Queen Bee Set Free

Queen Bee Free

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It seems Lil Kim will know the true meaning of Independence Day this year. According to Kim’s rep she will be ending her stay at the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center on Monday July 3 one day shy of the fourth. It’s good to know she’s getting set free we all miss seeing to much titty at our award shows. Welcome Back!!

Who Is My Daddy??

Guess the Parent

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You will never believe who this little boy belongs too. Still haven’t figured it out?? This is little Nathan Smith the son of down south rapper Lil Jon. I know you’re thinking the mom must be a dime!!! Wow you never know do you?

Kanye and Jaime Fighting??

Jaime Foxx embarrasses Kanye At BET Awards (Media Take Out\)

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According to source Media Take Out Kanye West and Jaime Foxx have been fighting since the beginning of this year. The trouble started when Kanye’s larger then life ego got in the way of their Grammy performance rehearsal when he said ” step back and watch a real star perform”. Jaime became enraged and was reportedly heard saying ” does this n**** know who I am? Did he see the Academy Awards?”. Something I like to call battle of the egos.

If anyone caught the BET Awards Tuesday you could see the tension between the two stars when they won for best collaboration. While Kanye was making his acceptance speech Jaime was in the background holding a portable fan around Kanye’s head. Media Take Out had a chance to ask Jaime why he did that and his reply ” someone had to cool that n**** down”. I agree with Jaime even though I adore Kanye’s music I am not so fond of his arrogance, Kanye learn to be a bit more humble.

Diddy May Finally Be Tying The Knot

Will Diddy Be Heading to the Chapel? (Cruntastical)

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Rumor has it that Diddy finally popped the question to long time girlfriend Kim Porter. It was also reported that she accepted his proposal. Thank God!!! Its about time Diddy got over big booty J. Lo and moved on into reality.

DMX In Trouble Again

Warrant Issued After DMX Misses Court (New York Daily News)

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Rapper DMX aka Earl Simmons is in trouble once again. DMX failed to show up for a court appearance in White Plains, NY for the third time. The judge in the case has had enough and issued an arrest warrant. DMX was pulled over in June 2 in White Plains for speeding and unsafe lane changes. Nine days later he was ticketed for driving his 2006 Suburban on the shoulder of a freeway.

Mr. Simmons lawyer claims he missed court because he was attending another court date for concealed weapons charges in Arizona and he fell ill and was unable to travel. He was also arrested in London for refusing to put on a seatbelt in the plane. X is giving trouble all around the world negro get it together stop getting arrested and imitating federal agents, oh yea and get your ass to court tomorrow.

Jermaine Dupri Throws Star Studded After Party

Hip Hop Rumors

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Post the BET Awards JD had the most happening party in town. Guests included: Mike Tyson, Hoops, Sisqo (??? Where did he come from??), Bow Wow, all 25 of the Wayans Brothers, the beautiful Jessica Alba,and Majic Juan Don. Of course Ms. Jackson if your nasty was there in full effect with an entourage the size of the Wayans family. Good job JD, you threw a classy event with classy guests.

I’m Baldheaded

Star Jones Says ” I Feel Like I Was Fired”

Star Jones Reynolds: I Was Fired(People)

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Star Jones Reynolds announced Tuesday on her show The View, that she would not be back for the shows tenth season. There has been talk about her leaving for months but this is the first time she announced it to the public. Many speculated that the reason for Reynolds leaving was The View’s newest addition, the loud obnoxious Rosie O’Donnell. O’Donell is known for being one Reynolds biggest critics, but Reynolds says it was not her choice to leave.

“What you don’t know is that my contract was not renewed for the tenth season,” she tells PEOPLE. “I feel like I was fired.” It seems after Reynolds lost the weight which equaled out to a whole person, she became a “diva”. Well Ms. Reynolds lets not let your ego weigh out to your former self.

Rapper The Game Engaged to Actress Valeisha Butterfield

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Recently The Game confirmed that he is engaged to actress Valeisha Butterfield. The Game spilled his secret in a recent interview with “Sister 2 Sister” magazine, and says they plan to wed in March 2007.For those of you who do not know who Valeisha Butterfield is, she has had small roles in films such as: Remember the Titans and Road Trip. Valeisha is also the daughter of North Carolina Senator GK Butterfield, it was reported he grilled the rapper about his intentions when they first met.

Ms. Butterfield says she was surprised when he proprosed because they never dated, they went from friends to being engaged. Well to me that sounds a bit iffy to me, you have to crawl before you cripp walk Game. Seriously why do all these celebrities jump into marriage, I want to see how long this lasts.

Fued Results in Banks withdrawal

Fued spurs Banks Withdrawl (NY Daily News)

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Last week a feud between manager Benny Medina and publicist Cindy Berger surfaced, and in the middle of it all was Ms. Tyra Banks. Industry insiders claim Medina was bad mouthing Berger and her company.

Medina has a reputation for being difficult to work with and he has also had issues with A- listers such as Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. The end result was Berger letting Banks go, but Berger says there is no problem between she and Banks. She did state the reason for dropping Banks was because of her management. No matter what Ms. Banks will continue to make bank, so who really cares?

Dallas Austin Locked Up

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Dallas Austin is a legend in the music industry but now he’s spending his time in a Dubai prison. Apparently Austin was detained when he was caught trying to traffic drugs. Dubai which is a member of the United Arab Emirates, is known for its strict policies on drug trafficking and prison system.

Austin was on his way to super model Naomi Campbell’s three day birthday celebration at the Burj Arab Hotel. Each day had a theme:”All White”, “Hip Hop”, and “Brazilian Samba”. I guess all white night was missing the gifts Austin was bringing. Campbell is now claiming she had no idea that Austin was trying to bring in drugs and has yet to visit or help Austin. Not suprising because as we all know Ms. Campbell is a huge diva, well at least she didn’t beat up her new assistant.

Beanie Speaks After Shooting

.Beanie Sigel Says Gun Violence Is An Epidemic (MTV News)

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Beanie Sigel says he has a “helluva story” that will be told through his new album. Sigel first spoke to the press today after being shot in the arm a few weeks back. Sigel declined to comment on the shooting which is still under investigation, but he still had an important point he wanted to make.

“Look at life,” Beanie said. “Take all the rappers out of the equation and look at your local news wherever you at. Don’t look at rappers like, ‘Why is this happening to rappers?’ This is happening to 13-year-old kids, 15 year-old kids. … This is what’s happening in the streets. That’s what’s happening in every neighborhood. I don’t care if you from Detroit, Philly, Atlanta — it’s out there. It’s epidemic. … Our situation is sensitive. It gets blown up because we’re on TV.”

I say preach Beanie because we all know how the media likes to make personal attacks on the hip hop community and label us “gangstas” after an outbreak of violence. So I give Sigel two thumbs up, we need more artists to speak up on behalf of our people.

Will Diddy Let Mase Go?

50 takes on Bad Boy (All HipHop)

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Now we all remember when Diddy was “Puff Daddy”, and he and Mase were making hits. The hip hop community was shocked when Mase left the scene trying to “find God”. The rapper-turned-preacher-turned-rapper has signed on with G- Unit and its said he has finished his debut album.

But there is one problem, Diddy wants a two million dollar lump sump to let his former partner in crime leave Bad Boy. I say first Diddy do you really need anymore money? And secondly let it go, I don’t know about everyone else but I didn’t think he was that great the first time around, not looking forward to his second coming. And as for Mase I just do not understand how you go from preacher to street rapper again? Get it together. It seems the more money you lost the more problems you encountered, I guess the song works both ways huh?

Celebrities Throw Down at Prince Concert

Lindsay,Paris and Diddy turn Prince Concert into Battle Royal (New York Daily News)

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Stars packed into club Butter’s main room for an impromtu performance from the purple velvet man himself, Prince. Among those stars were the infamously fueding Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Lohan who was still bitter about Hilton and oil heir Brandon Davis rant about her “fire crotch” and such a few weeks back, followed Hilton into the restroom. At that point it escalated into a huge fight says a witness. Lohan who eventually returned to her seat was surprised to find Sean “Diddy” Combs had been seated with her group.

Jokingly Lohan questioned Diddy to why he was at her table, but Diddy was not in a joking mood. Diddy began yelling at Lohan, and ordered his bodyguards to remove Lohan from the booth. This action enraged one of Lohan’s entourage and he soon began fighting with Diddy himself. Eventually Lohan was removed from Butter, Ms. Lohan you may be one of the biggest Hollywood “It” girls, but no one puts Diddy in the corner!!

Jean Strahan Accuses Michael of Playing for Other Team

Jean Strahan Accuses Michael of Playing for Other Team (NYPOST)

June 21, 2006 — A bitter Jean Strahan yesterday accused her estranged sack-star spouse of playing for the other team. Outside court, she said that after she and the Giant split in March 2005, he shared an “alternative lifestyle” with “his best buddy,” TV doctor Ian Smith.

“Michael moved in with Ian in his one-bedroom apartment for the next year,” she said, after the couple’s acrimonious divorce proceedings had ended for the day in Essex County Family Court. “You could say an alternative lifestyle sprouted,” she added…


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