Did Snoop Sneak His Heat Into Orange County Airport? Linked to Fox WeatherGirl Jillian Barberie

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Via our friends at TMZ:

TMZ has learned that rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg (aka Calvin Broadus) was busted for attempting to carry a weapon through an airport security checkpoint.

According to law enforcement officials, Snoop attempted to walk through an X-ray machine at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif. late last month with a 21”, collapsible baton packed in his laptop computer case. Orange County Sheriffs’ deputies were called to the scene where they detained the rapper and confiscated the weapon. Snoop was not arrested, however, and we’re told the Sheriffs Department file was sent to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

The D.A. may decide as early as today whether to file criminal charges against the rapper.

In related Snoop related Bossip, multiple reliable sources in Long Beach exclusively tell Bossip that Snoop used to f*ck with weathergirl Jillian Barberie, the former wife of former baseball player Bret Barberie. No word on whether he still f*cks with her.

Random Ridiculousness: Vivica Fox, Foxy Brown, Steve Irwin

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Our biggest “when plastic surgery goes wrong” victim, Vivica A. Fox will have a recurring role on the hilarious HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Fox will be playing the role of a Hurricane Katrina victim staying at Larry David’s home. Can not wait to see this!!

Foxy Brown, WTF, fighting over manicures and sticking her tongue out at judges….According to Reuters:

Hip-hop artist Foxy Brown missed a court date in her New York assault case on Monday, and the judge vowed to issue a bench warrant for her arrest if she failed to appear again on Tuesday.The recording star, whose real name is Inga Marchand, told Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson in a letter she was unable to attend the hearing because she was undergoing oral surgery.
The judge reviewed a number of motions at the hearing, include one by Brown seeking to withdraw her guilty plea. In August, Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting two women at a Manhattan nail salon in August 2004 by hitting and kicking them in a dispute over a $20 payment for a manicure Brown said she never received.

When the 28-year-old rapper learned that as part of 3-year probation she would be required to undergo periodic drug testing and attend anger management classes, she asked to withdraw her plea.The judge on Monday denied her motion to withdraw her guilty plea and said she was considering changing her promised probation time to jail time. Brown faces up to a year in jail should the judge sentence her to jail instead of probation. In the last 18 months, the rap artist has fired three lawyers, delaying her case each time. Brown has also failed to show up for other scheduled proceedings. She once stuck her tongue out at Jackson, which led to her being handcuffed to her seat in court until she apologized.

Crocodile Hunter’s manager John Stainton is upset about Ras Kass referring to the late Steve Irwin’s death in his lyrics.

Via SMH.com: “You’re the waste of LA/get blast up in LA/face down, ass up in LA/you the Crocodile Hunter, I am the stingray,” reads part of the track. John Stainton’s rebuttal:

“I just find it a bit sad that people have to stoop to that,” Mr Stainton said.

“It is disappointing. I can’t understand the point of it. There are other references they can make that will put the point across.

“I just think it is a pity that people do have to use Steve or anyone who has died in tragic circumstances … as a form of entertainment.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce in Australia: Is This a Muslim Couple? Walk Behind Me Bitch

Striking similarity here. Is that a f*ckin Doo Rag? SMH. The couple were spotted at the Sydney airport in Australia Monday.

You notice how Jay-Z always has Beyonce walking 5 steps behind him? You would think they were a Muslim couple in Saudi Arabia.

Beyonce forced to the back again. Jay-Z “always” appears like he does not give a f*ck about Beyonce.

Beyonce looking quite “interrupted” here. Could the “Blairb*tch” project be after Dreamgirls? Beyonce walking in back again. Maybe Beyonce is part of Jay-Z’s luggage. Pics spotted at YBF.

Burial of that God-Awful N-Word

Via Channel 3000:

BELOIT, Wis. — In a somber and meaningful ceremony on Saturday the N-word was laid to rest.

The word has been considered both derogatory and controversial over its lifetime. Which is why a Beloit group made a big statement about the word in a day-long funeral celebration. It’s a word that originated during times of slavery, meant by its creators to bring an entire race of people onto a level that justified them as servants to a higher class…..”We’re really trying to say to young people this is not a term of endearment,” said Wanda Sloan, Co-Chair of the Black Star Project in Beloit. The group developed the idea to literally bury the word and all the negativity that comes with it…….”We want to symbolize that whole history that we’ve gone through and to say, look where we are today and this is how we should think of ourselves,” said Sloan. “On a much higher plan than as derogatory as not being able to use our God given names.”…

…”There’s so much negativity associated with the N-word, we just feel like it’s time to make a change,” said East junior Maya Williams. “It’s been around for a while and we just want to set an example for our peers.””Slaves have died for the word to stop it, and by us bringing it back up it’s not doing anything,” said junior Makayla Allen. “The term is meaningless in reality, but it has become a useful word for those who help perpetrate the negative stereotypes of Africans worldwide,” said Black Star Project member Tasha Bell…. The word was actually laid to rest in East Lawn Cemetery in Beloit, with a casket containing a mirror, which organizers said was meant for all in attendance to reflect on the negativity inside them, as well as cards with words each person contributed.

Well, it is a great gesture, but probably won’t catch on. The N-word is still gonna remain a living entity especially in the urban world. In remembrance of the word, let us bow our heads, and think back to time where there was a little humor in the world….play video:

Nina Sky Sisters Getting Close

I have noticed the NINA SKY sisters really know how to get comfortable and close with each other. This pic is consistent with their trend. Doesn’t really look like anything until you do a “vert analysis” on the pic, Natalie’s elbow is touching her sister Nicole’s rack, Nicole’s back is between her sisters legs, and of course Natalie’s hands are on her sisters ass, all while having that young and “teenager” look.

Reminds me of the teen lezbo cut by Tatu a few years back.

WESLEY SNIPES FOUND IN NAMIBIA: Actor shooting new film amidst indictment for tax evasion

Via Reuters:

Actor Wesley Snipes, indicted by U.S. authorities for tax fraud this week, is filming a movie in the African country of Namibia which has no extradition treaty with Washington, officials said on Friday.

“It is confirmed. He is definitely here,” Edwin Kanguatjivi, chief executive officer of the Namibia Film Commission, said by telephone. “He has been in Namibia since the end of August.”

Snipes, the star of the “Blade” movie series, is the lead actor in a new movie entitled “Gallowwalker” filming in the Namibian desert near the town of Swakopmund — the same coastal resort where Hollywood superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had their first child in May.

Would you stay in Namibia or another no extradition treaty country or take a chance of jail time, go to trial and come back to the U.S.? Ronald Isley AKA Mr. Biggs was recently sentenced to 37 months for tax evasion.

"Stuntin" Like Creflo Dollar: Inside His Mansion in Atlanta

Damn, preaching is paying very well these days. Apparently, 100X more than the President of the United States which is “only” $400,000 a year, something a “mega preacher” would look down on these days.

Via New York Times:

“Mr. Dollar’s salary is set by a compensation board at the Georgia church, but he declined to reveal it. He also declined to say how much of his salary and fees he donates back to the church, except to say that he is one of the church’s biggest givers.

He and his wife live in a million-dollar mansion in Atlanta that is owned by the church. He has said that his two Rolls-Royces were gifts from congregants. But shortly after he started the New York church, he and his wife, Taffi, purchased a $2.5 million apartment in the new Time Warner Center on their own.”

LMAO at Dollar bragging he is one of the “biggest givers” in the church. Your just giving the poor people their money back. SMH

Look what Jesus did for me and he can do it for you too! Creflo also stunts with a private jet, Rolls Royce, and a $2.5 million dollar Manhattan apartment.

Creflo has some good taste, this is a nice ass crib.

Creflo clearly had a rendezvous with a destiny of money with a name like “Dollar”. Wall Watchers, an evangelical organization that monitors the finances of Christian ministries, gave Mr. Dollar’s organization an “F” grade for financial transparency in its yearly report and urged donors not to give to it and similar groups.

Now onto one of the funniest youtube clips, if you got something that can challenge this, send it in. This video is dated but still funny. “I Still Feel The Pain Pastor Kerney”. Notice how Pastor Kerney is holding his elbows while he is listening to the afflicted caller.

Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro Bond over Carmen Elektra

Dennis Rodman to Dave Navarro: “That’s why I slapped that bitch Carmen, she is no good, sad to hear she dumped you like that man.” “So, you want to come over my place after the party?”

The two headed out of the Mossimo for the Target Fashion Week party. Prince, Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro—-what weird and sexually ambiguous guy would be a candidate for Carmen to date next?

David Silver AKA Kevin Federline Confused on Whether to Go 50 Cent or Justin Timberlake

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K-Fraud hit up Leno recently rapping about his “Henny” and that he and Spears are like Bonnie & Clyde. SMH, does this f*cker know who the real Bonnie & Clyde is? (hint, they were a lot harder than bubblegum pop stars). All that said, he was smart enough to get Britney pregnant real quick and with 2 kids, setting himself up ($$$$) for life. Is K-Fraud smarter than Britney is dumb?

In addition, he is using her to further his own career. Got to strike while the iron is hot! K-Fraud reminds me of Brian Austin Green who played David Silver on 90210. Not very “Clyde-like”.

Malawian Dad: Madonna Stole my African Son

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Madonna’s already controversial adoption of an African baby got even stickier yesterday – when the tot’s dad said he never meant to give the Material Mom permanent custody of his son.

“If we were told she wants to take the baby as her own, we would not have consented, because I see no reason why I should give up my son,” said Yohane Banda, father of the 13-month-old, David Banda.”I am just now realizing the meaning of ‘adoption,’ ” said Banda, adding that he had expected Madonna to raise David for him but not keep him as her own.

Banda – an illiterate farmer in Malawi who previously had defended Madonna from criticism for the adoption – now says he did not understand the papers he signed that gave away his parental rights.

Seems like Madonna should of paid the father off before taking the son. Apparently, someone else did and he is changing his tune. Would you prefer to see “Jason” growing up back in Malawi or living it up in London under “Madonna motherhood and values”?

Hmmm of The Day: Tichina Arnold and Brandy at Prive in Miami

Has Tichina Arnold (Martin) come out the closet yet? Brandy and Tichina hit club Prive in Miami Saturday night.

Flavor of Love 2 Reunion Preview: After The Lovin

SMH@ Bootz running after New York like a madwoman, apprently she beat her ass during the show. The reunion show airs October 29.

Janet’s New Hobo Chic Look While JD Kicked to Curb at Virgin

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Ms. Jackson made a display of when bad fashion happens to good people. Janet looks like she put on everything she had in her overnight bag with no intention to actually match. You would think after such a decline in her album sales she would try to step up her game, guess not. Maybe her fashion depression stems from the fact that her boy toy Jermaine Dupri, stepped down as urban music president of Virgin Records over her piss poor record sales. Janet please do some retail therapy because we can’t bare to see this disaster occur again. Janet was in Japan promoting her new album. Is this how your supposed to look when on a promotional tour? SMH.

Now that’s more like it. She looks good here, just keep that in Japan. Janet was promoting her album at a press conference in Tokyo Monday.

Bjork, Diddy, and "Creative Crowd" Pic

Bjork who is one of the most original and creative artist out there enjoys a drink with this “creative” crowd. Andre Harell (left) needs to put those gums back in his mouth. SMH. Here we go with the wack ass generic peace signs (pink shirt) again, when will it stop? Dallas Austin, Timbaland, Nelle Hopper, and Jimmy Iovine can also be seen in the pic.

Young Jeezy- I Love it Video w/ Vida Guerra Appearance

The track is sick, video is “OK”. SMH@ “Corporate Thugs”.

Vida at the recent T Mobile launch of the Sidekick 3, she is doing “everything right” and looks damn good here.


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