The Baddest Chick in the Game…

olympics2 copy

Michelle Obama was spotted getting off Air Force one looking like the head of state.  She landed in Denmark with a bunch of others, who are pushing to get the Olympics in Chicago for 2016.

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Vanessa Shows Kerry How her Legs Should Look


Yesterday, we put up a pic to pic of Kerry Washington’s scarred up legs, so of course we had to take a look at Vanessa’s and they are SCAR-LESS. Kerry, please take notes… as fine as you are, your legs shouldn’t have scars and scraps like that…

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Jennifer Hudson and Her Post-Baby Body Hit the Streets of NYC

jennifer hudson

It’s been almost two months since Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her first child, and here she is out getting some “me time” at the NYC screening of the Wizard of Oz in Central Park.

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The Pitbull in a Skirt is So Hollyweird

Eve and Ellen Page attends the after party for the Los Angeles premiere of "Whip It" at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on September 29, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

We don’t know who’s worse, Ciara or E-V-E on this Hollyweird BS. Here is Eve kickin’ it at the “Whip It” movie premiere party in LA.

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Oh My These Legs… Good Thing She’s a Betty in the Face


This lady is completely is on point with everything that she does but… these legs, Baby Girl needs to clean them up. Somebody please get the Cocoa Butter.

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Remember Me???

nyundercover copy

We still remember when Malik Yoba was everyone’s favorite detective on NY Undercover with Det. Torres. He hit the party scene last night in NYC for a quick photo op.

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Eve What is That Growing on the Back of Your Neck…

evela copy

Eve hit up the “Whip It” LA Derby Press Event in LA yesterday with this shag on the back of her neck.  Since her career has taken a nosedive we guess she doesn’t care about what people think anymore.

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LaToya’s Clown Face Comes Out to Play in the UK…


Latoya was spotted walking the streets of London on her way to the Paul O’ Grady Show in an equestrian get up that looks like she belongs in a stable instead of on the streets.

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Rihanna is Country Hopping…


Rihanna is hopping from country to country in the only way she knows how… Fashionably. She is seen here giving some fan love at the airport in Berlin. Who knows where she’s headed next but we’re pretty sure the paps will be on it.

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Janet Go Home and Try Again… That Wig is Not the Move for Fashion Week Close Up’s


Janet has been on the scene in Milan for their fashion week, and while we are happy to see her put the teacher get up swag to rest we aren’t feeling her pushed back wig.  Along with Janet other brown faces hit up Milan as well.

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We Know Lace Fronts Can Set a Sista Back But Come on Bey Bey…


Beyonce rocked her day late and a dollar short lace front wig over the weekend and it is definitely time to retire it.  It looks mad dehydrated like it needs some one on one time with a bottle of IsoPlus.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Ring is 12.5 Karats NOT 9 Karats… EXCUSE US!!!


Khloe and Lamar were spotted in an L.A. hotel after the festivities. We see they wasted no time consummating their marriage. Even though cameras and blackberrys were not allowed, the paps got creative with getting pictures. One of Khloe in her Vera Wang wedding dress, Lamar in his tux and also Kim K., Lauren London, Kourtney K, and the twins in their Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses.

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Do We Really Have to Ask???


All the ladies are rocking the f*ck me boots…. HARD!!! But everyone should know who this little chicken is by now. If you can’t figure it out…

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A “Lil Positivity”:Wyclef is about to Enroll at Berklee College in Boston


They say it’s never too late. Wyclef Jean has done everything under the sun when it comes to music. Now there is one thing left for him to conquer…

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We Know We Don’t Talk About Kids but… Please Come Get Your Children


Tiny’s new girl group the OMG Girlz hit the stage for their first out-of-state show in Fort Wayne Indianapolis.  We hear over 800 kids showed up to see the girls prance around in their tight shirts and mini skirts.

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