The Dreamgirl As We’ve Already Seen Her

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Beyonce snagged a Grammy to start the week and has also landed the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2007 cover. Doesn’t she look like a banger here? That is a Tina Knowles kini from the House of Dereon. How much overtime did the SI photoshop department have to work to get her to look like that?

Was it the ass, Knowles influence, general crazy popularity, or just the fact that Beyonce has become the go-to girl for suburban kids to beat off?

Big shout out to Rosie Demario for the scan.Click here for more pics.

Snoop Working on a 5Some in Australia

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Snoop Dogg took a break from filming a new music video for MTV today and stopped to take a look at some racks in Sydney Australia. Wonder if he got 3 or all four of them back to the hotel.

Halle Berry Likes to Get ‘Faded’

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Halle Berry was spotted yesterday getting a full case of Chablis wine in Cali.

She probably really liked that good buzz from last week. Nothing wrong with getting a little faded.

Quote of The Day: Barack Obama

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“We now have spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted.”

Barack is already messing up, he should know you can’t speak what you really believe and go mainstream. You have to be fake and politically correct, come on now. He has already apologized for the “wasted” comment.

He Didn’t Want to Marry Her

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According to the current issue of People Magazine, Kerry Washington and her “something new”, coked-out Russian KGB mafia looking boyfriend David Moscow have split. They were high school sweethearts and engaged for four years. Kerry’s career is taking off, his on the other hand…….

I am sure it won’t take long for Kerry to find another “edgy” lover.

Reggie Bush Scoring Touchdown’s in Ciara’s Goodies?

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According to Natasha over at YBF, there have been rumors swirling that Reggie Bush and Ciara have been messing around and the two were spotted chatting it up at the Clive Davis Grammy party. By the looks of things, something appears to be brewing between these two. Reggie Bush is said to have been rolling around with a Hummer full of blondes during Superbowl weekend in Miami.

Ghetto Mother of The Year Award

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And the GHETTO FUBU MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to: Britney Spears.

Via New York Daily News:

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, paparazzi caught Spears emerging from her limo with a jacket over her head, stains on her jeans – and a puddle of puke in the back seat after she spent the evening hanging out in Manhattan’s Club Tenjune. Spears was out on the town again late Sunday night, showing up at promoter Joey Morrissey’s weekly party at One, the Meatpacking District hot spot, with a couple of male friends. A source told the Daily News she drank shots from a bottle of tequila and ended up naked in the dancers’ dressing room, trying on their bikini costumes.”She was in high spirits,” says the source. “[Spears] arrived in a little red dress, but she admired the fishnet [stockings] the dancers were wearing. She went downstairs and tried them on, but didn’t like the way they looked with her dress.

An Anna Nicole-Smith in the making. Nice red dress.


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Ja Rule recently showed off his new look at a few Grammy parties Sunday night. Click on the pics to get a close-up of the new curl.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Ja Rule looks _______________________.

Jhud Can’t Come to My Grammy Party

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According to Ben Widdicombe at New York Daily News , Beyonce’s handlers (The Knowles Entertainment Mafia)didn’t want Jhud at a Grammy party hosted by People Magazine and Beyonce:

A source tells us Beyoncé’s handlers did not want Hudson’s name on the guest list for a party she threw with People magazine at Eleven in West Hollywood. “At a lot of events recently, it’s been all about Jennifer Hudson,” sniffs an insider. “Beyoncé is successful because she’s continually been out there. She doesn’t want to look like she’s slipping.”

You mean to tell me there is such thing as fake smiles and jealousy in the entertainment industry? You don’t say…….. Not that Holy and righteous Knowles family, they would never hate on anyone. SMH.

Jhud recently became the first Black singer to grace the cover of Vogue. Halle Berry and Oprah Winfrey have also made the Vogue cover. On the second pic (right), she looks like a style icon.

John Legend is Single

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John Legend with former girlfriend, Brazilian model Danielle Abreu. They recently broke up.

John Legend was asked if if he had a Valentine yesterday by Brian McKnight on the tv show EXTRA:

I am hosting a party in New York actually, there is probably going to be a lot of single people, I am single too, we are going to have a good time on Valentines day”

John Legend also mentioned he is in the studio working with Kanye West on his album.

Bobby and Whitney Probably Will Get Back Together

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You knew it was only a matter of time before Bobby and Whitney were spotted in public together. You know Whitney had to tell Bobby her album was on the way and the loot is about to come rollin back in. The couple was spotted with their daughter Bobbi Christina last night at Dan Tana’s in Beverly Hills.

Anna Nicole Smith: Sex For Legal Residency in Bahamas?

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Hey, if it works in Hollyweird, it should work for obtaining legal status in the Bahamas. Photos have surfaced of Anna Nicole Smith with the Bahamian immigration officer, Shane Gibson, the same guy who approved her application for permanent residency in the Bahamas.

In other news, the shady attorney Howard K. Stern is being interviewed by “one-time”. SMH, he probably got some good money for this interview.

In White Folks News: Hittin’ on the Wrong Guy

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Via New York Daily News:

So JC Chasez seemed very interested in meeting a particularly handsome young gentleman during Fashion Week. Of course, the poor bastard had to pick a guy who was friends with a gossip columnist. “[His publicist] was like, ‘JC is going to be at such and such a place later, and he’d love to hang out with you,’ ” sez the olive-skinned hunk, who declined to share his phone number. Chasez’s rep says he does not recall that conversation taking place. “And if it did, it would just be to hang out in a group, because he’s a cool guy, not like a setup,” he explained. Snickers bar, anyone?

Lance Bass, and now JC is hitting on male friends of the New York Daily News. Oops. Well, he was in a boy band.

Rumor Control: Did Jay-Z Dump Beyonce????

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Jay-Z has been noticeably absent from the last couple of events where Beyonce was to be honored. Although the couple attended the 2005 and 2006 Grammy’s together, Jay-Z missed this one and Beyonce was recently absent from the Jay-Z themed launch of the new Cherry Coke. Rumors are starting to pick up steam but we are on the sidelines on this one. It is a bad sign when someone pushing 40 like Joe Camel is not having any kids or talking marriage after six years. Her looks and weave are only going to go downhill from here. Come on, like Joe Camel was really interested in that intelligent girl with all that personality.

Someone Find The Old-Man a Girl

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Rusell Simmons is apparently still chasing around model Petra Nemcova (who is with singer James Blunt) and was recently spotted acting like he cares about her charity. Russell who met Kimora Lee-Simmons when she was only 16 was also spotted chillin during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with Cassie.

After watching Philippino model Miranda Kerr on the runway from the frontrow, the old man was recently heard boasting into his cell phone:

“I’m sure she saw me!”



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