There’s Something About Remy: Attemped Murder

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Remy Ma was arrested for never hiring a stylist dumpin’ on another woman outside a club:

Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma was arrested Saturday on charges of attempted murder in a shooting outside a trendy Manhattan nightspot, police said. The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Remy Smith, had been sought for questioning in the shooting of a 23-year-old woman early Saturday after a verbal dispute near a bar in the Meatpacking District. She reported to police Saturday evening and was also arrested on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. The rapper’s manager said Saturday that she could not talk and referred calls to Remy Ma’s attorney, who was with the rapper as she reported to police. Continue »

Reggie Bush: America’s Most Eligible Bachelor

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Our homies over at Extra TV had a chance to interview Reggie Bush on their profile of America’s Most Eligible Bachelor segment. He talks about being “just friends” with Kim Kardashian and says she is a “great person”. He also says a girl must have good feet and know how to cook to be on his team.

Is it time to “Taye” Reggie just yet?

Click here to watch the video interview.

Much Better, Even with The Bare Feet

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Fantasia performed on Good Morning America today and we must say, our girl is doing much better, even with the bare feet. It’s time for some soul to be put back in the mix. Who cares if she acts like she is 2 weeks from moving out the jects and drinking grape Kool-Aid, she is doing her thang.


Which One Would You Hit????

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LeBron James, Common, and Dwyane Wade attended the ESPY awards the other night.  They were all looking quite handsome stepping out in their “Good Clothes”.



Former Mayor Caught Ridin’ Dirty

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If you don’t know who Sharpe-motherfu*kin James is, don’t worry about it. He is just one of the most colorful politicians on the east coast. Well, old man Sharpe was just indicted on federal fraud charges:

A federal grand jury indicted former Newark Mayor Sharpe James Thursday on corruption charges. James, 71, was charged with using city-issued credit cards to spend extravagantly on himself, eight women and others during vacations and trips to locations such as Puerto Rico, Martha’s Vineyard, the Dominican Republic, and Rio de Janeiro, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie and state Attorney General Anne Milgram announced. In the 33-count indictment, James is also charged with fraud for allegedly facilitating and approving the cut-rate sales of city-owned land to Tamika Riley, one of his female companions.

Riley allegedly collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the land sales and is also charged with fraud, authorities said. James was expected to turn himself in to the FBI and appear with Riley in federal court Thursday afternoon.

You know you can’t trust a man who comes to city hall with a suspect box of signatures, a straw hat, a tank top, some locs (dark glasses), and then rides a bike inside the building.

New Jersey Stand UP!


Bossip Certified Links

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Lil Kim celebrates birthday with Ray-J, Brandy is not driving Straight Outta NYC

Penelope Cruz in Paris without Diddy Lossip

Celebslam does the Espy’s with Lebron James and Mike Tyson Celebslam

Kim Kardashian’s breasts make an appearance in Miami Flisted

Brad and Angelina have a $220 million prenup? I’m Not Obsessed

Britney Spears has a new K-Fraud, her bodyguard The Blemish

The Beckhams come to America Celebitchy

Quote of Day: Usher

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Usher wants to set the record straight about his old woman controlling him and his career:

“It has already been announced that I plan to marry this year. However, since my wedding day will be special to Tameka and I, this is information that we would like to keep private. It’s disturbing that the media and bloggers (under the guise as ‘fans’) continuously speculate on the personal aspects of my life, therefore making assumptions and wrong insinuations that my fans are subject to believe.

“I am happy, excited, completely clear and independent on my direction, feelings, decisions and I am NOT BEING LED. Some media and bloggers have been totally intrusive, they have misconstrued aspects of my personal life and, because of this, my ‘true’ fans are not sure about what is fact and what is fiction. There is a difference in stating an opinion versus drawing a conclusion that is incorrect.

“As previously reported, I have NEVER threatened or harassed anyone from any media format – print, radio, television or Internet media. At this point the best thing to say to my fans is just because it sounds enticing and it MAY sound ‘true,’ that does not make it truth. I understand the fact that I must sacrifice some anonymity for the career I love, however some things are personal like having a child or a marriage. These aspects are not for the public and, to me, are sacred. I would hope my privacy in these areas would be respected.”

The old woman probably told him to put this out. Come on, he doesn’t expect us to believe the “face cream junkie” is running things with Tameka. Ms. Patton who was fired by Tameka this year knows what’s up.


Ice-T and Coco in Kini

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We don’t know when these pictures were taken but Ice-T was apparently showing off his surgical investment at the beach. That Coco just looks like Ice-T scooped her up from a trailer park and bought her a body.

The Worst Video This Year

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This is some garbage from Tony Parker who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. This has to be the worst video of the year. SMH at the fake “B.G.” with the braids. It may be the wackest video of the year, but it takes the top spot for the funniest.

Thanks Ash

Christina Milian Finds a Job

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Christina Milian will appear in some ABC Family telefilm entitled “Snowglobe,” which begins production at month’s end. Things can’t be going that well appearing in a ‘telefilm’ with that title. We don’t care about her finding some work, we just needed an excuse to post the banger. On her ‘off day’, she is fly, zits and all. She was spotted outside Hollyweird hotspot Hyde this week.

That nerdy Nick Cannon has soaked up some decent panties in his short career.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 14: Diddy’s New Bachelor Yacht

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Diddy was on Letterman this week talking up his summer Yacht parked near St. Tropez. It was a ‘bachelor yacht’ before the recent split with Kim Porter because reports have him trying to get actress Sienna Miller on this yacht last month.

Is Pharrell Hittin’ This?

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Pharrell is hittin’ UK D-List singer Alesha Dixon according to the London press:

IT’S been a tough eight months for Alesha Dixon, who divorced MC Harvey after he cheated with pop flop Javine. But now someone has put the smile back on her face again – Pharrell Williams. Alesha, 29, went on two dates with the hip hop star when he was in London for the Concert For Diana. Although he flew back to the States last week, he is paying for her to visit him on Friday.

We hear: “Alesha’s over the moon. It’s the first time we’ve seen her happy in ages. Pharrell will spoil her rotten, he’ll even let her drive his £700,000 Bugatti.” The two do have a history – of sorts. In 2005 Pharrell saw Alesha on the cover of FHM and picked her for his She Likes To Move vid.

Diddy and Pharrell reportedly got into a small beef over Penelope Cruz before a Prince concert. Of course, Diddy won and left the event with her.

Is Pharrell and Alesha a case of fu*kin for tracks?


Thanks Keyshawn.


D-List Love: Got Rocks????

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The King of R&B has some fans in New Zealand. Of course, the scheduled concert for Sunday was canceled due to poor ticket sales. At least his new manager/girlfriend has the King of R&B working. She has to get paid. The smoked out-looking couple were recently spotted at Hollyweird hotspot Teddy’s.


Alicia Etheridge looks like she may need to put the pipe down too. Poor thang. Source

Image via Buzz Foto

Rumor Control: Eve Ordering Prostitutes in Miami???

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According to former Hollyweird publicist Jonathan Jaxson, Eve was spotted ordering more than some chinese food with a sweet fortune cookie at the Setai hotel in Miami.

Singer/Actress Eve was a guest at the Setai hotel in South Beach. It is Miami’s hottest new celebrity hot spot. Currently singer Sting and his wife are in house making outrageous demands. Lets get back to Eve. One evening while being a guest in the hotel, Eve had ordered a female prostitute to her room. After several hours, the prostitute finally departed.

We don’t know who the fu*k this ‘Jonathan Jaxson’ is but Hollyweird does have a record of “turning them out”. This is not really news because Eve is on video getting down with a girl, this is before she blew up.

Eve is pictured with one of her best friends, celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson. ‘Sam’ is currently “getting down” with Lindsay Lohan.

Guess Who Just Hit Us Up???

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Our Editor just got off the phone with Kim Kardashian who is in Miami for Fashion Week and she doesn’t like her coverage on Bossip. Her reps hit us up a couple days ago and set up the call. Kim Kardashian says she reads our site all the time and isn’t a ho.

“I don’t like to be misrepresented…I was married and then went out with Ray-J and Nick Cannon and that’s it…dating Evan Ross would be like dating my little brother…Me and Tyson (Tyson Beckford) know each from my stepdad and have always been just friends”.

“You won’t believe how many celebrities read Bossip, you guys are so funny, me and my friend Claudia (Claudia Jordan) read it all the time.”

Get ready for an exclusive interview with the Kim K when she gets back to LA. We think Kim Porter is a fan too.


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