Bush Lynches Saddam, Caught on Tape

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Someone brought in their camera phone and got the Saddam hanging on video. At the 1:40 mark is when Saddam is dropped down and killed. I assume most of the world would have preferred another President to have taken the plunge. In other Iraq news, U.S. troop deaths reached 3,000 today. The insurgents are really going to ride now. I can see an insurgent leader now, BROOKLYN SUNNI’S STAND UP!

Cassie in a Kini

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South Beach is the spot for New Year’s and Cassie made the trip down for some good kini fun. Cassie is smartly striking while the iron is hot and is currently working on a movie and fashion line. She recently denied she is leaving Badboy with “Why would I leave the place that birthed my career”. Do people really believe that garbage that Media Fakeout is running these days? Cassie also says she is working on a new album and we probably can assume this will be her last one.

She looks good in that L.A.M.B kini.

Bossip Reader ‘Kit': Where is Jaws when you need him?


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Lil 18 yr old Rihanna may have some skills. She performed at the Brut Sun Bowl yesterday in El Paso,Texas.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Rihanna looks like ____________________.

Michael Jordan Benches Juanita, Files for Divorce

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On Tuesday, we wrote something up on MJ’s inability to call a timeout with his long rumored cheating ways and today he benched Juanita by filing for divorce.

Via TMZ:

For the second time in their 17-year marriage, basketball legend Michael Jordan and his wife are calling it quits. In a statement issued through their lawyers, Juanita and Michael Jordan announced that they have “mutually and amicably decided to end their 17-year marriage. A judgment for dissolution of their marriage was entered today. There will be no further statements.”

This marriage was obviously doomed 25 blondes ago. Juanita is about to back up the Uhaul and load it up with Mike’s pockets. Appetites for young ho’s are getting expensive these days.

The Exploitation of The Godfather Continues

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The Godfather’s girl, lawyers, accountants, and Hollyweird are not the only parasites looking to exploit James Brown’s death. SMH at “Reverend Al” posted up like he holds the key to JB. Al Sharpton apparently thinks there was some publicity currency in standing next to JB. The Godfather’s body was shown to the public at the Apollo theatre in Harlem yesterday.

Al Sharpton: I better make sure I got a good angle for the cameras. I should of layed down my perm a little better.

Gabriele Union Looking to Have ‘Threesome’ on New Year’s

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Via People Magazine:

Bring It On star Gabrielle Union just finished filming a movie called The Perfect Christmas, but right now her mind is on New Year’s Eve. Her idea of the perfect celebration? “The way we’re doing it this year,” Union, 34, told PEOPLE at Mansion nightclub in South Beach on Wednesday. “Out of the country, hot and half naked.”Specifically, she’s heading to the Dominican Republic with a group of male friends – but don’t expect the action to be that hot: “They’re all going to be cruising for chicks and I’m going to be home reading The Iliad,” she says.In fact, Union, who split from husband Chris Howard last year, isn’t even looking for someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. “I’m in a threesome this year with me, myself and I,” she jokes. “We’re pretty hot and heavy.”

Sorry Gab, playing with yourself doesn’t count as a threesome. If “Tigga” and Hill Harper who she was dancing with Wednesday night in Miami are the friends she is going to the D.R. with, they may not be cruising for chicks.

SI Models Name Best Looking Male Athletes

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Using 5 swimsuit models as judges, Sports Illustrated named the best looking male athletes. Only a few athletes received a perfect 10 score and judge Marisa Miller (pictured above) scored baskteball player Ben Wallace a perfect 10. Marisa’s other perfect 10 was Reggie Bush. Marisa got a little back , she may need someone “sized up” to take care of that.

SI model Brooklyn Decker (they couldn’t have found a better looking model than this broad) scored New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush a 10 and Marisa Miller Reggie Bush a 10 as well. Reggie Bush ranked #6 overall. There were rumors early this year that Reggie Bush had a fling with Nia Long and beat down her ex-husband in a mall in Orange County, Cali.


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The Game is currently touring in Europe.

FILL IN THE BLANK: This picture is funny because_____________.

Bossip Reader Fresh2Death: That pic is funny because Q-tip look like he shrunk 5″feet

Quote of The Day: Rocsi

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After SOHH mentioned that the fellas are not missing former host FREE (oh really?) on 106th and Park, Rocsi responded by saying:

“I have no a*s or titties, I don’t know why they would come after me”

She left out that her accent is disgusting and she is one of the most irrating people on tv to listen to. Don’t they have immigration classes for that? How Rocsi beat out over 5000 contenders to take Free’s spot on 106th is a question I have. Cassie probably has the answer.

2006 Upgrades: Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson

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Even if it was only for one night, it was good to be reminded what Whitney Houston looked like without rocks and Bobby.


Now if Jhud can get with the other American Idol girl and help the poor child out.

Report: Nelly and Ashanti Engaged Over Christmas

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Vibe Magazine is reporting they are hearing Ashanti and Nelly got engaged over Christmas and are waiting for “confirmation” from their reps later today. One of the more authentic, “down to earth”, and good looking couples out there.

‘Black Men Magazine’ Names Latina Vida Guerra as Sexiest Woman of The Year

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Black Men Magazine which says it is “For Strong, Positive, and Caring Brothers” named Vida Guerra as the sexiest woman of the year. Did they really mean sexiest ass?

Vida’s face is kinda “rough” and there are a whole lot of girls in that magazine that looked better than her this year but she was the only one whose star is rising in the Dlist world with shots in Playboy and a straight to DVD movie this year. After being dissed by The Game, Vida now wants to be the next Lil Kim. Don’t quit the backshots your day job. Vida has backs that “stand up” nicely which girls are paying for nowadays.

2006 ‘Fo Head’ Awards

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This year we saw a lot of foreheads shine up and come under the radar. Kelly Rowland who was recently spotted in Singapore shows she can compete with the best of them. Don’t know if Kelly can mess with Rihanna’s though. Click on the pics to enlarge to see the forehead’s in all their glory. Kelly may want to cop some Jergens for her legs. Hopefully, bangs will be a permanent fixture in 2007.

Exclusive: Tupac Was Replaced by This Guy

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Married couple Jeffrey Nash and Kidada Jones in the movie ‘Proud’. Sources tell Bossip that the two are married. Kidada who is the oldest of Quincy Jones two daughters was engaged to Tupac at the time of his death. She was linked to LL Cool J and Leonardo Dicaprio several years ago. Jeffrey kinda has that “beard” look going for himself.

How do you go from Tupac to a Fred Segal fashion clerk? To “Jeffrey’s” credit, he was hooked up with one movie role and is the brother-in- law of director Forest Whitaker. Jeff’s sister is a banger.

Kidada with Nicole Richie (2005), Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham 2003), and Sanaa Lathan (2006).

Alicia Keys Named BET Person of The Year

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Alicia Keys was named BET’s Person of The Year today primarily for her AIDS work in Africa this year.

Alicia Keys has “it all” and is beautiful inside and out. Now if only the “weaved one” could learn something from AK and get some character.


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