No Cents Sued For ‘Magic Stick’

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50 Cent and Lil Kim are the target of a multi-million dollar lawsuit for not sending checks to the producer of the ‘Magic Stick':

“It was one of the hottest tracks on that album, and I didn’t collect my royalties,” Evans told the Associated Press. According to 50 Cent’s lawyer Theodore Sedlmayr, the issue is an accounting issue, because Evans used a sample in “Magic Stick.”

Before Kim’s plastic surgery, this producer probably may have accepted a Fu*kin for tracks arrangement.


Who Looked More Bangin? Vanessa Williams vs. Selita Eubanks

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Vanessa Williams and Selita Eubanks attended the EW pre-Emmy event last night in Hollyweird last night.


Fill in The Blank: Seal

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Seal and his wife Heidi Klum were spotted blacked-up at the EW 5th Annual Emmy event.

FILL IN THE BLANK: After being cheated on by her boyfriend, Heidi Klum rebounded with Seal because____________.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 32-The Baby Mama and Jump-Off Wars

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It’s Kim Porter B*tch! The Baby Mama war is on and Kim and Sarah are playing it out in the press. In the new issue of Essence Magazine, the high-self esteem and very intelligent Kim Porter says:

It’s one thing when you don’t know (the man in the relationship); then you get a pass. But if you know and you’re still doing wrong, then that’s a problem. I’m not going to befriend, or even deal with someone who would go there”

Now it’s time for Kim to ride on Sarah, she says she won’t let Diddy’s kids go near Sarah’s daughter, their own blood sister:

Christian’s got two beautiful sisters. He ain’t thinking about the other one. , trust me when I tell you. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that”

Someone tell this broad she has a lot to do with it. We can hear Kim Porter on the phone ridin’ on Sara’s voicemail now, “who is getting more checks b*tch”?


Essence scans via Gheto Fabu

Wanda Gets His Star

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Jamie Foxx was awarded a star on the Hollyweird Walk of Fame yesterday. Congrats to Jamie who is already Oscar-ed up.

Wanda sure has come a long way.

Aretha Franklin: I’m Not Checkin’ For Jhud, I Want Halle Berry to Play Me

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The old and bangin’ Aretha Franklin recently spoke with People Magazine about her weight problems. During the interview, she said although Jhud read for a part to play her in movie based on her life, she has an interest in getting Halle Berry to play her.

While Halle’s belly is swollen, it may be time to start shooting the movie. At least the parts towards the end.

Who should play Aretha? Jhud, Tasia, or Halle Berry? King Latifah should probably be reading the script.

Coupled-Up: Nas and Chris Webber BFF Edition

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Nas and Chris Webber, who have been kickin’ it strong the last few years, celebrated Nas’ birthday with Kelis and Erika Dates in Vegas. Somewhere out there, we have a feelin’ Tyra and Carmen are a little jealous.

They all clean-up nice and look good together.


No Cents Turn to Be a Crybaby: If Ye’ Gets Jay-Z, Let Me Bring Eminem

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No Cents is saying he may not do a BET show again because they didn’t tell him that Ye’ was going to bring out Jay-Z to perform on 106th and Park:

50 says he felt “upstaged” by West’s TV collaboration with Jay-Z, stating he could have countered the duet if he been informed about it ahead of time. Angry 50 says, “Every time I do a show, the plans change. Now, either I’m going to know exactly what I’m doing on the show or I’m not going to go. “If I knew I could’ve brought a special guest, I would’ve brought Eminem.”

No one is checkin’ for Eminem right now, he can’t save you from getting owned. Ciara, TimberFAKE, nothing is working. Poor thang.

As Bossip exclusively reported, industry execs expect Ye’ to have the biggest first week album sales since Ye’s Late Registration in 2005. We are talking 900K- Platinum in a week.


The Juice: I Didn’t Do It, Fo’ Real This Time

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They are after OJ again and he is denying he ganked anything from a hotel room:

O.J. Simpson is denying that he broke into a casino hotel room in Las Vegas.

He tells The Associated Press that he went to the room to get memorabilia that belonged to him, but he says he didn’t break in. Simpson says he was conducting a sting operation to collect his belongings when he was escorted into the room at the Palace Station casino. Investigators questioned the former football star and named him as a suspect in what was described as a break-in involving sports memorabilia.

Damn, they’re after The Juice again. OJ was probably just trying to get his sh*t back.


Praise Him!

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Erykah Badu performed at the Heineken Red Star Soul Concert Series in Chicago yesterday. Eryka needs to stop it. Was she late for bible study? I’m all for re-inventing yourself but damn! She’s giving Lauryn Hill a run for her money in the crazy “Got Rocks look” race. Tyrone please come home and get your girl…


Bossip Certified Links

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Christina Aguilera Premieres Her Baby Bump Hollyscoop

J.Lo Needs To Go On Maternity Leave After This L Lossip

Guess the Herpes Lips Flisted

Jessica Simpson Wants To Be Artificially Inseminated With Stylist’s Sperm The Blemish

Prince Is An Evil Elf Dlisted

No Cent and Queen B Hit With A Lawsuit Sick Hop

Kid Rock And Tommy Lee’s Million Dollar Boxing Match Celebslam

American Idol Wants To Save Britney I’m Not Obsessed

Kelly and Beyonce Reunite For Housing Project Cele|bitchy

D-List Love: Don’t Scare The Baby

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Flav was spotted getting his fam on in Hawaii recently. We thought he was smokin’ up his VH1 money but he is looking sober and about his business, in a Flav way that is. What’s up with Flav’s napped-up rows?


Images ganked from Crunk and Disorderly

She Gets It From Her Mama

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Zoe Kravitz spotted looking like a sleep walker at a Prada Party in New York earlier this week. In a past interview she addresses the pictures of her drinking a 40 that circulated the internet and comments made on her parents parenting skills:

“I was 17 in those pictures, and I’m sorry but find me a 17-year-old who has not had some beer!”

The media’s thirst to uncover the wild child in today’s young celebrities had everyone commenting on her parents’ lack of parenting skills. “That’s what made me the most upset,” she says. “I’m together. I’m not an alcoholic, I go to school, I’m not a crazy kid, and I don’t do hard drugs. My dad wasn’t mad, but he was like you can’t put your sh*t out like that.”

More pics of Zoe at the Premiere of “Brave Ones”:


She cleans up nicely…

Amy Winehouse Got Some New Shoes

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Amy Winehouse was spotted copping herself some Wet ‘N’ Wild nailpolish in a London drugstore recently.   Decisions, decisions, what color goes best with the beehive, heroin tracks, and dusty ballet slippers??  My bad, she’s not rockin the dirtball ballet slips in this one.  Let’s hope those god-awful things don’t resurface soon, they look like they smell of corn chips, cat piss, and cow dung.

Image Source

Which One Would You Hit? Breast Men Edition

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Both Tyson Beckford and Johnny Gill were out recently showing off their man-cleavage.

If you had to hit one these bare-chested characters, Which One??


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