Michelle Rodriguez Finally Outed by Girlfriend Kristanna Loken

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Michelle and Kristanna

At the minimum we know at least Michelle Rodriguez from The Fast and Furious, Blue Crush, and Lost is bi. Source

Not a big surprise here. Word is, this was Michelle’s girl before Kristana. King Latifah, the time is coming…….

Random Ridiculousness: Tyra and her Audience in their Skivvies

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From our friends TMZ:

Tyra Banks pantsed her entire audience on one of her upcoming shows. The crowd, clad in robes at the beginning of the show, exposed themselves in all their undergarment glory — men and women!Of course Tyra herself led the charge by starting the show in her bra and panties. The subject for the hour: What real women wear underneath their clothes? By the way, you might notice everyone in the audience was hot. Coincidence? We think not. We’re guessing the unattractive people were sent over to Megan Mullally’s show.

Loving the lingerie Tyra, that is a fabulous color, but are we running out of ideas for show topics? For real, though, real women on average do not wear beautiful bra and panty sets underneath their clothes.

I agree with TMZ, that seems like a set up–the audience members were prepared and were not the average American woman. That would have been a better show….they should have surprised the audience, asked them if they were willing to be seen on TV in their drawls, then the world would REALLY know what real women wear underneath their clothes.

Speaking of stripping, this is ridiculous—kids these days….

Thank the Heavens we didn’t have to see his Skivvies!

This is impressive!!

Boo Hoo: Oprah Not Invited to TomKat’s Wedding

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Via People:

Tom Cruise may have famously jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to declare his love for Katie Holmes, but Winfrey won’t be at his wedding in Italy Saturday.”It’s not that I’m not going,” Winfrey tells Extra’s AJ Calloway in a segment to air on Tuesday. “It’s that they had a limited number of people that they could invite. I was not one of the invitees. That’s fine. I don’t get invited to everyone’s wedding. I don’t invite them to everything I do. But I wish them the best.”She continues, “I have a great deal of regard for their relationship and so I’m trying to think of what to get them.”Asked what she’ll get the couple, she says, “I don’t know! I was thinking … I’m easier (to shop for) – you can get me a bubble bath I’m okay – but I don’t know what to give them.”

Spare me, O, he professed his love for Katie on your show, you should’ve been invited to the Scientology ceremony!!! Tom Cruise is hilarious, first hanging out on 106 & Park with Jamie Foxx back in 2004, then dancing to Young Joc this year — remember this:

Everyone seems to think he’s crazy, but he seems like a fun guy, the life-of-the-party type of dude. I just don’t remember him being like this with Nicole Kidman.

The Hollyweird Sickly Look Moving Over to Sports: Anna Kournikova as Nicole Ritchie

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SMH. Can someone even play competitive tennis with a little skeletal body like that?

Anna, you on that Black Tar Heroin too? Spotted at Faded Youth.

Exclusive-New Couple Alert: Nick Cannon and Joy Bryant

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Our friends at TMZ spotted these two at Mr. Chow recently in LA. Sources exclusively tell Bossip that Nick and Joy developed a relationship while filming and later promoting the movie “Bobby” which they both star in.

On November 2, we wrote:

This would be a much better looking couple than Nick and his current girl Kim Kardashian. The way Nick has been “showing Kim off” makes me think this was a publicity stunt aimed at Christina Milian.

We have heard “loose” rumors that Kim Kardashian has moved on to another Black guy, Pharell. You heard about Nick and Joy here first, AGAIN! Joy showed up at Nick’s birthday party last month while he was dating Kim Kardashian, Kim and Joy were both at Nick’s birthday.

What a "Banger" Looks Like

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Damn Amerie looks good here, doing everything right and I mean everything. A certified banger! Sorry Jay, you don’t have the “hottest girl in the game”, at least in the looks department. I think Kerry Washington got Amerie though.

Michael Jackson Looks to Chris Brown for Help Tomorrow Night

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Michael Jackson has asked Chris Brown for help in creating a fresh version of Thriller for tomorrow night’s World Music Awards performance which will be Jacko’s first UK performance in nine years. I am sure Chris Brown’s parents will have some nextel walkie talkies watching Jacko’s every move and monitoring his personal phone calls from Jacko. SMH. My bad, Chris Brown may be the wrong shade for what Jacko “may” like.

SMH at them fighting over the bed and the kid saying “it was fun that night” near the 2:00 minute mark. SMH at Jacko saying to the kid “Sometimes I call your house so late”.

In other Jackson news, sister Latoya was recently seen showing off her stomach. SMH

Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Is Engaged to Mandigo

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Via People Magazine:

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her boyfriend, record producer Chris Ivery, are engaged, PEOPLE has confirmed. Ivery proposed to Pompeo on Friday, her 37th birthday, after breakfast at home. “She was surprised and thrilled,” the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE. Ivery presented Pompeo with a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond in a platinum setting from jewelry designer Tacori.

Pompeo and Ivery, 37, both Boston-area natives, grew up minutes away from each other, but didn’t meet until pals introduced them in Los Angeles in 2003. They didn’t start dating right away. “We were friends for six months; then one night she just looked different to me,” Ivery told PEOPLE in October. Their relationship is laid-back. “We had a great day yesterday,” Pompeo told PEOPLE. “We walked on the beach, then we came home, took a shower and went out for sushi. Then we laid on the couch with the dogs and watched TV.”

She probably left out something on the last part. Just a guess.

Rewind The Track: Hollywood Shuffle, Black Acting 101 Clip

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Taking K-Fraud Back

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Via People Magazine

Kevin Federline traveled to Las Vegas for work – to shoot his “Lose Control” video – but, with wife Britney Spears in tow, managed to find time for fun.

On Thursday night, Federline, 28, Spears, 24, their 10-month-old son, Sean Preston, and seven friends hit the Sin City restaurant Tao at the Venetian, where Mom and Dad dined on Buddha Chicken and Kobe Sirloin and baby Sean enjoyed mashed carrots, spinach and asparagus prepared just for him by head chef Josh Thomsen, a source tells PEOPLE. After half an hour of canoodling, Spears headed to Tao at the Venetian with a few girlfriends and watched the dance floor from a private perch, while at Pure, Federline took center stage, emceeing from the DJ booth. And he knew how to work the crowd – “Lose Control” was played four times, and by the final spin, the crowd was chanting along.

SMH at Britney making nice, why didn’t he request custody of Shar’s babies? Dude is after your pockets and fame dumb bitch. Word is she has been wearing her wedding ring as well. It’s time to stop throwing up WACK ASS GENERIC PEACE SIGNS, THE TIME HAS COME! K-Fraud just told you this.


Blind Item:WHICH singer had to deliver her child via Cesarean because of a raunchy STD her estranged husband gave her?

Sounds like Britney and K-FRAUD to me.

Denise Richards: Can I get a little refill for my herpes and crabs?

Denise Richards to friend: Yeah, I can’t believe my outbreak came back so soon but they hooked me up with a refill.

Rudy Guliani vs. Hillary/Barack Obama in 2008?

Via New York Daily News

Rudy Giuliani is taking the first step toward an official run for President. The man known as America’s Mayor, who is idolized by Republicans as the hero of 9/11 and the man who cleaned up New York, has set up an exploratory committee – the traditional first step in the long slog towards the White House.

Amadou Diallo digital drawing

Have a feeling they will throw Barack Obama as VP on a Hillary Clinton ticket in 2008 to run against the GOP in 2008.

Naomi Interrupted: Still Picking on "Frail" White Girls

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The fourth case of assault against Naomi Campbell has been filed by Italian starlet Yvonne Scio. According to Scio, Naomi pushed her up against the wall and punched her twice in the face, she compared Naomi to Mike Tyson.

Now I am sick and tired of writing about this tired ass bitch who picks on defenseless little white girls. Sounds childish but Naomi “pick on someone your own size”, or in your case someone as bitchy as you. I would love to see her get live with a sista and we will see who will be filing the charges. Spotted at Rhymes With Snitch

“This isn’t the ghetto, this isn’t the streets of Compton…I am a white girl, I am frail”. LMAO

Random Ridiculousness: Kanye a White Hoodie= Incognegro

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Via The World News

It was a case of wrong place at the wrong time for American rapper Kanye West as he took in the tourist sites of Sydney today. West, 29, was checking out the Opera House at the same time as a large media pack was photographing British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat.The rapper attempted to cross the road and appeared to be pushed by an Opera House security guard.”I just thought it was funny ‘cos he didn’t even stop my friend and he stopped me,” West said after the incident. “Then he pushed me.”West is one of America’s biggest rap stars.

“I wear a hoodie because I don’t want to be recognised. I don’t want to draw too much attention – I gotta walk like eight blocks to my hotel,” he said. One onlooker suggested the security officer singled the singer out because he is African American. However, an Opera House spokesman said while they would review footage of the incident, the staff member was simply doing his job.”He stuck his arm out to prevent him (West) going further, and never pushed him,” the spokesman said.”As far as we know, Kanye is fine about this morning and any racist claim is denied.”The Opera House official who saw the incident later took West inside to meet Cohen.

It’s so funny how Non-Americans view Americans. Surprised Kanye didn’t act an ego-maniac fool like he did at the MTV Europe Awards. I guess he wasn’t drunk, if so, it would’ve been like this: “F@#K Borat! I make million dollar videos, ya’ll pushing ME???”

By the way, Kanye, walking around in a hoodie can sometimes make you look suspect, maybe that’s why YOU were pushed and not your friend.

George Clooney to Barack Obama: A Homie, You Need to Run for President

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Via US Weekly:

Following a report in a British-owned celebrity magazine that had Clooney saying that Illinois Senator Barack Obama would indeed be tossing his hat into the 2008 presidential ring, the actor has asked his rep to personally confirm that he does not own a crystal ball.

“I said I’ve talked to the senator [Barack Obama] and begged him to run, and I hope he does,” Clooney said in a prepared statement from his rep. “There’s no news scoop from me. He’ll make up his mind on his own schedule.”

Is America ready for Barack? I can see the Republicans cooking up negative ads on Barack smoking rocks in college and his middle name being “Hussein”. It may be too many hypocritical gay republicans for this trick to work in 2008 .

FILL IN THE BLANK: Comedian Bruce Bruce

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FILL IN THE BLANK: Comedian Bruce Bruce needs to _____________________.

Chris Rock and Superhead?

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Via Jawn Murray at AOL BV Buzz:

Uh oh! Sources say that a chapter that was removed from Karrine Steffans’ bestselling tell-all tome, ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen,’ may finally surface now that a certain Hollywood celebrity has split from his wife. Could said entertainer end up in Steffans’ next book, ‘The Vixen Diaries,’ which is set to bow June 2007 on Warner Books? That’s the word in the publishing world.

Here is another girl Chris cheated on his wife with, Hungarian model Monika Zsbrita, click here.


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