Need To Quit: Crappiest Twerk Team Ever! [Video]

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Ray-J Still On Chitterlings Circuit About “I Hit It First”: Confirms Sister Brandy Is Upset With This Mess Of A Song! [Video]

Is Ray-J the annoying little brother destroying Brandy’s comeback? Continue »

Good Little Negro Or Stop Tripping?: LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Do Interview Defending Song [Video]

Despite what you think of the song… NOBODY was talking about LL Cool James before this song.

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Big Sean Makes Coupled Up Debut With Naya Rivera From Glee On Red Carpet For 42 Premiere [Video]

Some of the staff have been on Lil Naya’s nalgas for a minute. Good choice Sean.
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Parents Kidnap Own Children And Bounce To Cuba: Arrested And Children Back In The U.S. [Video]

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