Getting His Life Together: Rapper Flo Rida Settles His $1.2 Million Lien In Unpaid Back Taxes

Flo Rida and Natalie La Rose perform on the 'Today' show

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Flavor Flav Pleads Guilty Lesser Charges After Threatening Teenage Son With A Knife To Dodge Potential 12-Year Prison Sentence! [Video]


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SMH: Even The Pope Is Taking Selfies Now! [Video]


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Chubby Lumpkins No More: Mo’Nique Says She’s Becoming One Of Those Skinny Chicks She Used To Hate


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Booty Action: ‘Married To Medicine’ Star Dr. Simone Defends Dirty Dancing On Toya Bush Harris’ Husband

Is Dr. Simone giving Toya’s hubby some booty action? Continue »

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