Jungle Freakin’ 2.0

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The recent video of Akon in Trinidad was removed by the user on Youtube, shortly after we posted it this week. It has popped up again.

Videos like this will have Akon be singing “Locked up” again, this time without Styles P, a mic, or his freedom. Rumors are that the girl is only 14.

Thanks to Celebslam for sending this in.

Chris Rock Asks Court to Determine Boy’s Paternity

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Via People Magazine:

Chris Rock asked a court to determine if he’s the father of a 13-year-old boy, according to papers filed in a paternity dispute with a Georgia woman.If he’s proven to be the father, Rock wants to “contribute to the support, maintenance, and education” of the boy, say the papers filed Monday in Statesboro, Ga.Bowyer’s lawyer, Brett Kimmel, says Bowyer is “looking forward to establishing that Mr. Rock is the father of their son and bringing the case to a swift conclusion,” according to the AP.

The attorney declined to describe the nature of his client’s relationship with Rock or say why she waited 13 years to seek a paternity claim.

This is not the first paternity issue Chris Rock has had, click here to read about Rocks private intestigator wiretapping a girl he used to date while separated from his wife. Click here for a picture of her. It is also rumored that Superhead left Rock’s name out her first book but he will be including it in her next “Bestseller”.


Bossip Certified Links

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Timbaland has put the Myoplex shakes down Crunk and Disorderly

Larry Birkhead has a secret gay lover Celebrity Smack

And you thought Mike Tyson couldn’t get any more desperate Celebslam

“Blood Diamond Russ” takes a break from blonds and blood diamonds to talk to Oprah Concrete Loop

Simon rolls his eyes About Virginia Tech Juicy News

David Chappelle breaks a record but is probably crazy Evil Beet

Are You Feelin’ These Get-Ups??

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Britney Spears is a consistent mess, but I’m surprised at Jessica…those high-waisted pants are not flattering her body at all!

Halle Berry’s Backs

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Halle recently thonged it up int this Black number at the airport with her bitch model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey. We hear Gabriel’s Aubrey’s upscale multi-million dollar restuarant that Halle helped him start (cash and publicity) is doing well. Bi*ches are always using someone to “come up”.

Images ganked from Hollywood Tuna.

Update: Des’ree Alleges Knowles Family Cover Up

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We posted a story about a new lawsuit brought against Beyonce and her people and more information is coming out.

Here is the update via TMZ:

In the lawsuit, Des’ree and her reps claim that Beyoncé, along with her record company people, originally tried to work out a deal to use the song. When they weren’t satisfied with the proposed terms — which included not being able to change the title or make a music video for the song — Beyoncé allegedly blew off copyright law completely, and recorded the song and video without permission. The song was eventually released on Beyoncé’s album, “B’Day – Deluxe Edition” on April 3, 2007, with the title “Still in Love (Kissing You).”

Des’ree is suing to halt distribution of the song, video and album and seeking at least $150,000 in damages.

Des’ree must really be down on her luck, she is only asking for 150K?


Damon Dash Sues Celebrity Accountant for Millions

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Damon Dash is sueing his accountant for botching his tax returns for 2000, 2001, and 2002. The celebrity accountant, Barry Klarberg, wrote a book where he said:

“It is possible for some entertainers and athletes to be living high on the hog one day and down with the hogs the next”

Mr Biggs, Wesley Snipes,and now Dash, why can’t anyone find a decent accountant?


America’s Next 40 Year-Old Model

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Jay-Z recently posed during a Rocawear photoshoot.

Forget the Rocawear, those throwback Jordan’s he is rockin’ are sick. Damn, he is clownin in those. I have to end this post early to put my order in.

Indian Customer Service Call Centers Still Keeping This Girl Alive?

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This is the first time I actually heard this guy girl talk or sing. Sanjaya is more horrible than I thought. SMH. The perm game and gimmicks are working for him. Doesn’t he sound like Jacko? “Soft” voice tone that is.

Beyonce Sued For Copyright Infringment

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One of the mainstream celebrity television shows who we will not name just sent this in:

The Royalty Network claims Beyonce Knowles dba B-Day Publishing, Columbia Recording Corp., Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI April Music violated copyright on the tune “I’m Kissing You,” by Timothy Atack and Desree Weeks, which the plaintiff administers on behalf of Westbury Music, in Manhattan Federal Court.

This “counterfeit music”-music industry needs to start promoting some real artists, the kind that play instruments, write their own sh*t, real creative, etc. This fair-skinned with a good wig and a good voice package deal is getting kinda played. You can’t really go at Beyonce or Rihanna, they are just part of the machine and trying to get paid.

All the real artists out there, start sending your stuff in and we will be showcasing any hot acts out there that are looking to be signed. We are 1 million unique visitors deep, on a monthly basis and growing. The anti-lacefront movement is growing!!!!!!!

Alicia Keys, we are missing you!

Bend Her Like a Pretzel

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Vagina & Penis Power, among many other interesting topics discussed in this clip of Alexyss Tyler from Atlanta Public Access TV, LMAO.

Who Looked More Bangin?

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Nicole Scherzinger, Naomi Campbell, and Model Adriana Lima @ Pussycat Dolls & Snoop Dogg Live to Benefit UNICEF and Sarah Ferguson Foundation last night in NYC.

We must ask…Who Looked More Bangin??

Quote of The Day: Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke during a recent interview:

“There’s still a lot of racism out there. As a black actress in Hollywood, my wife is dealing with racism all the time. And for me, being a white guy, it’s rare for people to not make that an issue. But I don’t really care. That’s just the outlook of so many people – they need to define what’s black and what’s white. I couldn’t care less about all that. I just wanna make greatmusic that brings people together.”

“You see Pink, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and Nelly Furtado on the TV, but a lot fewer black artists. I think that just shows how much racism still does exist….“People want to see emulations of themselves. Very often, white people will give greater support to artists who look like them and black people do the same…..“A lot of people still aren’t able or willing to open their hearts and minds to accept greatness from any avenue. They just want it to be palatable for their sensibilities and that’s a real shame.”


The Only Man in a House Full of Women

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Just wait until the adolescent years hit, Forest Whitaker’s gonna have his hands full with three girls. Hopefully they’ll grow up to be respectful non-drug using teenagers.

Keisha should have let her hair stylist touch up the babies hair as well, but other than that love to see the family support Forest and his new Star.

Does He Look 28 to You?

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Lauren London and her dimples were at Baron Davis’s (Golden State Warriors) 28th Birthday party this weekend, but wasn’t on this week’s episode of Entourage. She’s supposed to be playing Turtle’s girlfriend this season…

Oh and that Baron Davis looks older than some 28 to me, maybe it’s that Teddy Pendergrass facial hair.


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