The Artist Formerly Known As

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A few stars attended Prince’s 21 Nights Book Launch. He is a Jehovah Witness now, but he still looks like the guy who was in Purple Rain, beating out Morris Day. Chapelle, Spike and, Doodoo Dennis Rodman made it to the legendary artist performance, pictures below.


New York Slings Sh*t at JHud

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When New York heard that Jennifer Hudson and Punk were engaged, she slung some rather less than subvert insults at your girl:

Don’t expect Tiffany “New York” Pollard to be invited to her former fling David Otunga’s wedding to Jennifer Hudson. The New York Goes To Hollywood star says she’s skeptical about the Dreamgirls actress’ engagement to Harvard Law School grad David, who competed for Tiffany’s affections on I Love New York 2 under the name Punk. “He’s really loving being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. I think he’s loving the lavish things she brings to his life, he’s seeing the world due to Jennifer’s success,” Tiffany tells In Touch. “[But] can you love this person if they lose all of this tomorrow? She needs to find out. I just hope people are marrying each other for the right reasons.” New York’s not optimistic about the couple’s future. “It’s a mixed match, it won’t work,” she says. “He’ll be in her shadow like Al Reynolds was to Star Jones, like Stedman Graham is to Oprah.” There’s also a good reason David wasn’t the right match for Tiffany on I Love New York 2. “When we were in Miami together, he didn’t even try anything [on me]!” she says. “Maybe I wasn’t his type, maybe I wasn’t big enough for him.” “His heart is way big,” Tiffany says of David, who proposed to Jennifer after dating less than a year. “Two weeks ago, I ran into [Jennifer and David] and I didn’t say much,” reveals Tiffany. “I said ‘Goodbye, Punk!’ and she looked at me like ‘What!’ I know his name’s David, but I call him Punk.”

It’s incredibly unsettling, but we might have to agree with New York on this one. Punk stays whoring it up for publicity. He’s proven that he’ll do anything to be seen by pushing all up on New York’s greasy basketball tittays. On that note, we hope JHud had his ass tested.


Crime is a Recession’s Best Friend

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Crime is expected to go up due to the current recession:

The last time stocks on Wall Street fell hard, in 1987, crime was exploding, and the city saw historic highs in murders in the following years.

Before that, the fiscal crisis of the 1970s helped lead to the abandonment of neighborhoods, failing schools and startling crime rates: robberies built through those years to a high in 1981, when there were 107,495 of them, for an average of 294 a day. (Last year’s total reported robberies, 21,787, was the lowest figure in modern history.)

“Every recession since the late ’50s has been associated with an increase in crime and, in particular, property crime and robbery, which would be most responsive to changes in economic conditions,” said Richard Rosenfeld, a sociologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Typically, he said, “there is a year lag between the economic change and crime rates.”

Bush, McCain, Wallstreet, and some other folks have really done us in. SMH

Bossip Certified Links

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Aubrey Booted from Danity Kane??

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In the last episode of Making the Band, Danity Kane’s resident slut, Aubrey, was kicked out of the group. She was giving Diddy some lip service and he promptly sent her loose @ss on her way. Then again, he also fired and then rehired Laurie Ann ‘Boom Kat’ Gibson, so we’ll see….

Pics from the episode aqui:

And one more of Aubrey giving the stank face under the cut when you… Continue »

Baby on Board

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BDR celebrated his birthday this weekend with a little family fun in the sun with his two girls, Aoki and Ming, and a bun in the oven. SMH @ that “Wtf…?” expression on Russell’s face. He probably is just a bit cranky from those lower back pains, what with the baby changing positions in all.

Bossip Certified Links

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Bossip: VH1 Hip Hop Honors Best Hip Hop Blog 2008

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Thanks to our loyal readers, the hardworking team here at Bossip was chosen this year as the Best Hip Hop Blog for VH1’s Hip Hop Honors (See badge below). We want to thank you guys again for the continuous support. YES WE CAN!!!

Brandy’s Slinging Sh*t

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And this time it ain’t that 100% Peruvian llama hair. On Hot97 she straight up called Kim K a thief once again. Seems fair to mooch a lil attention from such a publicity whore as Kim. Ay, how else was anyone going hear about her new album coming out? She also touches on her divorce and other junk too. Peep the cover art for her new ish, “Human.”


Who is Down with Bossip????

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Yeah, the only movement on the internet that was pushing your boy Obama hard on the internet back in 07′ when negroes thought he was a sellout and couldn’t win. Yeah, the blog that the other sites gank their lingo from.

Kimbo Goes Out Like a Ho

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In a mixed martial arts bout, the long time street fighting icon, Kimbo Slice got knocked the f*ck out and then pummeled in five seconds by Seth Petruzelli. How that ol’ slim Rick Ross let a pink toe with pink hair whip his @ss like that?? Ugh, SMH.

Click here for the direct link.


Palin Gets Spanked

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Local Yokel Sarah Palin and Joe Biden duked it out at last night’s one and only vice presidential debate. Ms. I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house attempted to dismiss the fact that the republicans are directly responsible for the the no-end-in-sight war and the financial turmoil over here. She said:

“Enough is enough with looking backward and playing the blame game,” Palin said in response to a question about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. “There’s a time, too, when Americans are gonna say, ‘Enough is enough,’ with your ticket constantly looking backwards and pointing fingers and doing the blame game. There have been huge blunders in the war, there have been huge blunders throughout this administration, as there are with any administration, but for a ticket that wants to talk about change and looking into the future, there’s just too much finger-pointing backwards to ever make us believe that that’s where you’re going.”

Bidden hit back hard, splaying the facts as such:

It was two Mondays ago John McCain said at 9 o’clock in the morning that the fundamentals of the economy were strong,” Biden said. “Two weeks before that, he said George – we’ve made great economic progress under George Bush’s policies. Nine o’clock, the economy was strong. Eleven o’clock that same day, two Mondays ago, John McCain said that we have an economic crisis. That doesn’t make John McCain a bad guy, but it does point out he’s out of touch.”

Continue »

One Time Offs Himself

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Lt. Michael Pigott (pictured below) of the New York Police Department was found dead yesterday, exactly one week after ordering the fatal tasering of an erratic, naked man on a Brooklyn building. While our condolences go out to the Pigott family and friends, NY cops and cops in general tend to be d*ckish getting drunk off power and make poor decisions. It’s pretty f*cking obvious that tasing the man would make him fall to his death, however, the job is very stressful and calls for quick decision making.

This is a tough one for us to call, so a penny for your thoughts. What do you think?


Usher’s New Jawn

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Here’s Usher’s latest single, “Trading Places,” off of his most recent album, “Here I Stand.” The fact that he made a song about being the bitch during sex doesn’t surprise us one bit. We all know Mr. Tameka don’t play that sh*t. That baritone all up in his ear probably drives him wild. SMH

Click here for the direct link.

Ladies First

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Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, and Alicia Keys are featured on the November cover of Ebony. We’re really glad that Jennifer took the time to get her wig and makeup straight before letting someone take her picture. Way to go. As always, the King cleans up nicely and Swizz Beatz’ mistress looks lovely as ever.

Here are some pics of Raheem Devaughn looking like a Burger King pimp, Keyshia Cole, and her crazy mama, Frankie, at the Heineken Red Star Soul Event:

And a few more just now… Continue »


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