Negro Please: Andre 3000: ‘Prince Charles is my style icon’

Via Yahoo News:

Outkast star Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin looks to Prince Charles for fashion ideas, and is a huge fan for the royal’s dapper sense of style. The Hey Ya! rapper is well known for his quirky dress sense, and is renowned for mixing fashionable streetwear with high end tailoring. But few of his fans could have realised the lofty source of his inspiration.

He says, “It’s good to look different. To experiment. I like to take people by surprise. My style icon is Prince Charles. I like the way he wears his suits, and he has great overcoats and good buttoning.”

Note to Andre 3000: It’s also good to be different without trying to be different.

Homo Thug Mad TV Skit

Spotted at C&D.

Bacardi Mojito Music Cafe Hosts Lloyd Banks Album Release Party, NYC

The Beauty and The Beast. Tony Yayo’s jeans looking kinda dirty, like he was “walkin dirty” last night. His “guest” looks like a certified banger, smokin. The party was held at Nikki Beach.

50 Cent looking uncomfortable around women as usual. Maybe if Curtis Jackson was around a blonde, he would smile and show his teeth. The groupie on the left looks to be going for the evil “I’m hard”-slut look. These girls right here like some good prospects for a hip-hop groupie threesome.

50 Cent and his capo Lloyd Banks. Damn 50, have you ever heard of Carmex—bad case of “Ring Around the Crusty Lips”

Some tranny looking lady named Lisa Everts and Olivia. Lisa looks like she may have wanted to get in Olivia’s panties last night.

Damn, she needs to give some of that cake to Nicole Ritchie. “Angel” showing off her assets at the party.

Caption This

Coolio leaves the elite Kaberet Prophecy club in London yesterday. I know, a slow news morning.

Snoop Explains the Educational Value of Crippin

Posted by Bossip Staff

In an interview with, Snoop Dogg explains why he promotes Crippin including the positive side of Crippin:

I’m just tellin’ you if you’re Crippin’, you know what comes with the territory. But you don’t see me on a poster sayin, “Uncle Snoop Dogg wants you in this here Crippin’,” like Uncle Sam. This is what I am. I’m not tellin’ you to do it, but I’m sayin’ if you do do it, these are the consequences. This is what you gotta got through. This is what I went through. I make it look easy, but it ain’t easy. I had to fight a murder case. I had to fight my homies. I had to fight Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, all kinda s**t comin’ up. I didn’t get these scars on my face from just rippin’ and runnin’ down the street. That’s real s**t I had to go through.

But at the same time, when you realize what’s right and what’s wrong you have to say as a man, “I want to do what’s right.” What’s right is to educate and to elevate. I could waste a lot of time and just put out negative music and n***as would do what I say ‘cause I’m Snoop-mothaf**kin’-Dogg. King of this Crippin’, King of whatever the f**k I want to. I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as. But I got my hand out in peace and love because I’m a grown man and I understand that when I make peace with Jay-Z and make peace with 50 and I sincerely love them and treat them with respect and love all their homeboys, I get more out of it. The game expands more as opposed to me sayin, “I’m riding with the mothaf**kin’ West Coast, n***a. F**k y’all n***as. It is what it is.” I been on that page before. I ain’t get far. When I was on Death Row, I was on that page. It was, “F**k everybody!” And nobody wanted to see me or none of the people I was moving with, and I didn’t like that. Because that’s the reputation I was trying to get rid of as a youngster, so why would I bring that in as a musician; as a businessman. So you know, don’t be offended by this Crippin’, because this Crippin’ is very educational. This is a man trying to save lives as opposed to take lives.

Negro are you crazy? No matter how you twist it, it is GANG BANGING— there will never be any thing good about that.

Diddy Talks Jennifer Lopez and Kim Porter on New Album


…”It’s probably my most personal record,” Diddy, 35, said Friday after announcing the launch of Best Buy’s new digital music store in New York City. “On a lot of the other records, to be honest, I didn’t do a whole lot of writing. On this one, I did a lot. And I exposed myself with everybody’s most sensitive subject, and that’s the subject of love.”…

…Do he and Lopez still talk? “Yeah. We’re ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. And that’s cool. It’s a positive thing. But my focus right now – when I’m with a woman, I’m focused on that woman.” …

Kim is looking a lot better than Jennifer Lopez does these days, kids and all. What the hell is going on with her face? Who looks better, Kim or Jennifer?

Michelle Williams and Cleveland Browns Gary Baxter Dating

Via Jawn Murray at BV:

“Singer Michelle Williams, 26, of Destiny’s Child is dating Cleveland Browns cornerback Gary Baxter, 27. The two have been dating for several months and Williams is often spotted in the game box cheering on her beau and his team. Baxter has been sidelined this season after straining his pectoral muscle. Williams, fresh off an appearance on ‘Celebrity Duets,’ is currently in the studio readying her third solo album. This time, in lieu of singing gospel, Williams is recording an R&B album.”

Last year Baxter signed a six-year $30 million contract with the Browns that included a $10.5 million signing bonus. We will give this relationship a couple more weeks.

"Halfway" Thugs: SMH, Havoc Looking Online for Love

SMH, nothing wrong with finding a date here or there online but damn, screaming your pockets out loud with a username Havoc255 on is outright moronic. LMAO@ relationship type: “Just Experimenting”. Times much be rough. Havoc is starting to look like the gay guy from the movie Hitch. He isn’t the only one thats starting to look a little suspect in G UNIT. Spotted@ Media Takeout

Jamie Foxx at Palms Casino for Playboy Club VIP Grand Opening

Posted by Bossip

This is the type of party you would not take 1 hooker back to the room but maybe 3 or 4 in Jamie’s case. Possibly leave Vegas with the Herpes simplex virus as well.

Where is this hooker’s ass at?

Jamie looks like he could of tripped and fell into some pussy Saturday night. Did Angie Stone dye her fro red? What the hell is that on this lady’s lips? SMH

Taye Diggs looking very suspect with his homies. Message to “Taye” : make sure your wife is close when snapping shots with the cast from Queer Eye for the St8 Guy at a “Playboy” party. “Taye” looking like he would fit in well on the show here. SMH

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon with his wife and Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson (on his left) who Terrell Owens is rumored to be scoring touchdowns with (apparently not with the Cowboys). Kendra is also rumored to have a “Black Only” dating policy .

Warren Moon: “Man, I wish this big old bitch wasn’t here so I can get on some of this young tail in here”.

SMH: Still in Slavery with Pastor Jim

This video is a little dated but still a certified SMH.

2006 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: Dishonorable FUBU Fashions

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Kim: “Hollyweird turned me out, I am still trying to find the old cute Lil Kim”.

Starting to become routine for Lil Kim to look like a FUBU plastic surgery crackhead with some money. Someone help the poor girl before its too late. The Hip Hop Honors show will air October 17th on VH1.

“You brothas don’t know what your missin”. Ice-T needs to buy his ho some new gear quick, she is looking like a 5 dollar hooker from Tijuana. Nothing to show off there ICE but that fake rack. Coco and Ice-T arrive in Pimp-Ho style Saturday night.

Salt (middle) looking damn good. Spinderella and Pepa need some fashion tips or they may just be broke. “Jesus” looks to have really showed Salt (she is a big christian) the light and it shows. She is looking like she could pass for her late 20’s here and I repeat, very damn good!

Ice Cube with his wife Kimberly who looks great, very simple and classy.

To watch video of arrivals via our friends at TMZ, click here

“I have always wanted to be a guy, what the hell else can I do damn it, by the way, does this pink make me look a little feminine?” Da Brat looking like Da Brat.

Rema Ma looking busted and like she just came back from shopping on 125th street. Christmas is not until late December. I would have to question a persons sanity who walks out the crib or to a damn AWARDS show looking like this, all the while thinking they look fly.

“Beverly Poo” looking like she just grabbed a wig and an “outfit” from the Compton swapmeet. Damn, it seems almost everyone at the event was dressed a little early for Halloween.

Nicole Ritchie Still on Hollyweird Heroin Diet

Damn, someone get this little stick bitch some food, its not even funny anymore. For more pics of the Hollywood skeleton about to throw up her food, click here . The skeleton definitely looks like she is back on that Black Tar or that “GO FAST” . Lionel, throw your sick daughter into a treatment center, “before its too late”. You know your “sickly” skinny when people think real pictures of you must be Photoshopped. SMH

Diddy Says F%$# Cristal, Supports Boycott

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy says via AHH:

“Cristal definitely caught us out there. It was a learning lesson. At the end of the day, f**k Cristal. They don’t respect us. They’ll feel it.”

While Nas rambles on and seems a bit delusional:

“The bottom line is all these dudes is jealous of Black men. Look, we look incredible. So stop making fly s**t, if you don’t want us to buy it, hell, how in the f**k we gonna not drink the most [expensive] s**t,” said Nas.”[It’s the] same with jewelry, man,” he continued. “Understand I’m gonna wear this motherf**king jewelry. I always buy some fly s**t, so they got a problem with a Black man, I know they jealous of me. I’m gonna make ‘em more mad. I’m gonna drink more of their s**t [to upset them] and boycott em. F**k ‘em.”

I am sure Cristal could have showed their social and cultural awareness by allowing Nas to advertise the elite brand with such sophisticated grammar as he displayed here— to enhance the brand among the world’s wealthy elite.

Interrupted and Cult Leader Tom Cruise lets Katie Out the Crib 2 Days in a Row

Looks like that “interrupted” and pyscho Tom Cruise let this naive robot bitch out the house again and told her it was ok to be friends with Victoria Beckham. Note: UK press has previously reported that Victoria Beckham is considering joining the Church of Scientology. Don’t they look like Alien twins? Dudes who have trouble with their women may have to start looking into slapping some Scientology on them as Tom got his pimpin going on strong. Little Katie: Tom can I watch tv, Tom can I go out with my friend Karen, Tom can I wear this today?…..

Madonna to Malawi: Water if you Accept Kabbalah

Posted by Bossip Staff:

Madonna going with the new Hollywood trend of looking out for the poor people in Africa.

Via NY Post:

NOT only is Madonna planning to spend $3 million helping orphans in Malawi – she’s going to turn the African children onto Kaballah, the mystical Jewish sect that boasts its own brand of spiritual water. Madonna wants some of her money to go for drilling wells so the orphans will have clean water and no longer suffer from dysentery and waterborne parasites. “Water is the purest expression of God’s sharing essence,” our spy said. “The water will be Kaballah water.” The pop queen went to an orphanage yesterday in Malawi’s commercial capital. Her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said she’s “involved in the building of an orphanage/child care center,” but reiterated that Madonna was just window-shopping when she checked out the orphans there yesterday: “She has not adopted a baby boy as has been previously and incorrectly reported.”

SMH@”window shopping”. You know Madonna and Angelina Jolie are known as rebels and it seems the most “f*ck everyone, I am different” thing you could possibly do is adopt and be a mother to a “little poor African”. To help Madonna on her crusade go here

As long as Madonna doesn’t start teaching her new boys that stuff like this is morally acceptable. What are the chances of a little boy turning out like her former fling Dennis Rodman?

Pics jacked from dlisted


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