Separated at Birth

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MSNBC’s Don Imus and Mask. Man, that’s a whole lot of fug, I was barely able to post this. Who has the bigger dome?

Image ganked from Celebslam.

Quote of The Day: Don Imus

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Don Imus talking on NBC’s Today Show this morning about his “nappy-headed hoes” comment:

That phrase originated in the black community. … I may be a white man, but I know that these young women and young black women all through that society are demeaned and degraded by their own black men and that they are called that name.”


We Made You Cool, Come Back to the Block Jenny

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Jenny’s new Spanish-language album has flopped, selling fewer than 50,000 copies. According to Star Magazine, one publicist put it this way:

“Jennifer’s album is a bomb!” “Marc probably pushed Jennifer to be less formulaic and to try to reach deep inside to find her true voice,” says a source. “But Jennifer’s hits have been very formulaic and overly produced dance numbers- songs like ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and Jenny from the Block.’ Marc’s album was designed to be deep- but no one wants that from Jennifer. They don’t want artistry, they want fun hits! I think Marc misfired.”

Nothing is working for Jenny, the only formula that worked was when she was down with the block and going to clubs witnessing gun shots. YT doesn’t want her, Spanish folks are not buying that sh*t, hmmmmm. You will notice the only time Jenny’s career was hot was when she was down with “the block”. It’s probably too late to come back, maybe she will retire and just be known as a hard worker who looked good and had some style. There is not much talent out there anyway.

Fill in The Blank: Usher

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Usher will join Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Diddy among others in the crowded fragrance market. He recently signed a deal with Liz Claiborne Cosmetics.

Fill in The Blank: If you could pick a name for Usher’s new fragrance to accurately reflect his steez, the fragrance would be called_________________.


T.I. Leaves Fans Waiting While He Eats @ PF Chang’s

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Duke University paid T.I. $70,000 to perform at their Cameron Indoor Stadium for one hour at their Cameron Rocks! concert on Saturday. The rapper ended his set 20 min early and was late because he was enjoying some cuisine @ PF Chang’s China Bistro. Because of this Duke University might be slapping him with a little lawsuit.

Damn, T.I., I know those lettuce wraps at PF Chang’s are awfully tasty, but don’t mess with the Cameron Crazies. They’re still bitter about the Blue Devils losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament this year…


Not So Blind Item

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Via New York Daily News:

Which buxom U.S. pop/R&B star was declined entry to a press-club room on a recent media tour of Japan until she covered up her famous assets with a less-revealing outfit?

Oh Gee, I wonder who that could be. I know, there is too much Beyonce on the page to start off the week, but we got a business to run.

Guess the Posterior Silhouette

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Who’s lovely figure is walking down the streets of New York??? This is probably an easy one…

Click Here for the answer.

Taryn Manning: John Singleton Hustled This Ho

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Taryn Manning, who played the prostitute, Nola, in the movie Hustle & Flow supposedly says to Stuff Magazine:

“The one thing that sucked was that our contracts weren’t really honored by John Singleton,” she said. “Everyone thinks I’m so loaded from Hustle & Flow, and it’s such a joke because the guy completely d**ked us over.”

I don’t know why, but this sounds a little fishy…is she the only one that didn’t get paid?? Why isn’t anyone else talking?

Do you think this is True or False???


MSNBC Suspends Imus Show for "Nappy Headed Hoes" Comment

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MSNBC just sent out an email to the media stating they are suspending the Don Imus morning show for two weeks starting April 16. I bet this old stringy-headed Ho is not laughing now. Oh well, he will probably end up in “racial rehab” and be back on the air.

Click here if you haven’t watched the video.


Quote of The Day: Diddy

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Diddy talking about hooking up his twins Jesse James and D’Lila Star with bling:

“You start buying the gifts like the earrings and the necklaces and the bracelets… I bought it for them for now. “They’re about to get their ears pierced, maybe, in, like, a couple of months – they have to at least be, like, a year. I wanna wait for their first birthday but I already bought the stuff. “They have little diamond necklaces, really cute things… You’d be amazed the things they have… I’m a real proud dad; you’ve gotta go looking for the stuff.”

Who do you think will be worse off, the boys or the girls? Justin is making the case for the boys in the lapdance picture.


Brandy Kicked Off TV Show

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Brandy was replaced as a judge for America’s Got Talent, a bootleg American Idol. Brandy’s replacement is Sharon Osbourne. SMH. It is unclear whether Brandy killing someone with her car had something to do with it. When will the downward spiral stop for Brandy??? Doesn’t she look a little “Interrupted”? Ok, maybe a lot.


What is Wrong With This Picture?????

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Coked up Kate Moss was spotted with Beth Ditto (on the right) Saturday. Something is not quite right with this picture, we can’t put our finger on it. Help us out.


Bossip reader Pretty Black says: “It’s missing two subway sandwiches and a crack pipe.”

Image Source

Bossip Certified Links

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Al Reynolds is a two-timer Celebslam

Nigeria’s Next Top Model Concrete Loop

BET’s Top 25 Dancers of All Time Cake and Ice Cream

Almost naked Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan on the cover of Rolling Stone Evil Beet

Fill in The Blank: Remy Ma

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Rema Ma attended a performance by Swizz Beatz last night in NYC.

Fill in The Blank: You would describe Remy Ma’s fashion sense as _________________________.

30 Something

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Pharrell, Diddy, and Jay-Z celebrated Pharrell’s 34th birthday at the Stanton Social in NYC last Thursday. They are drinking Joe Camel’s new brand of champagne, Ace of Spades.

Lil Camel rumors don’t look to be going away. He looks like “Lil Camel” to me, where the f*ck is Maury at? If he is Jay-Z’s, he needs to throw some D’s on him, he looks a little hungry. Hip-Hip Weekly scan ganked from Crunk and Disorderly


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