Rihanna Wants to be The ‘Black Madonna’

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Rihanna in the new issue of Paper Magazine:

“The other stuff I did was easy breezy–a lot of [it] I felt was stuff that any artist could have done. This one only a certain artist can do. . . . I want to be the black Madonna.”

This probably comes from Joe Camel who listens to a lot of Madonna and is a big fan. ‘Justify My Thug’. I don’t think people are buying that Black Madonna steez, she may want to kill that now. Unless she is going to try to get busy with Mya, snort some coke, and do some wild stuff, no one is falling for this ‘Black Madonna’ marketing gimmick. Getting a couple of tattoos and saying you’re ‘bad’ is not going to cut it. ‘You need more people’


Jesus Take The Wheel

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After some bored fans were disappointed with a recent Lauryn Hill performance, they booed her. The picture shows what Lauryn Hill had to say about that in Switzerland. Damn, she is really looking like she is smoking rocks or that cheating boyfriend is really putting her through some sh*t. SMH.

A few weeks ago, fans reported Lauryn Hill looked cracked out on stage. More pics and a special rocked out treat after the jump.

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Ms. Kelly is in “Good Condition” After Collapsing On-Stage

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Kelly Rowland is said to be okay after collapsing on stage from dehydration. Out promoting her Sophomore solo album Ms. Kelly, she was performing at the ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos, Nigeria when she took the fall.  

Alright Kelly, it’s time to stock up on water, Gatorade, or whatever else you need to prevent this from happening again.  It’s gonna take everything you got to blow up your solo careeer, and taking time-off recovering from dehydration will not be accepted.


Suspect In MIA: The Worm’s Pubes and Tyson Gives The Shirt Off His Back

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Yuck-ball Dennis Rodman just made me loose my breakfast dancing topless with his wet crotch and taco meat pubic and pit hair in Miami at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. He really needs to sit down somewhere and let “Jesus Take the Wheel”.  Where are his underwear, and what is that white stuff on his neck??  SMH.


Meanwhile, Tyson Beckford is the epitome of charity literally, giving the shirt off his back to another man.  Promotion for “Charity Water” or no promotion, he just looks fruity as hell in these pics…

Which One Would You Hit????

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Laz Alonzo attended the LA premiere of his new movie Captivity last week and John Legend was in Lagos, Nigeria for the ThisDay Music Festival.

We must ask, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU HIT????

Kerry Washington vs. Bossip????

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We missed a little something in the July issue of Essence Magazine. Kerry Washington responded to some of our coverage of her ex-boyfriend David Moscow. Here is part of the article from Essence Magazine:

Although the relationship was interracial (one African-American blog dismissively described him as her “Something New”), the split had nothing to do with race. “I have relatives who are from Nepal, Thailand, Puerto Rico,” says Washington. “So it wasn’t a huge departure for me to be with someone who wasn’t Black. I know people were making comments about it online. But I don’t live my life based on bloggers; I live my life based on what my heart is telling me to do.”


“My White Knight, you have saved me from all these trifling nig*as”

We never said anything ‘dismissively’ about her relationship. SMH. ‘Something New’, yeah that’s us but all we said is he wasn’t that into her and we showed a little bit of evidence. Now if only she could have told Essence why they really broke up. Older comments didn’t make it over to our new blog but you can read some of the comments Kerry was probably talking about, here and here.

Fill in The Blank: T.I. and Tiny

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T.I. and his ride or die girl Tiny were spotted in Miami last night clubbin’ at a Playboy party. Did Tiny lose the baby due to ‘clubbin’?

FILL IN THE BLANK: This couple probably_________________.


Danity Kane is a Mess

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The beef within Danity Kane continues to spiral out of control. Diddy is too busy chasing ass and some more child support checks to get the group under control. Although things are messy, D. Woods and Aubrey have denied they are leaving the group.

Aubrey seems like the smart one, she has been hanging around with Kim Kardashian trying to learn some D-list game and is probably fu*kin for tracks. Aubrey is also rumored to be joining the Pussycat Dolls. Smart move because DK is going to end up like Dream.

Rumor Control: Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Apple to Form ‘Super Record Company’?

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Joe Camel and Beyonce are kicking DefJam and Columbia Records to the curb according to one tech industry source. Apple snagged the power couple to create a “super record label” that has more of a digital focus:

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Steve Jobs: How’s that for a power trio? An inside industry source recently told MOLI that it’s a done deal: Pop’s top couple will move to Apple to run a new music division. It sounds rather incredible: Carter’s already got a pretty good job, running Def Jam, and Jobs may be too smart to get into the tanking recording business (as others have said).

Of course, if it is true, my guess is this would be a new, revamped record biz, one based on digital distribution, not boring old physical products. It certainly speaks volumes about the state of the culture industry, if two artists who have been served well by the current way of doing business are willing to jump ship. Spokespeople for Apple, Shawn Carter, and Def Jam (Mr. Carter’s label) did not return requests for comments. The move would of course follow Paul McCartney’s move from a traditional label, Capitol, to one run by another entity, Starbucks Music. Starbucks started signing artists after establishing a successful retail model through their Hear Music outlets and compilations. Apple has made a similar achievement with iTunes, to say the least. Apple is definitely poaching at least one smart guy from a label: Capitol publicist Jason Roth starts at the technology company July 2. He says he knows nothing about the aforementioned rumors.

If this rumor is true, this would be a smart move by Joe Camel and Beyonce. Apple is on top of their game and has a lot of bank while the major record labels are still back in the Biz Markie and Pebbles days. As Joe Camel spit on the Hustlin’ remix, I’m in the air, I can’t hear your corny raps.


Ford Has Stepped Its Game Up With All-New SYNC: Say The Word

ford sync imagery

Ford is definitely on the come up, announcing the advancement of the intelligence of its in-car voice activation system SYNC. SYNC is an easy-to-use in-car connectivity system, standard on Lincoln models* and available on select Ford and Mercury models. SYNC allows you to operate most popular MP3 players, Bluetooth®-enabled phones and USB drives with simple voice commands.

Check out Ford SYNC’s dope features including hands-free calling and audible text messages on the flipside…. Continue »

Quote of The Day: Remy Ma

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Three years ago, Remy Ma talked about her gangsta:

At the end of the day, I’m a girl,” she said. “It’s not like I roll up and shoot up everybody.”

New York Daily News talked to friends of Remy Ma:

Friends of the rapper and the victim were surprised by the gunplay, saying the women were close. They chatted by phone before going to the Meatpacking District, even consulting on outfits, pals said.

Remy Ma’s lawyer is denying she dumped on anyone. Initial reports have the victim ganking 2K from Remy’s purse and Remy coming back dumping.

Cick here for updated coverage of the shooting. Click here for our ‘There’s Something About Remy: Attempted Murder’ from yesterday with a picture of the victim.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 16: Diddy Parties with Blonde at ‘All White Party’

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Diddy was spotted Friday night at his annual ‘All White Party’ in Baltimore with a mystery blonde who he was kickin it with all night. Via People Magazine:

Diddy headed down to Baltimore, Md., to host the “All White Diddy Affair” at Gardel’s Supper Club on Friday night, where he had a constant companion by his side: an unidentified blonde, a partygoer tells PEOPLE.”They were friendly,” says the onlooker.

According to eyewitnesses, Diddy kept a cozy position by the blonde, who wore a sparkly silver minidress and stilettos, on the black leather sofas of the club’s VIP areas much of the time between sipping on $500-a-bottle Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Orange label champagne (“It was a special request from Diddy,” says the club staffer who served him) and chatting up admirers. Dressed in white from head-to-toe and signature dark sunglasses, Diddy arrived at the club just after midnight Saturday in one of three black Hummers. He shook a few hands and doled out a hug or two to fans, before he and the rest of his entourage made a beeline to the club’s second floor VIP area. “He [Diddy] came in first and then security brought in the two girls (one of whom was the blonde) up to the VIP area on the second floor,” says an observer. “They arrived with him. They came out from the same Hummer that I saw Diddy come out earlier.”

“He seemed happy, very pleasant, and very carefree,” says another partygoer. “He was dancing. And so was the girl with the blonde hair – she was dancing [in front of him]. She was enjoying herself too.” Next, Diddy headed to the less-crowded and even more exclusive VIP area on the club’s fourth floor, where he again settled in beside the blonde.

By 2 a.m. Diddy, the blonde and the rest of his entourage rolled out.

Diddy will probably be out looking for another child support check or lawsuit again tonight.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 15: Kim Porter May Break World Child Support Record

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This is not a joke, Kim Porter may break the world child support record and is expected to come up 100K a month:

SEAN Combs’ split with his long-suffering ex-girlfriend, Kim Porter, could cost him $1.2 million a year.

Combs agreed to pay one of his baby mamas, Misa Hylton-Brim, $30,000 a month in child support for their son, Justin. But Porter, who stuck with the hip-hop impresario/lothario on and off for 10 years, has three children with him: Christian, 10, and 7-month-old twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James.

“With Misa Hylton-Brim receiving approximately $30,000 a month, there is no reason that Ms. Porter shouldn’t be able to get close to $100,000 or more per month in child support,” celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told Page Six. “That amount accounts for Porter having three children with Combs and inflation in the years since Misa received the ruling in her case.” Close friends of Combs also claim that Combs’ wallet is under even more pressure, because he had no pre- or post-nuptial agreement with Porter, who packed her bags two weeks ago and bought a house for herself and her children in Beverly Hills – with Combs’ money, of course.

Kim is really a ‘professional child support collector’. We really think she should write the book that we suggested on how to break a celebrity’s pockets if he does what he has always done, be a player. George Bush makes 400K a year as President, a ‘professional’ child support collector is where the paper is at. Kim Porter’s child support game is sick, even if it’s by accident.


Rihanna’s Legs Are Worth $1 Million

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Rihanna was honored this year with the “Legs of Goddess” award and now we hear her legs are insured by Gillette for $1 million.

We bet Rihanna’s DefJam contract is fu*ked up. In the article that discusses her new insurance policy, Joe Camel signed her to DefJam just like this:

“You are not leaving this building until you sign the deal,” Jay insisted. And, like a good girl, Rihanna signed.

That sounds like some business intimidation for a little girl. He probably said a little something extra like ‘you are not leaving the building with your little bangin’ self until I get some brains in the conference room.

To see more of the $1 million dollar legs, hit up Complex Magazine.

D-List Love: How Long Until Mike Tyson Beats Her Ass???

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After admitting to being on rocks and going to rehab, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson seems to be doing pretty well. He was spotted at the ESPY Awards and at the Urth Cafe in Hollyweird with his new girlfriend last week. He probably met her in rehab.

We have a feeling we will find out her name in a police report pretty soon.


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