Will Someone Please Help Gayle King’s Weave?


Gayle King and a bunch of other folks came out to support music exec Kevin Liles engagement to his fiancee Erika Jones at the Soho Grand Hotel last night in New York City.

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For the Stans: Beyonce Out in NYC


Here is your girl Beyonce out in NYC with Oprah and Gayle King’s “crush” Hova…he’s not in any of the pics, but flip the script to see more Bey and Chris Brown looking like a sad puppy in red plaid vest… Continue »

Thicky-Kins Out and About in NYC


Ashanti was all smiles as she unveiled her “Be Amazing” Boys and Girls Club Billboard in Times Square today. Pop the hood up for more flicks.

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Afternoon Chocolate Anyone?


Morris Chestnut was seen at the TCA (Television Critics Association) Press conference to promote his new show “V.” Pop the hatch for another serving and more on Morris’ new hustle.

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Bey and Solange’s Dome Piece Out and About…


Your girl Bey and kid sister hit up a press conference for the Samantha Thavasa Disney Collection in Japan.  Flip the hood for more of Solange‘s wack a** new side part debut. Continue »

The Botox Betty and Eva Party it Up in ATL


Eva and Dwight Eubanks partied it up in ATL at 103 West for the First Friday Atlanta event. 

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Little Miss Mister Kicks it Back with the Japanese


Lady GaGa and her package were spotted walking the streets of Japan taped down and camouflaged with some leopard draws that once belonged to Tarzan.  Flip the sheets for another view.

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Norwood Continues the Superhead Hatefest Like Only He Can!


Norwood was in full effect with his Botox swag on a million trillion to promote his new documentary Kiss and Tail which is an exposé on all of Superhead’s sexcapades. More flicks under the hatch Continue »

Seen on the Scene: Usher Out Enjoying the “Tameka-Free” Life

Usher hosts Vegas Magazine Mens issue event at Playboy Club whisper copy

Lil Usher seems to be out trying to get his swagger back after his ridiculous marriage to that old lady Tameka Foster. Here he is hosting a Vegas Magazine party at the playboy club in Vegas.

What do you think ladies…can Usher still get it, or has Tameka tainted him for life?????

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Out and About: Halle Berry Gets Harrassed by Some Paps With Plumber’s Butt

Halle Berry

Halle Berry and her boo Gabriel Aubry walked hand in hand while doing some “stuff” yesterday…No comment on ole boy’s white kicks.

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Ci-Error and her Wig Finally Reach an Agreement!


Ciara hit up the GI Joe premiere in LA and her wig was finally on point.  Looks like they finally had that much needed heart to heart convo. Flip back the hatch for more of Ciara and her wig in action.

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Mary J. Spotted on The Streets of NYC

mary j blige

Our girl, Mary J. Blige, was seen in SoHo yesterday copping her some ice cream. Good to see Mary out doing normal things that normal people do…and her bag is fly is sh*t. Pop the hatch the see Mary, Chrisette Michelle, our favorite swirl family and more… Continue »

For the Stans: Beyonce and Jay Coupled Up


Beyonce and Jay walked the streets of NY for lunch at Nellos a couple of days ago. Will Jay hold hands or kiss the chick already so we can verify that you actually chop down those backs on a regular . For the stans at heart there’s more under the hood.

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Kim K and Her Cakes are on the Prowl for Some Dark Chocolate to Add to the Mix


Kim and her dropped cakes have been spotted all over LA just a week after her break up with Reggie. Flip the cover back to check out her cakes in action.

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Seen on the Scene: Lovely Ladies Edition

tia and tamera

Twins Tia and Tamera Mowry were seen having lunch together yesterday in West Hollyweird…Serena Williams, Angela Simmons, and Halle Berry were also seen around town kickin it, going to lunch, etc. etc. Pop the hatch to have a gander… Continue »

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