Which One Would You Hit??

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Both dressed in casual duds NFL free agent Dhani Jones and Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata attended the Entertainment Weekly Celebrates the EW 100: The Ultimate Must List Issue event was yesterday.

We must ask…Which One Would You Hit??


Fill in the Blank: Jesse Jackson

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10 cent and the Reverend Jesse Jackson were pictured together recently.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Jesse is cheesing so hard next to the millionaire and resident dildo holder because _____________________.

Image Source

Selita Would Rather Wed in a Courthouse

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Via People:

“I was never that girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I’m learning all about [weddings]. The whole something new, something blue. This is all new to me, so I’m all about the wedding planner! As you can tell by the ring, he’s all about the bling and having a big wedding. Me? I’m all about the courthouse.”

The two plan to wed in a year and a half to a year. Hopefully, Nick can help Selita get her acting career going, because once married, her fu*kin for tracks days will be over.

“He’ll leave little love notes on the refrigerator. He writes the most beautiful words. I fall in love every single time he does something like that.”

There it is…Nick’s trick for bagging all the flyest women in the industry…writing beautiful words, guys take notes.

Diddy: Cassie Has Been ‘Busy’ with Pharrell, Still on Badboy

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Diddy recently spoke to MTV about Cassie still being on the Badboy roster:

“Cassie’s definitely not dropped from Bad Boy…She’s in the studio [working on her next album]. So many people are excited to be working with her. … She was just in the studio with Kanye West. She’s going to be doing some stuff with Pharrell. People really understand that she does have some talent and it takes some time to mold it. Everybody’s not perfect. I think she had some rough shows, just being nervous. Sometimes people have to break out of that…”When you’re a label, you have to be with people through good times and bad times,” Diddy said. “But she’s out of that now. She went over to Europe with me and killed the MTV Europe Music Awards. She has her swagger on.”

Diddy is starting to sound more delusional than Kim Porter, Kanye and Pharrell don’t think she has a lot of talent, they are probably playing the fu*king for tracks game and just collecting a producer check. SMH.


Who Looked More Bangin? Amerie vs. Rihanna

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Amerie and Rihanna attended the Entertainment Weekly Celebrates the EW 100: The Ultimate Must List Issue event last night in NYC. We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?



Selita Ebanks, Janice Combs, Chanel Iman, Ice-T and Coco, Jade, Kate Deluna, Kat DeLuna, and Montel Williams and Tara Fowler were all spotted. D-lister’s were out in force last night. I hear DJ Khaled and Akon in my ear as the D-List anthem last night :”We taken over”.

D-List Love: Jade and Bobby

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ANTM’s Jade showed up at an event last night with Bobby Roache, a model from Beyonce’s Irreplaceable video.

Some young model love, they look good together.

Fill in The Blank: Beyonce

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Beyonce’s crimson lips sippin’ on a matching martini in a pool on a yacht in Portofino, Italy.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Since Beyonce always says she hates the taste of alcohol, you would describe this beverage she’s holding as ____________________________.


Quote of the Day: Isaiah Washington

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Isaiah Washington says they fired the wrong guy and is considering a lawsuit:

“I have to clear my name,” a determined Washington told the Houston Chronicle in a telephone interview from the set of his new movie, The Least of These. “I’ll start from the beginning. I’m telling everything. So here’s the truth.” Washington said Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley, stirred up the notion that the slur was targeted at him and created a negative work environment. Washington also alleged that Knight likely wanted a salary increase and a more substantive role for his character. Knight, who acknowledged that he was gay after the incident, told Ellen DeGeneres in January that Washington used the slur against him and that “everyone (on the set) heard it.”

“That’s a lie,” Washington said. “I used the word during a disagreement with Patrick. I apologized for that. We shook hands and went back to work.”

He said he is considering a lawsuit. “My livelihood, my honor and dignity and my name have been so challenged.”Washington said his firing was a big disappointment. “I was not fired for making homophobic slurs,” he said. “I did everything I said I would do. I offered to go to counseling, to do a public service announcement. I wanted everyone to know I was remorseful.”


Dude-Where is My Stylist: NBA Edition

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The ever flamboyant Dennis Rodman and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade were at DJ Irie’s Birthday last night wearing some interesting get-ups. I expect this from Dennis Rodman, but come on D Wade. Well, at least he’s not wearing slit bell-bottom inserts in his jeans like “The Worm”. SMH


Pharrell Probably Hit Last Night

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Pharrell and Cassie were spotted getting cozy last night in NYC. Last year, Cassie said if anyone in the music industry could get it, it would be Pharrell.

Is this a new case of fu*king for tracks developing????

The Salad Tosser

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10 Cent who told Howard Stern he had his salad tossed and liked it, was spotted smiling for a change during a radio show interview. All of a sudden he doesn’t look so hard.


Dildos and big fist get the love from 10 Cent, Oprah and new quality African schools do not.

Images ganked from the homie over at Smartenupnas

Who Looked More Bangin’??? Tina Knowles vs. Janice Combs

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Tina Knowles and Janice Combs attended the Lorraine Schwartz ‘Monkey Collection’ launch event in NYC last night. Janice Comb’s wig game is improving a “bit”.


More images from that event right about now… Continue »

D-List Love: Carlton’s New Swirl

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Fresh from divorce his first wife “Robin”, Alfonso Ribeiro was recently spotted with his new girl. Does Carlton’s face look a little “swollen”?


We hear Carlton has a new blonde every night. Is he doing the Carlton dance for them, that probably is the deal closer.

Image via Buzz Foto

Scene on The Scene: The Employed and Unemployed

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Rising star Joy Bryant attended the Kova &T Cocktail Party Tuesday in Hollyweird. Unemployed Blu Cantrell is still showing her face at various events in Hollyweird. She was spotted at a LG Mobile Phones event yesterday.

Question of the Day:

Besides the Hit ‘Em Up Style song and the occasional celebrity dyking, what exactly does Blu Cantrell do?

Bossip Certified Links

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