Caller to Star Jones: You’re Fat and Is Your Husband Gay?

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A caller hit up Star Jones (who made our 2006 Most Annoying List) radio show and began the conversation normally but then suddenly called Star Jones fat and asked if her husband Al Reynolds is gay. Star’s response consisted of calling the man ignorant and saying he couldn’t get into the schools Al got in. SMH. Spotted@ Dlisted.

Al is one lucky dude to have wifed that thing.

Rumor Control: Pharrell and Naomi Campbell

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Rumors swirling about Pharrell and Naomi Campbell after the duo hit up Cipriani to get their grub on in London. One thing that is confirmed is that the two have been talking on the phone for some time. Not to fast-forward or anything, but their babies will have some great cheekbones!

Pharrell and Mimi leaving the Four Seasons hotel in Paris this year.

Marcus Graham AKA Eddie Murphy Linked to Shaun Robinson Again

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Eddie’s old girl Shaun Robinson may be back in the mix according to In Touch Weekly and the Eddie stuff is starting to go Boomerang. Shaun even kinda has a “Jaqueline” look to her.

Shaun who graduated from Spelman College would be a certified downgrade for Eddie and Eddie would be a definite upgrade for the 44 year old Access Hollyweird host. Hey, if “the Man” is not promoting you at 44, you may have to take Eddie’s d*ck matters into your own hands. Shaun looks like she needs a couple of pots of gumbo. Stick with Tracey, she is used to dudes like you.

Now all we need is Eddie’s tranny to come back in the mix as the real life Grace Jones to bring cinema to life. “STRANG–EE” sounds like the name of a tranny on Santa Monica blvd. Eddie did produce the movie. Forget all the tranny stuff, Marcus Graham is getting his swagger back.

Merry AssMas, Heart MiMi

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Mariah is “snow bunny chic” in all black in Aspen…loving the close-up on her arse!

Ho, ho, ho!! Bootylicious tree trimming at its best!!! Another back shot, MC should be proud of her hard work getting that booty on swole with her a*s master 2000, last time i checked she had a pancake booty, LOL.

A BFF Missy and Ciara Picture Moment

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BFF’s Ciara and Missy were spotted at the Nets game last night having some friendly fun.

Watch that hand now Missy. No way, everyone knows Missy likes guys, she wouldn’t try to hit on lil Ciara.

“I took your girl because your game is not strong enough”-Lyric

Beyonce Tops BOSSIP’S 10 Most Annoying Celebrities in 2006 List

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1. Most Annoying-Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce’s big lacefront glued-on weave has been seen everywhere in 2006 and hopefully in 2007 everyone gets a break. The industry via DefJam has even manufactered a Beyonce clone. No one said Beyonce was the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least know what shoes you’re wearing. Going into 2007, many Bossip readers were asking “without the Knowles machine pushing her, an above average stylist, and Jay-Z’s swagger, why is Beyonce worshipped again?”

Click here for the full list.

Random Ridiculousness: Just in Time for the Holidays!!!

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These were the most exciting photos from the White Carpet Christmas celebration in LA last night…YIKES–talk about a Z-list affair!! The mom (Anna Maria Horsford)from the first Friday is looking horrible!!

Merry Christmas from your favorite anorexic drunken elf-girl Nicole XOXO!

Perez Hilton is Crazy this video made me laugh!

Special Christmas Carol:

For the kid in all of us:

This is a doll, but at least it’s from the Afro Samurai Dunny anime series—voiceover by Samuel L. Jackson and music by RZA

And for the ultimate holiday fun go to….well at least it’s a cure for boredom while at work!!

JOYEUX NOEL ET BONNE ANNEE!!! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

Halle Berry Getting Married Again? Is Gabriel a New Chris Judd/Federline?

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Ms. Banger herself Halle Berry was spotted in London rockin what looks to be an engagement rock at Heathrow airport.

Model Gabriel Aubrey just seems real shady, he smells money and fame. Halle’s banger status is only the icing on the cake. A new Federline? Well Aubrey-line just opened up a new hotspot eatery in NYC with Halle’s money named Cafe Fuego and is using her name to create buzz every chance he gets. The pic above is at the grand opening of his new spot. As K-Fraud did with Britney with his rap career and acting, Gabriel is smart, he knows you have to strike while the iron is hot.

Quote of The Day: Terrence Howard

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Terrence Howard looks to be taking this Holiday thing too far with the three wiseman from the Christmas pagaent at your local church look during the third annual Dubai International Film Festival on Sunday. The actor is in the United Arab Emirates with his family for the holiday season. Terrence Howard told People Magazine :

It’s an amazing place. I want my children to see a place where people of color have made great strides and really have a chance.”

Considering ” Mr. Manpurse-I support Michael Richards Howards” is a multi-millionaire here in America, I think he “really has a chance” right here. Not too many countries where you can play a pimp and blow up. SMH.

Kirk Franklin’s New Gospel Music: Keite Young

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Gospel music really is changing. SMH. R&B/Gospel artist Keite Young was cited by Vibe Magazine as an “artist on the verge” and he comes out of Kirk Franklin’s NU Nation camp. Keite may want to try changing his look up so he won’t scare the kids and parents away when he visits the church to sing “Pray” which is the first single off his album. Click here to listen.

Thugs Bend Their Wrists Too; FILL IN THE BLANK: 50 CENT

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25 Cent recently was spotted in LA rockin a Game T-shirt, mocking the fact that he makes money off of Game’s new album.

FILL IN THE BLANK: 25 Cent is wack because________________.

Suge Knight Gets His Parenting On

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Suge was recently spotted in Hawaii spending some time with his daughter. Guess that $11 he had in his Washington Mutual account at bankruptcy time last year was just a legal trick. All that Pac money is somewhere. Pic ganked from Concrete Loop.

Whitney Houston May Be Washed Up

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The first track from Whitney Houston on her comeback campaign is a cut titled “Family First” featuring her mother Cissy Houston and her aunt Dionne Warwick. Click here to listen. Hopefully Dionne wasn’t trying to get Whitney off her rehab with a blunt session in the studio. The single drops in stores January 9 and is on the the soundtrack for Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie “Daddy’s Little Girls”. Lets hope Whitney’s new album sounds a lot better than this.

Quote of The Day: George Bush

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George Bush in an interview with the Washington Post dicussing Iraq:

“We’re not winning, we’re not losing”

Is Taye Diggs on the DL?

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Taye Diggs must have messed with the wrong folks and now stuff is flooding into Bossip. Thanks to Bossip Reader That1Girl for the tip. Taye in the October issue of Elle Magazine:

ELLE: If your life depended on sleeping with a man, who would you choose?
TD: It would have to be a really put-together brother. So, Tyson Beckford.

ELLE: Before you met your wife, who was your female ideal?
TD: Lucy Liu, because I’d just come back from working in Japan, and I was really into Asian women.

ELLE: Anything surprise you about the women in Japan?
TD: That they were so into taking care of their men. I’ve always been attracted to independent women, but the idea that someone could be independent and still kind of put herself second at times was pretty interesting.

ELLE: You cried when your wife won a Tony. Ever cry at more inappropriate times?
TD: I’m going through a stage where the dumbest things make me bawl. I feel like I need to see a shrink. We were watching Little Miss Sunshine, and at the end, the little girl brings the whole family together and they all do this dance onstage at this beauty pageant. It affected me so deeply that I just started crying and could not stop.

So lets get this straight, for the record Taye prefers Asian women and Black men who look like Tyson Beckford. Not that there is anything wrong with that, what can you expect, he was a drama major and is into theatre. SMH@ “well put together brotha”. LMAO.


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