The World Searches for Naomi Campbell 2.0

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The world’s top modeling agency has launched a search for the”next big thing” on the catwalk. They are even looking in the hood near Paris, France. Duh, go to the place where you found the hottest chick in the game:

It’s a great idea. It opens doors for people in the poorer areas,” said Donia, 18. “Beauty is hidden everywhere, even in the banlieues” , added Bérénice, 23.The type of beauty that the agency is looking for is a “different” or “unusual” beauty, from “ethnic and half-caste” girls. “We’re gearing ourselves for girls with a half-caste physique, and those of a similar build and look as Naomi Campbell.” … the end of the contest, half of those selected to go forward were of north African or African origin. M. Attia said: “In going to the suburbs, we’re giving these girls the chance to be recognised in a field where they could go far. That’s really something.”

The new Naomi not only has to match up to her banger status, but make sure she is interrupted and knows how to smack a b*tch up. Yeah, she is going to need that attitude.


Diddy’s Not So “Bad” Boy

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Biggie must be rolling over in his grave. Diddy hosted ‘Badboy Upfront” today in NYC. Your not so “Bad” Boy regulars were all there. Is it just us or is Badboy looking washed up these days.


Who does this negro Ryan Leslie think he is? He walks around like he broke Marvin Gaye’s or Janet Jackson’s career. Oh boy, can’t wait for the new Cassie album to drop. SMH.

Ludacris Doesn’t Want to “Shed Light” on T.I., Uses Ruler to Measure Himself

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Ludacris was interviewed by Playboy Magazine and didn’t help kill rumors of a long beef with fellow ATLien T.I. Luda and T.I. have been taken jabs at each other for a few years. Luda was asked about what he thinks about T.I. claiming to be ‘King of The South’ and Luda seems noticeably upset:

Do we really have to talk about this? I don’t want to shed light on other rappers in my interview.

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Who Looked More Bangable??

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The “team deal” Las Vegas Real Worlders Arissa and Irulan @ their Reunion Viewing Party VS. British singer Leona Lewis @ Simon Cowell’s “This Is Your Life” recently.

Sorry ladies, this one is for the fellas…we must ask WHO LOOKED MORE BANGABLE?


Fill in the Blank: Bobby Brown and Alicia

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The King of R&B was recently spotted with his girlfriend-manager Alicia Etheridge in the Hamptons over the weekend. Baller, The King of R&B is partying in the Hamptons after not being able to make child support-related bail a few months ago.

FILL IN THE BLANK: The King of R&B and his girl look _____________.

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Rihanna’s Bad Dad Gone Good

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In an upcoming issue of GIANT magazine Rihanna discusses growing up with a drug-addicted rock smoking father.

Via NY Daily News:

“I just knew that my mom and dad would always argue when there was a foil paper with an ashtray,” she says. “He would just go into the bathroom all the time. I didn’t know what it was. … [But] he knew that to get closer to [his kids], he had to cut that out. And he did.”

Damn, talk about discreet. Those crackheads have no shame, leaving foil in the ashtray and running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to indulge in a love affair with a little glass d*ck. Well, it’s great to see that he was strong enough to put the pipe down for his family. By the way, those are some hot a*s Nike’s Rihanna is rockin in the thumbnails.


Beyonce Wants Kids in 10 Years, Likes Natural Hair

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Beyonce was recently interviewed by France’s Questions de femmes magazine and was asked about kids:

“Yes, in 10 years! For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish.”

Asked what she likes to do when she is not working, she wasn’t so sure:

“I used to do some painting but I don’t have time anymore – I have to start again,” she says. “I like to watch the Discovery Channel and from time to time DVDs. It depends on how I feel.”

Asked whether she is high maintenance:

“I actually don’t like wearing make-up, I’d rather be natural,” she says. “My hair is natural and when I go out I don’t need to spend hours deciding what I will wear or which make-up to put on. I know exactly what I want.”

Huh, help me out with these answers, I am not following.


Reggie Bush Still Hittin’ Kim Kardashian

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Image via TMZ

For those that didn’t believe it or want it to be true, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian were spotted at Tao in Vegas over the weekend. We got a tip that they were all over Vegas together over the weekend but passed on it. Well, here is the proof via TMZ that Kim Kardashian gives good brains. Before this picture was published, one of our readers claiming to be Reggie’s friends sent this in:

I just read your post about Evan Lee Ross and Kim Kardashian

but Kim Kardashian was at the pool on Saturday at the Wynn Hotel in

Las Vegas with Reggie Bush and some other NFL players . I am close

friends with Reggie and his friends and I was personally there.I’m

suprised paparrazi didnt take any photos of them. They also went out

to Kanye West party at Tao that night. So just to let you know they

are still together.

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Rihanna to Show Her Crotch to 2 Billion People

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Rihanna is to set to perform at Live Earth, a 24-hour, 7 Continent live concert that will be broadcast to over 2 billion people. The concerts will be held in Japan, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and New York, which will host the finale concert. Rihanna is sure to bless them with some her “crotchy-licious” moves.

Rihanna was spotted leaving her Paris hotel yesterday with her own CD in hand. At least someone likes it.



Separated at Birth

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Christina Milian’s boyfriend Dre from the Miami production team of Cool and Dre and Bin Laden. Dre is the guy responsible for tanking her last album and getting her kicked off DefJam. I can just imagine what would happen if he rolled up to the airport rockin a turban. Is it just me or does Dre have a real big head?

Miami was the spot over Memorial Day Weekend with Diddy, Jeezy, Jim Jones, Christina Milian and Dre, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and slew of other folks all shutting down club Mansion. 305 Stand UP!


Images via Ozone Mag

Another Case of the Sweaty Crotch

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First Beyonce and now the GOAT. I’m sure some ladies will still love cool James even after visualizing him and his tarzan and jane wife beater just pissed my pants look.

Dwyane and Siohvaughn Wade’s New Addition

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Tuesday night Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and his wife Siohvaughn, gave birth to a baby boy. Zion, born at 8:45 pm was very healthy weighing in at 6 lbs, 11 oz. and 21 inches in length. Good thing the Heat didn’t go all the way this year in the play-offs, otherwise, D Wade might have missed out on this joyous occasion. Congratulations to him and his family.


Life is a Ball for Mya

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Mya recently attended Life Ball (Europe’s biggest AIDS/HIV charity) events looking a tad bit weary. Maybe it’s just me, but something is not quite right. She seems a little zoned out with that “I’m frightened because my album might never drop” look on her face in all these pics. At least she can be proud that she still looks good without make-up, that Heatherette dude in the first thumbnail has on more face-cake than she does and she still looks fresh.


Damon Dash is a Family Man

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“Former” Hip-Hop heavyweight Damon Dash was spotted Sunday taking a walk with his fashion designer wife Rachel Roy and daughter. What’s up with Rachel’s facial expression? This almost looks like like a nice and wholesome family.

What is Wrong With This Picture?????

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Louisiana rapper “Lil Boosie” was spotted partying in Miami over the weekend.



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