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FILL IN THE BLANK: The time has come for Beyonce to ___________________

Pic spotted at Crunk and Disorderly.

Beyonce: Bitch, you know I wanted the Effie part and to get all the shine in this movie.

Mary J. Blige Ganks 8 Grammy Nominations

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Mary J. Blige just made a lot of folks mad by banging out 8 Grammy nominations today. Big props goes over to the Mary J. Blige camp-it’s good to see someone like Mary stay true to game and be rewarded for it. Mary just copped a Billboard Music Award for best R&B/Hip-Hop artist earlier this week. Time will tell whether this will be similar to when India Arie copped several Grammy nominations but was practically shut out.

T.I, Beyonce, Gnarls Barkley, and Justin Timberlake all ganked 4 nominations each.


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Cassie attended the Washington Wizards vs New York Knicks game last night with her blonde friend on the right.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Cassie’s mind looks to be elsewhere and she is probably sad because_____________________________.

Eddie Murphy is not ‘Suspect’ or Gay

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He just picks up male tranny’s in Santa Monica to help them out, puts out rainbow themed videos with Jacko, and likes to have a lot of kids for some reason. I had to take it back to ” Wazupwitu” since Eddie is getting back in the news. Who would of known that after this video came out, these two would be later accused of child molestation (Jacko) and being gay.

Eddie and Tracey leaving a midtown NYC hotel, pic ganked from Crunk and Disorderly

Eddie Murphy back in 1997 after picking up “Shalomar” in Santa Monica:

I love my wife and I’m not gay. I’m married with three children. I’m not going to be out there screwing hookers off the street or anything like that. I’m just being a nice guy… I was being a good Samaritan. It’s not the first hooker I’ve helped out. I’ve seen hookers on corners… and I’ll pull over… and they’ll go, ‘Oh you’re Eddie Murphy, oh my God,’ and I’ll empty my wallet out to help.”

Jennifer Hudson Blowing Up

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We are not talking about her weight. Jennifer is now popping up on magazine covers and it is very refreshing for some new talent to get some shine. Scan ganked from Straight Outta NYC. This cover doesn’t do Jennifer any justice, it has her looking like a weaved up chipmunk (with a nice rack). For more pics of Jhud and the cover article, click here.

Only Smiling for the Fellas: 25 Cent

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25 Cent cleaned up and attended MGM’s premiere of “Home of The Brave” last night which is about Desert Storm Veteran’s which 25 Cent stars in. Pictured with 25 Cent are Brian Presley, Sheryl Crow, and Victoria Rowell.

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Likely Will Lose Custody of Her Kids

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Via New York Post Page Six

BRITNEY Spears’ wild and crazy nights with new pals Paris Hilton and Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis have caught the eye not only of her concerned fans and the public – but also of the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services.

A source close to the singer said, “The department has been calling Britney trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [Spears’ baby sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]. The calls started after this recent bout of bizarre public behavior.”

Other than drinking and driving, driving with a toddler on her lap, having sex in the bathroom with Brandon Davis last week, bringing her trailer park children around her new BFF and role model- skanky Paris Hilton , and showing her cooch to the world frequently, Britney Spears may be a good mother worthy of keeping her kids.

Forget the iron clad pre-nup, if K-Fraud gets those kids, that is all he needs for some fat checks. More of Britney’s money may be going to Shar’s pockets as well if her and K-Fraud who spent Thanksgiving together rekindle their relationship.

Mr. and Ms. Fake Couple in NYC "Twinned Up"

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Kim Porter has been smiling a lot lately carrying around not one but two checks two kids from Diddy to add to their fam. Kim always has that “this is a good deal” look on her face while Diddy always sports that “not really feelin this” look or “not my top choice” look on his face. Nice PR move on Diddy’s part, he gets that I am a family man and I got a Black woman on my arm in one nice PR combo while still being able to play on the side with what he is really feelin.


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Overrated actress Eva Longoria who recently got engaged to basketball star Tony Parker is smiling while down on her knees because__________________?

What a Banger Looks Like: Rihanna

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Forget the forehead, panty malfunction’s, and the messed up weaves, Rihanna was looking “suddenly” bangin last night. Rihanna turned this dress out last night at the Billboard Awards after-party.

I guess there is some new “fresh talent” out there and it has nothing to do with singing. If Rihanna can keep looking like this, she will probably be around “longer” than her forehead. Although Rihanna beat out Mary J and Beyonce last night for the best R&B album award, she should of got something for looking the hottest. Well put together, if only she could be more consistent.

True or False: BJay to Wed for Real This Time???

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Via page six: December 5, 2006 — WILL Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles finally tie the knot during his “surprise” 37th birthday party next weekend? Knowles, Jay and some Def Jam executives were at STK on West 12th Street on Saturday talking about the four-day “party” – but insiders say it will be more than a birthday celebration. “Beyoncé is throwing Jay a four-day birthday party, but it’s really a wedding,” said one source. Guests, including family and close friends, were told to have passport applications filed by last Friday so they can attend the bash on a yacht in St. Barts. But insiders said the guests will also be ferried over to Anguilla for the wedding at Cap Juluca, a five-star resort with Moorish villas. Another spy said Knowles and Jay-Z had toured the site earlier this year and approved it for their nuptials. Reps for Knowles, Jay-Z and Cap Juluca didn’t return calls or e-mails. The rapper/mogul has dated the lovely Knowles, now bigger than ever with her star turn in “Dreamgirls,” for four years.

I know everyone has had it with these two but….do you think this information is TRUE or FALSE???

Who Looked More Bangin? Beyonce vs. Jennifer Hudson

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Stars were out in force last night in NYC for the premiere of Dreamgirls including Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. WE MUST ASK, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?

Sometimes pictures are worth 1000 words as the cliche goes. We don’t believe there is no friction between Beyonce and Jennifer, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

And sometimes 2000. The Dave Matthews Band sang it best: “THE SPACE BETWEEN US”.

Random Ridiculousness: Come on, Jay-Z: This Doll, Pardon Me, Figurine Thing is Getting Out of Hand

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Sen~or Camel man has got a doll coming out…

Damn, look at those lips….toy designer Eric So’s creation complete with Red Monkey jeans and S. Dot Reeboks

Let’s not forget the Biggie, Ghostface, and Public Enemy dolls that came out earlier this year…

I wonder who paid $500 dollars for that Ghostface doll, whoever did will probably purchase this ridiculousness (See Below)

This Handmade Boredomcity Trueben Figure costs $380 and wears the flyest gear known…WTF!!! Seriously, I would really like to know what ass clown is gonna buy this crap…at least the Ghostface doll comes with real jewelry.

Tracey Edmonds Confirms She is Dating Eddie Murphy

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Via People Magazine:

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, a film producer and the ex-wife of singer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, are dating, she tells PEOPLE exclusively. The couple have been seeing each other “for about a month and a half,” Edmonds said at the New York premiere of Dreamgirls, which she attended with Murphy on Monday. When asked if she was happy she smiled and said, “Yes, very happy. We’re having fun.”

“Having fun” pretty much means Eddie is soaking Tracey’s panties up. Tracey still looks kinda hot, especially for her age. Kinda shady how this news comes on the same day as the item below. Eddie and Tracey have met up a couple times at “very public” places such as the IVY in LA which has papparazi camped out pretty much all day.

Eddie Murphy Challenging Paternity with Scary Spice’s Unborn Baby

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Via TMZ:

Eddie Murphy revealed that he’s split with former Spice Girl Melanie B., and he’s questioning the paternity of her unborn child. Murphy was asked on a Dutch TV show this weekend if he was happy with the pregnant Melanie, to which he responded, “You’re being presumptuous, because we’re not together anymore. And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.” Okay then!

Wasn’t Eddie just saying he was madly in love with Scary Spice who is rumored to be bisexual? Oh well, those folks in Hollyweird are usually “funny” style. Scary may have some nice child support checks kickin in. Those beards in Hollyweird can cost some nice change nowadays, especially when they get cut off.


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