Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian Take it to Vegas

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Nick Cannon and his new jump off Kim Kardashian continue to make public appearances together, from coast to coast. This time at Club Tao Friday night in Las Vegas for Tao’s 1 year anniversary. For more on these two, click here

Suddenly Nick Cannon doesn’t look like an immature goof. Kim looking banging as usual.

Lil John at Tao Friday night, I have seen Lil John in Vegas a couple times and it looks like Vegas is his chill spot. Who looks like they are more in costume, the Tao showgirls or Lil John?

Susan Taylor of Essence Magazine and Usher attend Terry Lewis Attends Chicago on Broadway Friday night.

Actress Michael Michelle at Ken Paves (Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist) Salon opening in Beverly Hills. Not a good idea to take this shot of her backside as its leaving a lot to be desired. I am still looking for it. Not good look with the jeans and shoes as it makes her feet look big.

Akon Practices Street Polygamy

Via Vibe:

His father had four wives, all of whom he considers “Mom”. It also turns out that Akon has taken up a Senegalese lifestyle here, because after a little hesitation, the singer-producer admitted that he has his own multi-monogamous household going down in the ATL!

At least he is being honest and open with his girls. To hear the audio clip of Akon via Hot 97 click here.

Prince at Versace Fashion Show: Pimpin is Easy

Prince showing up with two dates at the Versace show in Milian.

Why are they all wearing similar glasses in-doors?

Eva Longoria Done with "Toy" Tony Parker

Damn she is overrated, looks like she is done using her younger aged toy. Source

LMAO at the garden variety and celebrity cliche: It was their careers behind the split.

Forget The Suicide Attempt: Who is TO Scoring With?

Terrell Owens and his former girlfriend Felecia modeling for GQ in 2005.

Kendre Wilkinson who is one of Hef’s girls at the Playboy Mansion. Kendra’s Myspace is “Black Only” with “Outstanding” on her audio rotation. Sources say she was spotted hooking up with TO recently. Her love for football and Black dudes suggests this rumor works and is true. Who would Kendra like to meet in her life? You won’t find the Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, or President Clinton on this admireable list: Camron, Mike Jones, and Ladanian Tomlinson of the Charges make it though. Her list screams trailer trash. TO has to step his game up and that has nothing to do with football.

Sanaa Lathan via Upscale Magazine:

“Yes, I am dating and I’m having fun,” she says with a smile, while sending an e-mail on her BlackBerry. “I met someone recently [who] I kind of like, but it’s too soon to tell. You know how that is!”

Sanaa Lathan who was spotted supporting TO this summer during training camp.

“Owens had much support on hand Saturday. His entourage included his mother, Marilyn, son Terique, 6, agent Drew Rosenhaus and actress Sanaa Lathan, who’s a close friend of Owens’ publicist Kim Etheridge.”

Maybe TO is bi-polar and crazy messing with a rat like Kendra while he has a banger like Sanaa Lathan on his team. Story spotted at YBF

Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo Celebrates His New Venture with Universal Motown Records Group

Damon Dash and his “main” girl and baby mama fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Swizz Beatz, Chris Gotti, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule who looks f*cked up and on some Henny and E. The event was held last night at the Riginger’s Yachet/Utopia III in NYC.

Irv Gotti and the gossip tranny herself Wendy Williams.

Irv Gotti and his new singer Vanessa Carlton who also flew with him to watch Jay-Z in London Wednesday night. Superhead, Ashanti, and now Vanessa Carlton Irv? Thats cool Gotti is expanding his horizons into other genres of music but based on his past escapades with Superhead and Ashanti, his interest in Carlton may also be about dipping into her panties.

Naomi Can’t Get It Right

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You would think after all the accusations against her from numerous assistants Naomi would be on her best behavior. Wrong! Naomi failed to appear in court Wednesday to face allegations that she chucked a phone at a former assistant. Judge James Gibbons, who is presiding over the case, issued a warrant after Ms. Campbell was a no show but decided to stay the warrant until her next court date on November 14, according to the New York Daily News. Nay Nay get it together before they put your pretty ass in jail and please take some anger management classes. I’m tired of writing about your old violent ass.

Jay-Z Still on Top of The World, Paris Pics

Jay-Z photocall in Paris, France yesterday. You may get tired of swagger jacker Beyonce being shoved down your throat, but when have you heard of someone getting fatigued of Jay-Z in the press? The ni**a is a genius who happens to be from the projects. If you want to blow the f*ck up, don’t just be into FUBU sh*t and “keeping it real”! It’s a big world out there. See, we don’t just sh*t on everyone.

Jay-Z keeping true to his identity here and one of the few who could pull this uncoventional look off. Props to him and his stylist here.

New York Daily News:

…The unretired rap titan brought his beats to London’s Royal Albert Hall Wednesday night – becoming the first hip-hop artist to headline at the theater, which opened in 1871….Besides having a 32-piece orchestra, Jay introduced a promising backup singer on “Song Cry” – Martin’s wife, Gwyneth Paltrow….Shaking her booty in the audience was Nicole Kidman, who bought the last box in the sold-out hall. Also in the house were Steve Stoute, Irv Gotti, Vanessa Carlton, Hype Williams, John Demsey and Big John….


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has made a surprise appearance with rap legend Jay-Z at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The star of Shakespeare in Love and Proof sang the chorus of Song Cry from the rapper’s classic Blueprint album. She was a bit nervous but her performance was really excellent,” says 1Xtra DJ G Money, who was at the gig….

Diddy & Kim Having Twin Girls

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In a interview with Vibe Magazine Diddy reveals he will be having twin girls. The November issue hits stands on October 17 and Diddy shares his feelings on having girls:

“People say, to a so-called ladies’ man or whatever, that when you have girls it changes you,” Combs tells Vibe. “So I was like, `What’s God trying to tell me by giving me two girls? When I pray every morning, I thank God for showing me what he showed me while I still have a chance to enjoy myself.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce Light Up London, Again: UK Aftershow at Movida

Posted by Bossip Staff:

Why can’t Jay-Z smile and show all those teeth when he is around his people? SMH. Reminding me of Curtis Jackson’s recent London visit. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow looking busted while Beyonce shines, again.

Chris Martin of Coldplay who is Paltrow’s husband with Jay-Z. Clearly, Jay-Z and Beyonce are more than in the building. Clearly one of the the hottest couples period, not just in hip-hop. Seems Jay-Z is extra “chippery” to be around his London friends.

Lenny Kravitz and Girlfriend in Paris

Lenny Kravitz strolling and kissing his plain looking girlfriend in Paris over the weekend. Serious downgrade from the portfolio of models he is used to pulling. Lisa Bonet on rocks got this girl beat.

LG and FHM Celebrates Janet Jackson and the Release of "20 Y.O." and other Misc. Events

Janet literally “rockin” a very blingy canary diamond Tuesday fueling rumors of an engagement with JD.

Telishsa Shawn wearing the look-of-the-moment footless tights under a dress…here’s the catch hers appear to be plastic, WTF? ATLiens Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris enjoying themselves. Ilyasha Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter looking very casual and comfortable.

Age ain’t nuthin but a number to these “old heads”…Janet Jackson and Natalie Cole at the “20 Y.O.” release. Move that hair Natalie so we can compare cleavage.

Will Demps of the NY Giants looking very handsome in that white almost see-thru shirt at the LG and FHM Celebrate Janet Jackson and the Release of “20 Y.O.”

Arriving at the Online Shopping Site – Launch Party in London Thandie Newton-there goes those tights again…even in the UK, sheesh, can’t wait for these things to go out of style. Thandie still looks elegant in the gold dress.

Nina Sky’s Natalie and Nicole in attendance at the LG FHM event…loving the black with red shoes—plaid with boots questionable.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant with local kids whose fields and playgrounds were destroyed… “Best Damn Sports Clinic” in New Orleans

Lupe Fiasco Album Bombs Out The Gate

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The numbers are in from this weeks charts and Lupe Fiasco didn’t even make the top ten with 58,000 albums sold. He was beat out by Chingy at number 8 and Ms. Fergie at number 3. Wow!! Whoever was in charge of pushing his album failed miserably. Maybe they should have gotten it out there when the hype around him was still buzzing.

We aren’t the only ones feeling the disappointment, Nah Right wasn’t feeling the results either:

“Man, Atlantic really f*cked this one up didn’t they. I Gotcha as a second single? When you have Daydream, Hurt Me Soul, and The Cool on the same album? Ya’ll might as well have let me run the marketing campaign for F&L, I couldn’t have possibly done any worse.”

What the hell was Atlantic thinking on this one? Wrong move, wrong move.

Maino Explains How He Knocked Lil Cease Out

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Up and coming rapper Maino who has been called the “Future of Brooklyn” is coming out the gate spewing fire. A while back Maino had a run in with rapper Lil Cease and has no problems sharing all the details in this YouTube clip:

In an interview with All Hip Hop, he comments on his family-like relationship with Lil Kim and that he feels that Junior M.A.F.I.A. is “gay”. Not only did he throw down with Cease but he got into another altercation at T.I.’s birthday party with rapper Tragedy Khadafi. This erupted after Maino inquired about some owed money. Damn brotha, are you sure you’re in the right profession because you seem to be knocking them out. Hopefully your music can live up to the rest of the hype surrounding you and someone lil hood lookin for ghetto fame doesn’t body you.

Exclusive: Andre 3000 of OutKast Not Gay, Having Sex with Film Producer

Eufaula Garrett and Andre Benjamin

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Sources on the ground in Atlanta snitch to Bossip that Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 of Outkast) despite a recent denial press release by his people, is in fact dating Eufaula Garrett, his production partner for Moxie Films which is based in Atlanta. Rumors have been swirling for years about Andre’s feminine expressions (yoga, wigs, painting, etc.) highlighted by the fact that he has not been publicly linked with a woman since Erykah Badu in late 1998, the mother of his son Seven.

Sources tell Bossip that Eufaula is very close to “Dre” as the source calls him and that she is one of the few persons that have been allowed to get close to the eccentric Hip-Hop fashion and cultural trailblazer. “No one understands Dre’s weirdness and she does, so they are pretty tight” says the source in Atlanta who is close to Eufaula’s camp.

During the past six months, the two are said to have taken things up a notch. The source goes on to say they jog regularly together at Chastain Memorial Park which is located in one of the lushest areas of Buckhead in Atlanta after sleeping together the previous night. The source says the business relationship between the two will go as the relationship goes but “everything is going great.” Eufaula is at the “top of her game professionally” and has even hired a personal assistant named Bridget Moran says the source. “Having Dre is the icing on the cake for her” says the source.


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