Who Looked More Bangin: Letoya Luckett vs. Beyonce

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Letoya hosted “A Pink Christmas” in Houston at her Elle Boutique today while Beyonce was spotted on TRL in NYC. We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?

BOSSIP’S List of the 10 Most Annoying Celebrities in 2006

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1. Most Annoying-Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce’s big lacefront glued-on weave has been seen everywhere in 2006 and hopefully in 2007 everyone gets a break. The industry has even manufactered a Beyonce clone. No one said Beyonce was the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least know what shoes you are wearing. Going into 2007, many Bossip readers were asking “without the Knowles machine pushing her, an above average stylist, and Jay-Z’s swagger, why is Beyonce worshipped again?

2. 25 Cent

From fake publicity stunts to promiscuously promoting the fact that he has been shot 9 times to surburban kids (we get it) or attacking Oprah Winfrey for not talking about selling crack and shooting Blacks, 25 Cent will forever be annoying.

3. Star Jones

Star’s self-admittedly Diva behavior has not been backed up by any Diva looks or Diva talent. These type of celebs usually get annoying very fast.

4. Cassie

The lack of talent factor really worked against Cassie this year. Artists can more easily get away with having no talent with Pop music but giving it a R&B feel is a definitely NO NO when you’re singing and dancing game is awful. Although Cassie has now hired top singing coaches to get herself together, she still has a very “Long Way To Go”.

5. Tina and Matthew Knowles

From those wack House of Dookie Dereon designs to hating on JHUD, the Knowles are annoying. It may be time to lean back. Oh yeah, they are ultimately responsible for #1 on the list.

6. Terrance Howard

The manpurses and the silly comments seem to prove that Terrence Howard has gone full blown Hollyweird. Being a more than good actor almost saved him from the list.

7. Kim Porter

Kim Porter who recently said that Diddy never loved Jennifer Lopez and always loved her (OK) and she knew Diddy would come back just seems a little delusional. And we thought she was smart for having all those kids and putting up with Cassie and the others.

8. Foxy Brown

From assaulting manicurists, threats of jail, probation, being kicked off radio shows, and rumors about being kicked off DefJam, 2006 was not a good year for Foxy Brown. We need to be reminded why Foxy is relevant. Maybe the Ill NaNa will be cool again if Jay-Z writes her rhymes again…but then again, his rhymes are not even working for him anymore. OK, Foxy will probably stay annoying in 2007.

9. Wendy Williams

A new show on VH1 for the Gossip Tranny is too much exposure for someone who looks like that.

10. Taye Diggs

Taye’s wacky comments on race and in particular his promiscuous generalization of Black women ensures he makes the list. Oh yeah, Taye saying if he had to sleep with a man, “it would be a well put together brotha, someone like Tyson Beckford” doesn’t help his cause. Taye who is is a self-confessed nerd can’t seem to get any cool points. Golly.

Honorable Mention:
Kanye West

Drunken antics at the MTV European awards, carving Fendi’s logo on the side of his head, and overall outlandishly crazy blurbs—“I should be in the Bible” gives Mr. West a definite nod for annoying ass clown of the year.

Tony Parker as French Rapper

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San Antonio Spurs basketball player and Eva Longoria’s fiancee Tony Parker did a Shaq, Kobe, and Ron Artest and tried the rapping thing. The track features Fabolous and another french rapper supporting Tony Parker. I think I am going to shoot myself now because it doesn’t sound that bad. LMAO@ Tony Parker’s rap name “Tony P”.

How did the french rapper “Booba” at the end murk Fab on this track? SMH. Tony may want to stick to the jumpers and the croissants.

COCO Got Back

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Shake what the plastic surgeon gave ya. Ice-T at a recent event doing his bragging pose again. Coco is coming up in the world, she just made the cover of some magazine named Smooth. That photoshopped ass looks pretty good. Coco told everyone she has rack implants but did she get implants somewhere else as well?

Ice-T: Yeah b*tch, I will pay for some more plastic, now get on that pole.

I must say, this is the best I ever seen Coco. She does get some photoshop help though. A little more than some.

What does Ice need “Jack Black” for? SMH

Taye Diggs Not Only Has Beef with Black Women

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Apparently, Taye Diggs is on a rampage and not just with Black women and the Rolling Out reporter who asked about his wife. Now his fans looking for autographs and papparazi feel the pain as Taye rides against them. Click here for a video showing Taye acting like a D*ck. Papparazi seem annoying in general but thise dude was being very respectful to the weak A*s actor. He should be happy someone is trying to still get his punk a*s autograph. Well, if every show you star in gets canceled, you would probably be angry too.

Trump Does it Again: Lets Coked Up Ho Remain Miss USA

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Via TMZ:

In a move that shocked everyone, including Tara Conner, Donald Trump announced Tuesday morning that he will not fire the embattled Miss USA, despite allegations of drug use and sexual misconduct. “She’s agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on, she will be immediately replaced” said Trump.

On season five of the Apprentice, Donald Trump asked the winner Randall Pinkett if he would share his title and Randall swiftly responded “It is not Apprentices it is The Apprentice” and refused to share his title. Well, Trump has did it again and has let the coked up Miss USA who was seen around NYC making out with just about any girl she could get her tongue on and sexing various club owners to keep her crown. How does Trump explain this? Tara will “enter rehab”.

Other than posing for a Snoop Dogg photo shoot (SMH), what type of skeletons did Tamiko have in the closet that may have worked against her or is Trump just a hater? Trump is a certified hater.

Donald Trump via NY Times and Author John R. O’Donell::

Speaking about a black accountant at Trump Plaza, Mr. Trump, according to the author, opined that “laziness is a trait in blacks” and said to Mr. O’Donnell: “I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

That explains it. Take that “step it-fetch-it” smile off your face Busta! Click here to watch the coke whore thank Trump for “saving her” and call Trump “compassionate”.

What a Banger Looks Like: Kerry Washington

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Even with the little chipmunk teeth sticking out, Kerry Washington was looking bangin last night at the Creative Coalition’s 2006 spotlight and Christopher Reeves awards gala in NYC. Does it get any better than this in Hollyweird? NO.

Little Destiny Seems to Like her Daddy After All…

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The first couple of Hip Hop celebrated Nas’ new album “Hip Hop is Dead” at his Black and White Ball last night. Look at that cheesy grin on Destiny’s face, she seems very happy with her father and “Bossy” stepmom Kelis—no pun intended…her whore mongering mother really said Kelis was bossy to Destiny. Carmen also said in the Wendy Williams’ interview that we had to ask Destiny if Nas was a good dad. I think the smile says it all. I wonder if she smiles like that with Carmen and her recent unprotected sex partner…

Plastic Vivica Fox Talks New Magazine and Beauty

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Via People Magazine:

“I have a magazine called Jolie, which is a fashion magazine which stands for ‘live pretty,'” Fox told PEOPLE in Miami on Saturday. “I’m editor at large, which basically means my responsibility is that I interview whoever is on the cover and I also recruit cover models.” Of the publication itself, “We are gearing toward minorities,” says Fox, 42, adding, “So far we’ve had myself, Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, LisaRaye Misick – who is the First Lady of Turks and Caicos – on the cover. We celebrate the fabulous life. “We are a magazine that is about encouraging, having a positive attitude and no matter what size you are, from a two all the way up to size 20, that you are fabulous and that you are loved and beautiful too.”

Funny that Vivica is now into the “Beauty” and “Self-Esteem” field considering she has obviously OD’ed on the plastic herself. She is going to be a nice role model for her self-esteem depraved readers.

Quote of The Day: Andre Leon Talley

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Vogue Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley discussed coming out to march in protest of the NYPD shooting of Sean Bell. Mr. Talley said he didn’t want to sacrifice fashion and says:

“I wore my best Richard Anderson gray flannel pinstripe suit, navy Prada hat and black suede shoes”.

F-List Couples Confirmed: The Game and Samantha Mumba; Jeezy and Keisha Cole

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MTV News is reporting The Game and Samantha Mumba (pictured with Sisqo) are an item. After being dissed by Vida Guerra and breaking up with Mya, The Game has gone overseas for a chick. The Game was previously linked to Kim Kardashian. Whatever it takes Samantha to get your name back out there. SMH

The Queen of FUBU Keisha Cole and Jeezy are pretty much confirmed. Although they were rumored to be together for some time(Keisha has publicly denied it),Nas on a recent radio show outed the two as a certified couple saying “Jeezy was trying to get me on his girls album”. Also, The Queen of FUBU was also spotted last weekend in the ATL supporting Jeezy at his concert. It is rumored that Jeezy-Klaus just blinged a ferrari as a gift to Keisha Cole.

Can a couple get more FUBU than Jeezy and Keisha Cole? Gotta love this couple.

Jeezy: Roll this blunt for me Keisha, after we smoke this sh*t, lets dip over to Rascoe’s Chicken & Waffles, I am hungry as a mothaf*ka.

Miss USA Tamiko Nash Not Trying "Something New"

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Tamiko is dating a Black Guy, that is “Something New” and is rumored to be dating actor Brian White(pictured above). Tamiko is set to put on the crown tomorrow with an expected announcement from pagaent officials that their dyked and coked up Miss USA Tara Conner is unfit and inconsistent with their image and values. Tamiko recently posed for a photo shoot for Snoop Dogg’s latest album and previously worked as an elementary school teacher and for the Grammy Awards.

Now children, this is how I posed for the Snoop Dogg shoot.

Nice representation of Miss USA, a former schoolteacher who poses for Snoop Dogg is now crowned champion after revelations that the current Miss USA is a coked up and promiscuous bisexual. SMH but Tamiko looks kinda hot. Forget all the values BS, Tamiko should of beat the coked up winner in the first place, she looks way better than the pasty blonde. Click here and tell us how this girl won Miss USA in the first place?

Damon Dash Got 99 Problems and a Disgruntled Ho is One

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A slow day today, so I guess we will share some of the R Kelly stuff floating around.

Via New York Post:

A panel of judges has shot down hip-hop mogul Damon Dash’s bid to ship a sensational multimillion-dollar sex-assault case against him down to Brazil. “I’m sure he’d love to bury this case in some little outpost down there, but now he’ll have to deal with this in the New York courts,” said Raoul Felder, the lawyer for the plaintiff, Kristie Thompson. Dash’s lawyer, Robert Kalina, declined to comment. The $15 million lawsuit says the assault took place on Jan. 1, 2003, after Thompson had met Dash at a New Year’s Eve part on the island of Angra off the Brazilian coast. Dash, who has denied the allegations, was never charged criminally. Thompson filed suit against Dash, 35, in 2003. He sought to have the case moved to Brazil, arguing that it was the site of the alleged attack. The state Appellate Division court sided with Thompson, finding both she and Dash “live and work in New York,” as do many of the proposed witnesses.

Without Joe Camel money coming in anymore, $15 million would probably break Damon Dash’s bank. What is Damon Dash without Joe Camel and money? This question may pop up on a SNL skit…..Damon’s Kiddies, Damon’s Kiddies.

Quote of the Day: Hoopz

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Winner of Flavor of Love 1 Hoopz during an interview discussing gossip tranny Wendy Williams keeping Hoopz name in her mouth :

“Fu*k that b*tch!” Hoopz told SOHH.com by phone. “Who the fu*k is she? A fat a*s b*tch with a mouth. That’s it.”

Hoopz goes on to say that she was kickin it with TI at a party and his baby mama Tiny came over and checked him. Although lil “Tiny” formerly of Xscape later got on the radio talking reckless about she was going to beat down Hoopz, Hoopz said Tiny didn’t pop sh*t to her face while at the party.

Come on “Tiny”, what the hell were you going to do, throw something at Hoopz ankles? ? A FUBU fight between Hoopz and Wendy Williams would probably be more fair and just about everyone would probably suddenly turn into a Hoopz fan.

Not So Blind Item

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Blind Item from Myra Panache:

Hopefully, when this African-American actress (if you can call her that) gets married for the second time, this husband won’t be calling all over Hollywood, asking, ‘Have you seen my wife?’ Like clockwork, every weekend, her first husband would call everyone they knew, pleading, ‘If you see her, please tell her to come home, if only for a few days.’ When they first got married, due to her beauty, no one could figure out why she married him, he was broke and nerdy. Over time, the answer became clear; she married him because she could get away with anything. He was a decent guy, she tried to turn him out by bringing girls home to participate in three-ways, he wasn’t interested because he only wanted her and only loved her. She got bored quick. They would divorce, acting gigs stopped coming in, she filed for bankruptcy and her home went into foreclosure. She’s back on her feet because her future husband is very rich. Hints: This woman has so many issues; she is the subject of a few of our blind items, she keeps us in circulation. She also has ethnicity issues, so severe, if she calls to complain about this blind item, she will only complain about me referring to her as “African American.” Also, her first husband was white and her fiance is also white.

They have to make these things a little more blind. Traci Bingham is married to an investment banker named John Yarborough.


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