Rihanna Rockin a Kini

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Rihanna was recently rockin a kini back home in Barbados and looking good.

Hey, what’s going on here? Does it really smell that bad?

Tru Life Rides Against ‘Myspace Thugs'; Dipset Gets Owned

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Sources say Tru Life has Juelz Santana’s Dipset chain and will expose the chain snatching on a DVD coming out. Over the weekend, Tru Life had his myspace account hacked and is now calling Dipset “Myspace gangstas”. LMAO. On Tru Life’s new “Dipset is over” track, he essentially puts out the best diss song since “Ether” from Nas. Tru Life accuses Dipset of “dressing gay” and lying to the kids about their thug credentials.

Click here to listen to Tru Life’s sick Dipset diss “Dipset is Over” via Youtube

Click here to listen to a recent interview where Tru Life talks about his Myspace account being hacked and working with Jay-Z and Snoop on his album due out later this year.

Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty for Misdemeanor Assault

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Via TMZ:

TMZ has learned that supermodel Naomi Campbell has plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge that she threw a BlackBerry at her maid last March. Campbell’s lawyer was unsuccessful in November in cutting a deal with the District Attorney’s office last year. Naomi was arrested in March 2006 after Scolavino claimed she was the target of the supermodel’s flying BlackBerry over an allegedly stolen pair of jeans.

Naomi you know you were supposed to beat her ass for stealing your $200 jeans. Forget the coke rehab, Naomi probably needs some “mental help” for that “interruption”.

Jamie Foxx Makes His Move

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Come on Jamie, you know that’s Derek Jeter’s girl. Looks like he went in for a real kiss and got dissed. Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel attended one of the Golden Globe after-parties.

Jamie: You’re already getting banged by a brotha, WHY NOT?

Jessica Biel: Derek is not really all that Black


Hollyweird Couples at the Globes

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Forest Whitaker (w/wife Keisha) won Best Actor last night as we predicted . The genius director/actor owned Leonardo Dicaprio (who is a good actor). Dicaprio had two entries for the Best Actor Award but still got owned. Our Globe predictions were perfect with Jhud, Eddie Murphy, and Forest all winning out and Beyonce losing to Meryl Streep. Click here for more on the winners.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds and Joe Camel with Beyonce. While we are on the subject of predictions, these couples will be over by the end of the year. Tick, tick, tick….

Will and Jada both rocked Armani and looked good together as usual. Terrence Howard with his date. Looks like Terrence left the kufi and manpurse back at the crib.

The Black and White color coordination was pretty popular last night. Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen was nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series. Model Heidi Klum and Seal still looking good together. Gotta like this couple.

Kerry Washington at Golden Globe After-Party

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The beautiful Kerry Washington attended the In Style and Warner Bros. after-party last night. The dress is on fire, but the overly exposed forehead was not so hot last night.

You know Kerry had to get her touchy-feely on with the ladies .

Boris Kodjoe’s Fam in People Magazine

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Oh look, a Hollyweird couple that actually looks “healthy”, authentic, and family oriented. Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker are in the current issue of People Magazine with their baby #2, Nicolas Neruda. If it wasn’t for the nose, little Nic looks like Bill Maher could of been his Daddy. Scan ganked from Juicy-News.

"Chance" from ‘I Love New York" Pictured with Homo Thugs?

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Chance is pictured next to the weaved up dude. According to his his Myspace page, he is straight. Spotted at Smartenupnas. A lot of the “contestants” on New York’s show probably would of been a better fit on the FL2 show.

Jenny From ‘The Scientology’ Block

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Jennifer Lopez was spotted over the weekend with her Hollyweird scientology recruiter Leah Remini in LA. How do you think she made it to TOMKAT’s wedding? She and Marc are still paying their cult dues.

Jenny, needs to come back to “the block” before it’s too late. She is still bangin, Hollyweird scientology cult member or not.

Golden Globes Preview: Forest Whitaker vs. Leonardo Dicaprio

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Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) goes up against Leonardo Dicaprio (The Departed and Blood Diamond) for Best Performance by Actor tonight. Forest Whitaker shouldn’t have a problem winning tonight although Dicaprio has two entries for Best Performance by an Actor. Will Smith (In Pursuit of Happyness) is also in this category but is seen as a long shot.

Prediction: Forest Whitaker

Note: Forest Whitaker has already beaten out Dicaprio a couple times in recent weeks and we expect the trend to continue.

Beyonce (Dreamgirls) is up against Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada) for Best Actress.

Meryl Streep

We expect Eddie Murphy and Jhud to take home awards tonight for Best Supporting Actor and Actress (Dreamgirls).

If you missed The Last King of Scotland, the DVD comes out next month and should be scooped. Forest Whitaker actually becomes Ugandan leader Idi Amin and his performance is sick. You can also see Kerry Washington in the movie.

For more on the Golden Globe nominations tonight, click here.


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Beyonce was recently caught lying about her writing credentials for Listen and Irreplaceable. Not a big deal, a lot of artists don’t write their own material but most don’t get caught up with lying about it.

The video clip shows Beyonce during a Tokyo concert saying she wrote Irreplaceable “for all the strong women out there” and then goes to a recent Ne-Yo interview where he says he wrote all the lyrics. Hmmm, who do you believe? Sounds like disrespect to Ne-Yo and other talented writers when uncreative artists don’t give them their props.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Some people don’t like Beyonce because______________

Where was Beyonce?

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As we mentioned recently , a lot of people are sleeping on Forest Whitaker and he surprised many last night by beating out Leonardo Dicaprio for the Best Actor award (King of Scotland) at the 12th Annual Critics Choice Awards. Forest is now the Oscar frontrunner and is also up for a Golden Globe after winning last Sunday at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards in NYC. Jhud was the winner for Best Supporting Actress (Dreamgirls) and Eddie Murphy won for Best Supporting Actor (Dreamgirls).

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband producer Damon Thomas (left) and Harvey Mason Jr. were winners for Best Song for “Listen” from Dreamgirls. Where was Beyonce? She didn’t even come. As the Beyonce Stans would say, “we should all suport each other”. If you supported Jhud and the project in general, wouldn’t you come to support? SMH. With Listen being written by Damon and Harvey and Irreplaceable written by Ne-yo, some have called Beyonce’s artistry “suspect”. Oh yeah, it was us a long time ago.

Alicia Keys Explains Looking Like a Dyke

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Alicia Keys explains why she dressed like a tomboy during a recent interview. She says she found it hard adjusting to fame because people expected her to dress in a feminine way.

“When I first got into the business, people were saying, ‘Why are you such a tomboy?’ I was a tomboy because I thought I had to protect myself. As a young lady you have to be careful. I felt any time I called attention to myself, it would bring unwanted attention. I didn’t want attention like that so I shrank away from it. It was a while before I became comfortable as a young lady to be able to dress more feminine.”

Alicia Keys says he had to pack a knife in her hood on a regular basis and I could definitely see AK shanking someone up without hesitation. AK says in the interview:

“Protection was a big issue. You felt more comfortable with a knife. I felt if someone tried to touch you I would have something to surprise them.”


Nothing wrong or suspect with wanting to dress up like a dude. SMH.


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Quote of The Day: Condi Rice

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Condi Rice after being asked about her news channel preferences yesterday:

My Fox guys, I love every single one of them,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on an open microphone Thursday.



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