Where is Kim Porter? Part 26- Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

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Diddy’s kids, including ‘Lil Al B. Sure’ (Quincy),Christian, and Justin, came out to the annual ‘White Party’ held on his estate in the Hamptons last yesterday. Justin Combs was spotted earlier this year freakin a woman at a club. Lil Kim, Andre Harrell, Al and Star Reynolds, Mariah Carey, and other celebs attended the party.

Diddy to Justin: “Put those damn books down and come check out this bangin broad over here”

Justin to Diddy: “Daddy, which girl are you going to hit tonight?”


Rihanna Talks Tierra Marie and Tattoos In Peach Magazine

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Rihanna graces the cover of the new issue of Atlanta Peach Magazine. In one of her most interesting interviews to date she discloses details about her life, including her relationship with her father, the firing of her marketing person, and playing second fiddle to Tierra Marie.

On Her Relationship With Her Father

“I am actually embarassed by that. I don’t like speaking about it because I am not proud of it. But it is something that helped make me who I am today. Now people know that I am not perfect and that I had real conflicts. My dad is not pleased, because he is embarassed. We still have not sat and had a conversation about it.”

On Firing Her Marketing Person

“I felt like my girlie image was boring and contrived and generic. I was so restricted. I could not wear red lipstick. If I did I would get cursed out by my marketing person. I did a big performance on an awards show and I won some awards and [was happy] , but as soon as I got off the plane, I got the nastiest email from her about [my looks]. I then realized she was not treating me like a human being so I cut her off.

On Becoming a Superstar After Playing Second Fiddle To Tierra Marie

That [was] a funny situation, but I always remained humble. I was just the little Caribbean girl. You have to be good to people. I could very easily say it’s all karma…God has favor on me and has blessed me, and I cannot even thank Him enough.


More of the interview right about now Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Serena Williams

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Serena Williams response to being one of the worst-conditioned athletes and over-weight:

“I have a large arse and it always just looks like I’m bigger than the rest of the girls, but I have been the same weight for I don’t know how long. If I lost 20 pounds, I’m still going to have these knockers, forgive me, and I’m still going to have this arse. It’s just the way it is.”

Serena is right! That’s a whole lotta junk she’s carrying back there. Those knockers could feed a school of African babies. I haven’t missed a tennis match since her arse she stepped on the scene. Go Serena!


Coupled-Up: Where Was Jonetta???????

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Usher and Tameka Foster held a formal marriage ceremony over the weekend at the luxurious Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, a 16th-century-style French chateau set on 3,500 acres of rolling hills outside Atlanta. Of course, the lady Tameka claims she is on good terms with, Jonetta Patton, did not come support her son’s wedding to Tameka.

TV host Byron Allen got married to producer Jennifer Lucas on Saturday. The couple who met in 2001 told People about the wedding:

“He’s my best friend,” says Lucas. “He makes me laugh and he’s the smartest man I’ve ever met. We can’t wait to have a family.”

Adds Allen: “She’s magnificent and I’m very lucky.”

Bossip visitor ‘captain backslap':

Byron Allen makes Wayne Brady look like Malcolm X…..

Chris Brown Freaks a Dime

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Chris Brown was spotted freakin’ this healthy girl at his concert in NYC.

Someone should tell him he can crack his spinal cord trying to show off what he can do on stage. We get it, your lil ass takes steroids and you now are practicing magic. He probably made Lil Bow Wow jump out her cankle last night.

Is that 3 corns on her little toe?

Image via TMZ

The Many Faces of Mr. Baby Wipes

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Here is Mr. Baby Wipes and ‘I am only part Black’ Terrence Howard at an event in Spain over the weekend. He should start doing more comedy, he effortlessly pulls it off.


See more faces of Mr. Baby Wipes right about now Continue »

Solange’s Missing Myspace Fans

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Solange has been writing entries on her Myspace blog and seems to be talking to a lot of people that care about what she has to say. The problem is, we can’t find any fans who comment or respond to her long messages. Here is recent blog entry, this is EXACTLY how it appears on her blog entry:

IM stunt’n like my daddy! Balln like my momma!

Current mood: silly

Say what u want but @ the end of the day were blesssssseeed!!!!!

Healthy and Rythmitic:)! (theres another R word up in there but I try to stay humble (lmao) HAPPY AS HELL!

Happy B-DAY CO and TY!

Friends,,,plssss keep emailing me the endless support of others. I reallly care…no really i do!… I find time in between spa days, presentations and play dates. :)

I acknowledge everyone who has an opinion is beautiful, super succesfull, perfectly stylish, never has a bad hair day, perfectly fit, always sais the right things and is in the right places at the right time at all times…..(i want to be perfect just like you) riiiiiggggghhht!

Hahahahaha! I feel like having at good laugh right now. Its not even relevant!

Im not the diplomatic prim and proper one....(i tryyyy!)

Now everyone get your panties out a bunch and go on cnn.com

Find out why the weather all across the world is buggn!

Go and get a piece of cake….a wonderfull book i just read that will change your life.

Someone help us out, what the f*ck did she just say? Was she faded or on something when she wrote this????

Where is Kim Porter? Part 25-Diddy’s ‘White Party’ is Tonight

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If you care or just bored…….A grip of celebs are being flown in to Diddy’s annual ‘White Party’ in the Hamptons. Tonights expected guests include Mariah Carey, Christie Brinkley, Eve, Diddy’s East End neighbor Donna Karan, Ryan Seacrest, Chris “Mr. Big” Noth, Kelly Rowland, Lil’ Kim, Lorraine Bracco, and Star Jones Reynold. According to press reports:

V1 Jets is offering charter plane service for Diddy’s famous friends to the party, which is being sponsored by Ciroc vodka. DJ Cassidy and Doug E. Fresh will DJ. And guests can expect Polynesian dancers, fire-eaters, and even the live jazz band to be wear ing white.

Maybe Kim Porter will show up, she wasn’t allowed to come last year. A White Party pass for Kim Porter is probably enough to keep her and some more stacks in his pockets.

If you care or you’re just bored on a Sunday, pictures of last year’s party in St. Tropez right about now. Continue »

Is Beyonce’s Cousin Hittin’ Kelly Rowland???/

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Kelly Rowland was spotted with music executive Omar Grant last week at the U.S. Open in NYC. She was there to support her BFF Serena Williams. Here is something we snagged from a Myspace page:

*The Determined 24-year-old, Omar comes to EMI from Music World Entertainment, where he was employed as an A&R/Talent Scout, working with producers and songwriters. Prior to that, he was Road Manager for Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles, and Kelly Rowland working on world tours and promotional events. *Omar is a graduate of Adelphi University and holds a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing.

If she can’t get with her idol Beyonce, may as well snag her cousin.

kellyrowland2.JPG kellyrowlandnewman3.JPGkellyrowlandnewman2.jpg


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