROR… Somebody Got They Hands on Yo Man!!!


50 Cent was pictured with his hands on a chick during his video shoot. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Ciara

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Look at What We Have Here


Dwyane Wade and the other woman were spotted on the party scene celebrating Stephen Hill’s (BET) birthday in Miami over the weekend.  Lil Kim, DJ Khaled, Fonzworth Bentley and more were also in the building. Does anyone know exactly what Fonzworth Bentley does anymore???

A couple more pics under the hood. Continue »


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