Do Blood Diamond Russ & Al Sharpton Need to Shut Their Pie-Holes???

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Russell Simmons, Al Sharpton, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) president Ingrid Newkirk sent letters to all of Michael Vick’s endorsers after he was indicted stating the following on dog-fighting:

“The recent media spotlight on dog-fighting reminds us of society’s callous disregard for the suffering of animals and disrespect for sentient beings,” the trio wrote. “We hope that Mr. Vick is not a product of this insensitivity that runs through our society. . . . It does us little good to prosecute just those who are famous and allow people across the country to continue to commit these hideous crimes. Simmons, Sharpton and Newkirk “are hopeful that authorities will take the appropriate action against anyone found guilty of an atrocity as serious as dogfighting. Today, we sound a clarion call to all people: Stand up for what is right, and speak out against what is wrong,” the trio urged in the joint letter. “Dogfighting is unacceptable. Hurting animals for human pleasure or gain is despicable. Cruelty is just plain wrong.”

Although the acts in which Vick is being indicted are indeed inhumane (includes fatally hanging, drowning, and slamming dogs who perform poorly), do you feel that it was Russell Simmons’ and Al Sharpton’s place to bring this to the attention of Michael Vick’s sponsors? PETA, yes, but Blood Diamond Russ and Permed up Al need to fall back.



Bossip Certified Links

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Salma Hayek’s baby is in serious trouble Lossip

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Deelishis Rocks Her Favorite Dress

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Deelishis was spotted at an event in DC yesterday rockin’ her favorite dress. Actually it looks like her nice ass alone was rockin’ the dress’.

Not only does it look like the FL2 money has dried up, Busta’s money must have never reached her purse.


Deelishes rocked her favorite dress at a BET event this year.

1 Cent Calls Lil Wayne a Whore, Rides Against Oprah ‘Again’

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During an interview with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97, 1 cent continues his jihad against Oprah, calls Lil Wayne a whore for getting on everyone’s track, and says Kanye should push his album back because it drops on his release date. According to 1 Cent, she has been acting like an ‘older whitewoman’ for so long on her show, she now is one.

Someone get this fool a dildo or Eminem so he can be put a smile on his face and STFU.

Here is the audio of the interview:

Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Fill in The Blank: Rihanna

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Rihanna who has been surviving on lemon water and pineapple slices recently was spotted getting back to her diet game in NYC yesterday. She has been packing on a few pounds since getting thin before her album dropped.

Fill in The Blank: Rihanna is looking at her fruit meal like this because_____________________.


Who Looked More Bangin???

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The new face of Rocawear Ladies and Screamfest member, Ciara, hit up 106 & Park yesterday rocking a skipper-esque “RW” dress.  The effortless, but a tad too thin beauty Thandie Newton made an appearance at the Grazia O2 X Awards in London.



The 2007 Weave Awards

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Actress Gabrielle Union was voted “Best Weave in Hollyweird” in some hair magazine. I don’t know if I can agree with that one, but I know who I would nominate for worst weave…

Styleaholic and fashion writer Najwa Moses’ hair looks like 10 of Beyonce’s big blonde weaves rolled into a ball and bobby-pinned on the top of her head.  She was at the celebration for the “Black Girls Rule” edition of Trace magazine last night.  Damn, that’s a lot of hair.

 More pics from that event:


Mya’s Legs Look Thick as Hell

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I don’t know if it’s the Silver Surfer space age tights or what, but Mya thighs look like she’s been putting in work, for real. Either she’s been fu*kin for tracks full time or she’s got an unlimited Champ burger card from Checkers. She recently performed at the WNBA All Star Game. Cute girl, too bad she still doesn’t know when her album is gonna drop.


Who Looked More Bangin??? 30’s the New 20 Edition

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A very pregnant with twins and glowing Garcelle Beauvais and funny girl Tracey Ellis Ross attended the grand re-opening of Decadestwo in LA yesterday.



Al Sharpton and Jay-Z Receive Southern Hospitality

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Al Sharpton and Jay-Z got a taste of Memphis when they attended the opening of Justin Timberlake’s new restaurant Southern Hospitality. Maybe it’s just me, but Al Sharpton would be the last person I would even think of seeing here. Maybe he’s got a sweet spot for down home cooking…who knows? I’m just glad to see he’s somewhere shoving his face and not out running his mouth.

Random Ridiculousness: Suge Still Hurting People, Janet’s K-Fraud

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Suge Knight is back hurting people. He recently attended a party in L.A. hosted by Lebron James and ended up biting the finger of actor Kevin Connolly who plays on HBO’s “Entourage”.

“Kevin and Suge were wrestling and Suge literally bit Kevin’s finger,” says a witness. “He was bleeding everywhere.””Kevin didn’t seem too upset,” says the spy, “although he must have been in tons of pain.”

Damn right Kevin didn’t seem upset. He probably thought he was going to go back to his Hollyweird friends and brag he wrestled Suge but that plan didn’t work out well. Suge ended his night with a lap dance from Paris Hilton.

Sounds like there was too much blood and herpes at that party.

Via New York Daily News


This is what Janet Jackson’s K-Fraud, Rene Elizondo, looks like now. SMH.


“Poor Rene. Talk about what happens to a man when the checks stop”.

The Projects Next Top Model

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Khia (My Neck, My Back) recently took some modeling shots and this is an example of when modeling goes wrong. Poor thang. When the rap career falls back, this must be what is paying the bills.


Kanye West Gets Back at Beanie Sigel for ‘Come Out The Closet’ Diss

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Kanye West got back at Beanie Sigel yesterday about comments made on Kanye and Pharrell’s fashion sense and both of them looking gay.

Beanie said back in May that Kanye and Pharrell should just ‘come out the closet’. Click here to listen to Kanye’s response.

How would you describe Beanie Mack’s fashion sense? ‘Headed to the pen again’ sounds pretty good.

Oprah Co-Signs Obama

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Oprah is holding the celebrity political party of the year with a $2300 a plate fundraiser at her California mansion:

“There will be a reception and a concert with a very special guest,” said Parker’s e-mail to her “list” of friends. To get in on the party, the maximum $2,300-per-individual contribution for the primary is being asked. Special VIP access will be given to people who raise $25,000 (they will be called co-hosts), with top bundlers of $50,000 or more to be listed as “hosts” of the event.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are expected to attend the party.

Don’t expect 5 Cent who has repeatedly dissed Oprah to be there, he will probably be somewhere swingin’ on Eminem’s sack.


Mr. Kimora Lee Does Calvin Klein

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Oscar-nominee, Djimon Hounsou strips down to his skivvies for the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign called Steel.

That body is on fire!  These photos remind me of that old Janet Jackson video “Love Will Never Do” with him and Antonio Sabato, Jr.  and that video like 17 years old.  Mmmm, he must’ve hit the gym hard for this one.




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