Quote of the Day: Melanie Brown

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Scary Spice on new boyfriend, Stephen Belafonte:

“He’s the love of my life and I’m going to marry him. Stephen’s been a godsend. Eddie hasn’t been in touch once since I had the baby, it’s unbelievable. But Stephen has been a tower of strength. Stephen’s got a much bigger c**k as well!”

She put that deadbeat Eddie on blast, small peter and all.


Tameka Foster is Runnin’ Thangs

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After firing his mother-manager Jonetta Patton (poor thang) and a couple of assistants, Usher is not done ridin’ for his old woman. Now, he wants to kill his own #1 fan site, usherforever.com. Tameka Usher had a lawyer send the fan site ‘shut down’ papers already for not saying nice things about Tameka.

The kids on the fan site don’t even like Tameka and know something is up. SMH.

Career Opportunities: Don Imus is Looking for a Sidekick

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Page Six is reporting that Don Imus, who was fired from MSNBC for calling the Rutgers’ Girls Basketball team rough-looking “nappy headed hoes”, will be back on the air in September with a broadcast radio show.

It also says that Imus has been going to black comedy clubs to recruit a black sidekick to keep him in line in case things get “racially charged”. What’s really comedy is the image of Don Imus looking high and low, scouring black comedy clubs searching for talent for his new show. Lmao.

I nominate Katts Williams, (Don Imus might be paying more than MTV’s Wild ‘N Out)…now that sounds like a talk radio show that would worth listening.

Not So Blind Item

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A Blind Item via the New York Post:

WHICH too-good-to-be-real Hollywood leading man and his hard-bodied wife deserve Oscars for their portrayal of a perfect marriage? They both have secret lives with members of the same sex.

Jada to Essence Magazine back in 1998:

“Will makes love like a woman. He loves to touch and massage and feel”

Oh gee, we wonder who this could be. On another note, we hear there is a little trouble with Will and Jada’s marriage right now.

Click here for one of our more famous ‘not so blind items’.



Seen on the Scene: Ciara and T-Boz

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Ciara and a weary-eyed Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins attended the launch party for producer Polow Da Don’s new record label Monday night in Atlanta.   Damn that T-Boz, it seems like she’s been rocking that same hairstyle since the early 90’s.


Blair Underwood is a Novelist

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An “easy on the eyes” Blair Underwood signs books for fans in NYC yesterday.  Underwood’s current novel, Casanegra: A Tennyson Hardwick Story, was co-written by himself, Tananarive Due, and Steven Barnes and is said to be an “Exquisite Page-Turning Romp!”

Wow, there’s nothing like a man with beauty, brawn, and brains.   That scruffy beard looks just adds to his sexiness.  I might actually go cop that book.


5 Cent Explains Why Nas is Not Hot Anymore

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5 Cent talking about whether the true legend, Nasir Jones, is smart in the new issue of XXL:

You have different kinds of people. You have people that are extremely book smart that lack common sense so they don’t know what’s going to affect their audience. They have more information than me based on reading. For instance, Nas is a really smart guy. He reads books constantly. We were around him on the Nastradamus tour. He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book. Conceptually, I think that’s what made him drift away from what his initial audience enjoys from him and why he’s not hot right now.

5 Cent makes time during the interview to di*k ride Eminem:

On a higher level, Em for me is like next to my grandmother. He did things for me when I couldn’t do them myself. I needed him at that point and he actually came through for me.

5 Cent doesn’t even qualify to light Nas’ blunt for him. If 5 Cent thinks he is still hot, why does he keep pushing his album back? That garbage and lack of creativity is not selling this time around. That predictable ‘hoes, money, and shoot everyone up’ formula is not working for 5 cent anymore, no one is buying what he is selling, literally.


Who Isn’t Smokin’ Rocks?

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Ok, we are not that accurate today, Amy Winehouse is rumored to prefer ‘ski-blacky’ or Black Tar, AKA heroin. She was recently spotted getting her bee-hive game together in London. You wouldn’t even know she has a record deal by looking at her steez. She probably smoked that advance money up last year and is buying rocks on credit.

Here she is recently in London. Who knows what may fall out that hive: rocks, a needle, condoms, roaches, a Transformer, Gary Coleman.

Got Rocks??? David Chappelle Was in Hospital for ‘Exhaustion’

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TMZ is reporting Dave Chappelle was treated in a hospital over the weekend for ‘exhaustion’. Who really believes that? He needs to seriously lay off the rocks.

I don’t know what type of sticky green can nuke a career and send someone spiraling out of control every year. If you do, let us know, we may want to test it.

Bossip Certified Links

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BET’s controversial ‘Hot Ghetto Mess’ show is getting some free publicity Celebitchy

Terrence Howard and Marc Anthony’s Ex, Dayanara Torres rides against Jennifer Lopez Lossip

Kim Kardassian makes a splash in a Kini Flisted

Celebslam talks to Lindsday Lohan about someone hacking her computer Celebslam

Eva Longoria and Tony P. don’t talk or look at each other I’m Not Obsessed

A new D-list celebrity wants to sacrifice his health for fame, volunteers for the Paris Hilton Valtrex train The Blemish

Does Dennis Rodman know that’s a tranny? Evil Beet

D-List Love: Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin Separated?

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Gossip Tranny Wendy Williams is behind a rumor that Tisha Campbell and her husband of 10 years, actor Duane Martin, have separated and are headed for divorce. They have a son named Xen. They were like the D-List Will and Jada with the longevity, 10 years in Hollyweird is pretty good.

Random Ridiculousness

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Keyshia Cole kicks it with Paris Hilton???


She was spotted ditching her shoes and hitting the beach in Malibu, CA as a guest at Paris Hilton’s beachparty…

Image via Buzz Foto

In related news, Page Six is reporting that Suge Knight was spotted blocking off the restrooms at the Sky Bar (L.A.’s Mondrian Hotel)  so drunkgirl Paris Hilton could be alone with her intoxication.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time Sugar Bear has defended inebriated white girls. Click here to watch a video of him calling Britney Spears his ‘homegirl” and big-upping Paris.

TimberFake’s New Cook Shack


Justin Timberlake is opening a restaurant in NYC called “Southern Hospitality” next week.  For some reason I am not at all interested in dining on any “low-country” or “down home cookin” from this cat.


Are You Feelin’ This Get-Up???

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Kelis was performing recently in London wearing a short version of your Grandma’s church suit, red fingernails, pink lipstick, and purple eyeshadow.   Mrs. Jones is known for unique personal style and “occasionally” rocking a semi-ridiculous frock .  Her legs look hot though…


Baby Raised His ‘Son’ Like a Model Father

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Here is the cover of the new issue of XXL. Those are a lot of tatts right there, an example of ‘Tattin Like My Daddy’ going too far.

Cover via C&D

In White Folks News: Got Rocks????????

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Britney Spears’ wig game is in need of some improvement. The poor thang was spotted in Hollyweird recently buying a new dog. She started her Whitney Houston downward spiral process pretty early in her career. It’s like she wants to head back to the trailer park, one day at a time. She will get there.



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