Quincy Jones’s Jimmy Choo Ad

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Check out Mr. Jones in the newsest Jimmy Choo ad. I must say he is looking very James Bond.

Lil Wayne Arrested


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Lil Wayne was arrested on August 14 in Atlanta, GA on drug possession charges. He was arrested an apartment and taken to the Fulton County jail. According to Sgt. Kevin Iosty, a maintenance employee called it in when they discovered marijuana in plain sight. He was released a few hours later on 11,000.00 bail.

Everyone Is Ripping On Cassie


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Everyone is getting on Cassies head recently. In her interview with Hot 97 she revealed that artists such as Bow Wow and Omarion have tried to get at her. She also went on to talk about other artists such as Ciara and Pharrell. Click on the link to see what the Bad Boy princess had to say. Also check out these video clips two other reasons people have been criticizing Cassie, well she isn’t the greatest performer.

Flav’s Ladies Get King Cover

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Check out Flavor of Love 2 ladies on the King cover. I have seen some hating going on but I must say these girls look real nice airbrushed or not. I mean they could have but Something on the cover…. that says enough.

Everybody Loves Mariah

Mariah’s Back on the Map (TMZ)

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According to Ask.com the most requested map directions were for the Phillips Arena in Atlanta when she performed there. She also came in third place with directions The Orpheum Theater in New York. Go ahead Ms. Carey get that money.

Cassie Sets The Record Straight

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Ms. Cassie had alot on her mind an wanted to get some things cleared up this is from her blog:

“Yo, some things need to be cleared up right now. First off I’d like to say that the media is absolutely ruthless and will do ANTHING to tear people down. This week particularily has been the worst with media for me. They’ve released statements that I never said about the intentions of my first single ‘Me & U.’ I never said that the song is about oral sex. Take it as you wish, I NEVER SAID THAT, EVER! Second, this week I had an interview on New York radio, first with Angie Martinez and then later with Funk Master Flex on Hot 97. What I said with both Angie and Flex was what I said, but all of it was taken out of context when sites such as Vibe.com decided to write about it. I never said that Pharrell could get it, I said that he was cute and that was on Angie Martinezs’ show. Also on Angie’s show, I said that I didn’t have time for guys and that is exactly what I meant. It’s not that people aren’t good enough or however some of you may have taken it. I’M BUSY, STRAIGHT UP. I never said that I didn’t like Ciara, I am actually a HUGE FAN of hers. I said that I didn’t understand why we are compared, not only because I’m only on my first single, but because our styles are much different, she’s soooooo talented, why would I discredit her? Lets be real. On Flex, he read into a lot, but that is what his show is about. I realized that after I was done with the show. I personally don’t feel that I need to talk about this “unofficial video” again (right now). But quickly, it was a bad look that got leaked on the internet. No, I DID NOT leak it….I don’t care for that video, I never have cared for it. Bow and Omarion are great guys and it was wrong of me to talk about them on air. I had no bad intentions with what I said on them, but I can understand how it would upset people. Again, I’ve met them both and they are very sweet and kind. The rate from 1 to 10 was BS. It didn’t mean anything to me. None of them were right if I had really thought them through, but how would you feel if you were on live radio with Flex. I do wish that I said no to the suggestion of the “game.” Personal apologies go out to any of the artists that were offended by their rating-they weren’t real, none of them. Oh and lastly, I am aware that my live performances have been pretty bad….no excuses, I’m still getting over stage fright. I am very upset with the seris of events this week and I do not appreciate people making me look and sound crazy. I’m not a a whore or a b*tch, which is what people have been making me out to be. I’m a 19 year old girl, I’m single and I’m working my ass off. Thank you to all of the fans and supporters that have recognized my hard work.”
Gotta give the girl props for taking on the media like that.

Is Kim Expecting?

New York Daily News

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Rumor has it that the Diddy and his girlfriend Kim Porter are expecting another child together. Speculation began when Kim didn’t have any alcohol at Diddy’s annual white party. Also at the photo shoot for Sean Jean’s new fragrance Kim wore loose clothing which may be another indicator. All I want to know is when is he going to pop the question?

Jay-Z The Humanitarian

Jay- Z Shines (New York Daily News)

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Jay-Z has found a new cause to fight for, providing clean water for developing countries. He appeared in front of the United Nations on Wednesday alongside Kofi Annan to address the issue.

“Every 15 seconds a child dies from not having access to clean water,” the rapper said at a press conference at the United Nations, his partner on the project. “I want people to know that while they’re having their Poland Spring at Cipriani.” UN Secretary General Kofi Annan added, “All of us at the UN hope this campaign will motivate youth to take action … in their own lives.”

Thank You Jay-z for using your status to make a change in this world, more celebs should follow your example. Catch his story that airs on MTV Nov. 24 called Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life.

Knicks Coach Denies Allegations

No grope, no foul (New York Daily News)

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The Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas admits he touched ex executive Anucha Browne Sanders’ shoulder and may have even tried to kiss her but that is as far as it got. Sanders claims he propositioned her with sex and also called her a “f*****g bitch”. Thomas’ lawyers are making Sanders out as a disgruntled ex employee who is trying to ruin Thomas’ reputation. Thomas claims it was just a friendly gesture and has asked the judge to toss out the case. We will see where this case ends up.

Is Hewpz Preggers?

Crunk & Disorderly

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Winner of The Flavor of Love Hewpz has been linked to many high profile men including Allen Iverson and T.I. The new rumor is that she is preggers and who by you ask? Dwayne Wade. Now who knows if this is true I’m just happy its not with Flav.

Is This Ne-Yo’s Sister?

Crunk & Disorderly

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Some are speculating that this young lady is Ne-Yo’s sister, I must say they look very similiar. Tell me what do you think?

Lee Daniels Doubted Halle’s Talent


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Before Halle won the Oscar many people doubted her capabilities as an actress, even her Monster Ball producer Lee Daniels. He told TMZ she was “at her worst publicity-wise. She had just run over somebody- backed up, took off and left them there; done the Flintstones [movie] and was being called a Black Barbie doll.” Well luckily things worked out in her favor.

Rumor Control: Nia & Reggie Not A Couple

Could It Be? Nia Long and Reggie Bush? (TMZ)

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There were rumors floating that actress Nia Long and newly signed Reggie Bush are an item. These rumors started after the two took a picture together at a party and speculation grew from there. But wait there is more. I did a story a while back about a public scrap between a mystery man and her ex at an LA mall, TMZ.com claims Reggie was the mystery man. Hmmmm so what’s really the truth.

Miss Jackson Hitting Diva Status

Miss Jackson Gets Thirsty (TMZ)

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Janet had very specific demands when she appeared on the show “Capitol Breakfast” in England. She had the staff fetch a bottle of Fiji water not the brand actual water from a spring in Fiji. Not only did she want that but she wanted it chilled at a certain temperature and made sure the staff used thermometers to get it there. Well I guess you can do that you are Janet Jackson.

DJ Star Has A Message: "Get Over It"

Get over it, disgraced DJ says to critics (New York Daily News)

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DJ Star host of Star & Buc Wild Morning Show on Power 105.1 says that everyone should just get over his recent obscene rant. In May, Star went off about rival Hot 97 personality Rashawn Casey’s four year old daughter. Star went on to say he wanted to violate her and offered his viewers $500 to find the young girl. He didn’t stop there he went on to make racial slurs about Casey’s Asian wife. Apparently he does not care and refuses to apologize for any of his remarks.

“So what you’re offended. Get over it. We’re all offended by something. I’m offended every day by people who wave the flag of Jesus,” he said, referring to his atheism. “I’m not going to grovel to soothe the current climate of pressure groups.”
Tell us how you really feel. He was charged with child endangerment but the charges were later dropped. He is now trying to get his lude act on television. Hopefully no one puts this idiot on the air waves.


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