Justin Timberlake on SNL

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Justin Timberlake SNL digital short: “D*ick in a Box”. Funny as hell.


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It is being reported that Scary Spice was dating some “mystery guy” at the time she was messing with Eddie. Maybe that beard baby is not Eddie’s after all.

FILL IN THE BLANK: If It was Eddie’s son and he was named after a word that described Eddie, the baby would be named ____________________.

Who Looked More Bangin? Jada Pinkett Smith vs. Nia Long

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Jada at an Armani event last week and Nia Long at the Dreamgirls Premiere this month. WE MUST ASK, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?


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After the New York Knicks were getting smacked up on their home floor, they started a fight with the Denver Nuggets last night. The Carmelo Anthony factor ensures this gets out of hand. Watch as Carmelo banks Knicks player Mardy Collins in the jaw and then does a Jim Jones and runs away. Jared Jeffries (Knicks #20) starts chasing Carmelo like a crackhead after his rock was stolen. Carmelo wasn’t the only person seen running for cover, Spike Lee and his daughter had to break out from their courtside seats.

Taye Diggs Can’t Get His Groove Back

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After losing his fan base sometime after How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Taye Diggs just can’t seem to get it right. ABC just canceled Day Break due to poor ratings. Previously, the UPN show Kevin Hill which starred Taye Diggs was canceled as well.

Taye probably lost some of his fan base when he said this to Rolling Out Magazine::

“What [black women] were happy about was that [Mendes’ character in Hitch] wasn’t white; she was Latina,” Diggs explains when asked why Will Smith’s role in the film didn’t draw as much cultural ire as some of the choices he’s made on- and off-screen. “That’s what they were happy about, if we’re gonna be real. That’s how the scale goes. First off, if it’s a dark brother and the dark brother isn’t with a dark sister that causes issues. … After that, if you’re going to date outside the race, then they go down the list of how poorly other minorities have been treated after blacks. [So] after that, you have Latino. … Like, I’ve had people say that about my wife: ‘At least she looks Spanish.’ Like that makes it a little bit better. So that’s why people accepted it. If Will Smith had been with a lily-white woman, it would’ve been a completely different situation in the black community as far as females are concerned. I guarantee you that.”

Did he get these wacky theories at Syracuse? Sounds like he got that stuff from a therapist. Click here for why some folks just think Taye is “corny”.

Miss California to Get Miss USA Crown by "Skank" Default

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Miss California and Miss USA First Runner-Up Tamiko Nash is getting ready to gank the Miss America title away from Tara Conner (pictured above). Tara was caught being a little skanky and allegedly some underage drinking was involved as well. Donald Trump who co-owns the pageant is involved in making the decision on whether to strip away the title from Tara. Hopefully, he won’t pull one of those “share the title with the Black guy” moves like he did on The Apprentice. Back in the day, Vanessa Williams had her Miss USA title ganked for posing in Penthouse. Source

The decision was just made, Tamiko is now Miss America.


A source tells TMZ that Miss California was contacted with the news by a high-ranking pageant official and told she will take the title once Trump finally makes the official announcement in the coming week.

Matthew and Tina Knowles’ War with Jennifer Hudson

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When Matthew Knowles is not snorting Yay , he does try to manage artists these days. It is being reported by the E Channel that Matthew is hating on Jhud because she refused to sign with his management company and because she dissed him, he tried to get her role in Dreamgirls cut down. Be careful Jennifer, Matthew Knowles is known for smashing careers up, ask LaTavia and Letoya.

Via E Online:

“He tried to sign her halfway through production of Dreamgirls because he wanted to be her manager,” my source says, “but Jennifer turned him down. That’s when things really went south.”…I’m told that Daddy was so insulted by her refusal to sign with him that he demanded the movie be re-edited to lessen Hudson’s screen time and boost Beyoncé’s. He argued that his daughter was being shortchanged but was rebuffed by the studio and the filmmakers. In one meeting with director Bill Condon, I’m told, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina, went into a “tirade” about how he ruined the movie for her daughter. “It was supposed to be her Oscar role,” Tina hissed, according to a source…..

Hollyweird Turns Them Out

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What happened to the pretty girl Maia Campell from LL Cool J’s show In The House? I guess this blind item is not so blind anymore.

Not so “Sweet Lady”. You may also remembeer Maia from Poetic Justice, Moesha, Beverly Hills 90210, and Sister Sister. Maia’s mom was a famous author Bebe Moore who recently died of cancer.

Ciara at Armani Event

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Ciara celebrated clocking the #1 album in the country by looking kinda hot at the Guggenheim Museum’s ‘Young Collectors Council ’06 Artist’s Ball’ hosted by Armani in NYC last night. Damn, her calf muscle is kinda yoked. Her shoe game is on fire.

Jada and Mary also attended the event. Both looked good rockin their Black dresses, especially Mary.

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Doesn’t Want Her Kids

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Britney Spears non-stop partying and skankfest continued this week as she partied in her bra. Have to get your shopping on for the next party.

Hold up, didn’t MC Hammer lose all his dough after blowing up and losing his fan base. At the end of the day, Britney was never that talented in the first place. Don’t do too much shopping Britney, you don’t want to go back to where it all began.

K-Fraud spent time with his daughter Kori (with Shar Jackson) recently at Disneyland. I can see him now with his lawyers rubbing his hands together getting ready to get the two checks two kids.


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FILL IN THE BLANK: If the Fashion God was speaking to Fantasia on TRL yesterday about her fashion sense and style, he probably said______________________.

Got to give it to Tasia, she sure is “original”.

Usher Selling Crunk Juice

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Usher attended the opening of his new Atlanta wine bar The Grape yesterday. The new business owner is planning on expanding the wine bar franchise to different cities, including New York and Los Angeles, in the next year. Usher as business mogul? Well, Justin’s and 40/40 are the blueprint.

Zoe Kravitz is ‘JALOUSE’

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Lenny Krvaitz daughter apparently models when she is not drinking 40’s . She made the cover of French magazine ‘Jalouse’.

Is a Rock N Roll Zoe Kravitz destined to become the star and socialite that her mom failed to become? Spotted at Faded Youth.

Lil Wayne Shows He Can Play The Guitar: Leather So Soft

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SMH at the new tight jeans and chain, Rock N Roll steez Dipset and Lil Wayne are trying to pull off. Now he is playing with his toy guitar in videos. SMH. Spotted at Crunk and Disorderly.

Juelz Santana on WE FLY HIGH REMIX:

I’m takeing rocking roll to another level
iced out skull heads

Jhud Nominated for Golden Globe

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Jennifer Hudson was nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actress today. Beyonce got a nomination for best actress for musical or comedy (separate from Best Actress-General) and Eddie Murphy got a nod for best supporting actor. Reports surfaced last week that the studio behind Dreamgirls was lobbying for Beyonce to cop Best Actress awards despite Jhud’s star performance. Beyonce also copped a nomination for Best Song. The Golden Globe Awards are pretty much the “Pre-Oscars”. Will Smith and Forest Whitaker got nods for Best Actor. Click here for full list.


New York Daily News last week:

Jennifer Hudson’s fans are outraged that studio execs are putting their money on her “Dreamgirls” co-star Beyonce Knowles to win an Academy Award for Best Actress – while relegating Hudson to the Best Supporting Actress category. But we hear Hudson herself is grateful for the second billing.


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