Exclusive: Nevaeh Crawford AKA KRAZY Will Win Second Season of "Flavor Of Love"

Sources very close to a top finalist tell Bossip that Nevaeh Crawford aka Krazy will be the last woman standing in the competition to win Flavor Flav’s heart. Crawford got her nickname after she sang to Flav and he described her voice as “Crazy” hence her nickname. Source say Krazy carefully climbed her way to the top by making the other girls “appear” negative. She shows her sneaky yet clever plot in this fight with Buckeey:

The twenty three year old from Chula Vista, California has made it very clear from the first day that she was there to stay. She even took on Flav’s most loyal lady New York:

One by one the girls dropped out of the competition, most of them because of confrontations that involved Krazy says our source. On an upcoming show she and New York are celebrating while saying “another bitch down”. Now the question is will she actually stay with Flav?

Krazy with her sister in San Diego

We all have to admit Flav may be a bit off but he has a good heart, and girls like Krazy are after one thing: EXPOSURE! The source says Krazy is already out promoting her single “Eternal” and shopping an album looking to position herself for optimal exposure once everyone finds out she wins the show.

“She has a full blown marketing and promotional campaign already in place” says our source. BOSSIP was surprised at learning the news from the source who is very close to a top finalist as members of the Bossip team didn’t think Krazy had a chance and were expecting Bootz or Delicious to win out. The source goes on to say New York from last season rides the show to the end.

Rewind the Track: Prodigy feat B.G. – Y.B.E

Pics: Kelis Throws Nas A Surprise Birthday Party at Canal Room in NYC

Hip Hop Dons Nas and Diddy politic.

Kelis, Christina Milian, Chris Webber, and Dougie Fresh and Monie Love get their party on.

Paris Hilton BFF Kim Kardashian: Where Can I Find Another Black Guy?

Nick Cannon and Kim Hardashian get cozy at Kanye’s party in NYC at Butter celebrating being on 67th Annual International Best Dressed List. Nick just know The Game and probably 4 or 5 other dudes back in Cali are hittin that. Cannon’s turn?

Random Pics Around Town

Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston (Looking a lot better) and producer Clive Davis pose for photographers during the 15th Annual Ella Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on September12, 2006.

Petra Nemcova; Russell Simmons; Carmen Electra at Gap & Vanity Fair Celebrate The Launch Of “Individuals last night.

Charlie Wilson, Pharell, and Snoop at MTV’s The Life & Rhymes Of Snoop Dogg in Cali.

Kelis and Sean Paul attend the Y-3 Spring 2007 fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week at Pier 40 September 13, 2006 in New York City

Jay-Z Returns: All You Old Rappers Trying to Advance, It’s Over Now, Take it Like a Man

Jay-Z is probably the best MC ever in the game but have to know when to fold ‘em. 40+ year old MC’s coming in and out of “retirement” is not cool. Make sure you go out on top homie.


After months of speculation, Jay-Z has confirmed his return to the mic with an appearance on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Music Preview. The album, reportedly titled Kingdom Come, will feature production by Timbaland, Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Dr. Dre, as well as Coldplay’s Chris Martin.The title track from the album is based on a 1996 issue of the Superman comic book, where he comes out of retirement to save the world. Take off the blazer / Loosen up the tie / Step inside the booth / Superman is alive,” Jay raps on the track….

Condi Rice Dating Canadian Peter MacKay?

The race of the dude is not a surprise. Yawn. Whats more interesting is the fact she has been linked to a gender other than her own with her tough ass.

Via The Age

….But it took a two-hour flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, this week, followed by a 90-minute motorcade north up Canadian Route 102 to Pictou County, for Dr Rice to find herself linked to someone with similar star appeal: Peter MacKay of Canada, the single, attractive Foreign Minister, routinely named Canada’s sexiest MP by The Hill Times in Ottawa.

Tall, athletic, blond and recently dumped by his girlfriend — a fellow MP, Belinda Stronach, who parted with him when she switched parties — Mr MacKay does not look like your usual foreign minister…

Whitney Houston To File For Divorce: We Don’t Have Something in Common

Well, this is what rocks and “Superhead” will do to a relationship.

What a surprise. Yawn. Whitney “was” such a beauty with talent to kill, Bobby possessing the latter as well. A case of Black love and talent gone wrong. Kids and teens out there sneaking on this site for grown folks:


Via TMZ:

“Singer Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown. Houston’s rep Nancy Seltzer confirms to TMZ that Houston intends to file for divorce from Brown, and that filing for a separation is just a “legal technicality” on the way to divorce. Seltzer did not divulge any further details concerning where or when the filings were made, and calls to Brown’s lawyer were not returned.

Houston and Brown have been married for 12 years and have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

When the rock smokin was in moderation.


Lmao. Homies accent at the beginning in the suit is pure comedy.

Out While You Were Tired and Sleeping

Actress Zoe Zaldana and Orlanda Bloom at the Los Angeles Premiere of Yari Film Group’s “Haven” – After Party. Robert Wisdom from HBO show The Wire and Agnes Bruckner.

Remy MA Rides on Missy for Winning 2006 BET Award

Remy Ma’s spill is tight as hell but she needs to lean back. Missy’s originality and creativity would wrap her flow in a choke hold.


If this movie came to life such as the profiling of Arabs after the prophetic movie The Siege with Denzel Washington, you could probably expect areas like Harlem and Watts to be bombed within 24 hours. The “Blacklash” would likely be similar to the treatment of Arabs post-911 but on steroids.

Via Eurweb:

Imagine this: President George W. Bush gets assassinated and a black man is eventually discovered to be the murderer. The scenario wasn’t too far fetched for British filmmaker Gabriel Range, whose team from Film Four in Great Britain made it the plot of their new mockumentary, “Death of a President.”…..

Cassie’s Talent "Got a Long Way To Go": Still Looking Good Though

Seeing her bomb looking ass is still worth enduring her “shaky” and suspect talent.

My Milk of Magnesia


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