Kanye West Ft. Trick Daddy: I Can’t Say No

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Here is a new cut from Kanye West with Trick Daddy, “I Can’t Say No”. It’s quite reminiscent songs of College Drop Out with the sped up chipmunk hook and talking about jobs, taxes, interest rates, etc. You can make your own decision whether the song is hot or not, but you definitely got to give it to Ye’ for his creativity and articulation that the hip hop industry lacks these days.

Some Things Never Change

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Da Brat kicked it at Lisa Raye’s 40th birthday party D-list event looking exactly the same way she looked back in the early nineties when she first came out. Damn, she has not evolved one bit, ponytails, bandanas, baggy clothes, glazey eyes. Nothing.


More pics from that event:


More blast from the past pics right about now… Continue »

Women Extort Money From This???

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TMZ reported yesterday that Dennis “the Worm” Rodman was in trouble with the law again for sexual battery. He is being accused of smacking the rear-end of a bartender so hard that it left a mark.

A rep for the Worm responded:

“That is just another woman trying to extort money out of Dennis, and I am sure the situation will work itself out in Dennis’ favor.”

Who really cares about the bartender and her ass, we just wanted a valid reason to post that pic Dennis Rodman. That dude looks like he is on rocks/E/meth/etc. for real.

Jeezy Pulls the Publicity Card

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Young Jeezy’s views on the comments Keyshia Cole made recently in an interview in Essence Magazine:

Aww man, ya know, I guess it’s publicity season everybody trying to sell records. Can’t knock her for that but I ain’t really tripping because that don’t pertain to me. She can’t obviously be talking about me. It’s publicity season, everybody’s doing what they do, so I guess that’s what that is.

Click here for a reminder of what Keyshia said in the interview. It’s obvious to us that she was talking about him. So now Jeezy’s claiming she’s fu*kin for publicity. The Snowman knows he was heartbroken when she shut him down on the marriage proposal. Poor thang.


Quote of the Day: Rachel Smith

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Miss USA Rachel Smith drops some gems on future career plans and how she celebrated when she won the Miss USA title:

I always wanted to be a reporter — maybe some TV. Who knows? Some serious news. I just don’t want to end up like Katie Couric. I want people to take me seriously.”

“I was wearing, like, a hot pink Rocawear sweatsuit and paraded around my room at the Waldorf, just dancing with my crown!”

This broad sounds dumb as hell. Bragging that you were dancing around your hotel room in a hot pink Rocawear sweatsuit and making statements like this will most likely qualify you as non-serious status. This is who is “representing” the ladies of our country, Katie Couric is the last person she needs to be taking jabs at. SMH.


Exclusive: Reggie Bush is Still Hittin’ Kim Kardashian

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Sources exclusively tell Bossip that Kim Kardashian regularly flies out to see Reggie Bush and he is still hittin’.

Here is a picture of Kim Kardashian at a Saints vs. Colts game on September 6 with Reggie’s homies.

During an interview with Bossip, Kim denied she was a ho.

Fu*k Exercise, Just Starve Yourself

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What do lazy rappers and producers do to stay on point, take steroids. What do singers like Ashanti do, start leaning on the master cleanse diet:

R+B star ASHANTI lost eight pounds (3.6 kilograms) this summer (07) on the Master Cleanser diet. The pretty singer felt she needed to shape up for a run of promotional appearances for new film Resident Evil: Extinction and new album Declaration and so she spent a week eating nothing. She explains, “I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days. “When I got really hungry, I ate fruit. I lost eight pounds and kept it off.”


Robin Quivers put this diet on blast back in 2004.

Ja Rule Ft. Ashley Joi

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Here is Ja Rule’s new video ‘Body’ featuring Ashley Joi. Click here to listen to our exclusive interview with Ja.

Popular Scholar: Jena 6 Nooses Were Just a ‘Prank’

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Popular conservative scholar John McWhorter, who has been blasted by Afrocentric scholars for his views, says the white kids who hung the nooses that led to the Jena 6 case were just involved in a prank:

The nooses, though, were a prank. Mean, but a prank. Humor and mischief are all about pushing the envelope

Here is a little something our staff found on John McWhorter:

Unlike many of his peers, McWhorter had no interest in sports as a child, preferring to stay in the house reading, playing the piano or listening to his Spanish language records. His tendency to be a loner is the thing that he believes allowed him to avoid the cultural abyss that he argues consumes so many black students.

“My parents were rather socially insular people who conveyed, without ever being explicit about it, that ‘we’ were not like ‘them,’ ” McWhorter says. “It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time with other black kids. But I was inculcated subtly with a sense that ‘You do not do what they do.’ “

McWhorter blasted Black students in his book Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America..

Maybe if they hanged his ass, that would be a prank too.

Vick 2.0

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One-time (police) found bite marks on DMX’s buried dogs according to recent reports. One of X’s dogs was burned so badly, an exam was inconclusive. Last month, one-time seized 12 pit bulls, weapons, and a quarter ounce of weed from X’s crib.

Jail, traffic tickets, rocks, and now possible pit bull fighting. We hope X can get his sh*t together. ‘The Man’ doesn’t play when you’re messin’ with his ‘best friend’.


Jesus Take The Wheel

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The Oscar De La Hoya tranny controversy is not over. The stripper is coming out swinging and putting him on blast:

Speaking exclusively to the News of the World, topless dancer Milana Dravnel says the cross-dressing six-times world champion begged to be DOMINATED and has a FETISH for fishnets. She also reveals that Oscar, nicknamed the Golden Boy, insisted she called him GOLDIE during his bizarre bouts as a girlie. And he even posed in a TUTU.

Lifting the lid on their time together, Russian-born Milana purrs: “He loved to dress up in lingerie. He would strip down naked in front of me and try on outfits. He asked me to bring him clothes he could wear and loved the fishnet tights and wigs. “Once he borrowed my glitzy full length sash dress and pranced around the room singing in a woman’s voice, saying: ‘Ooooh, look at me’.

“But it was all about domination. He would say to me, ‘Please, put me down on my knees and pull my hair’. And he liked to be called Goldie—not Golden Boy. That’s what he told me.”

SMH at ‘Goldie’. Hit up News of The World to read her story.

When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Dipset’s Mr. ‘Show It Off’, Hell Rell, was was arrested over the weekend for ganking items at a local Blockbuster in Ohio. It is rumored that after he was caught stealing, one-time found some weed on him.

That’s a real thugged-out charge, stealing Skittles from Blockbuster. SMH.

Click here to watch Hell Rell brag about his stacks in ‘Show It Off’.

For The Stans: Your Weekend Beyonce Crack

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Here is a little something for the stans. Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted yesterday walking in Soho.

We know you stans can’t go a weekend without your Beyonce crack.


Diddy’s Side-Deal

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You have to give Cassie at least a B- for trying. What would you do if someone threw you deep into the ocean without knowing how to swim or doggy paddle. Here are some recent fashion shots of Diddy’s side-deal.

She is droppin’ her second album this year, we expect her to be working hard on getting some good tracks.


Who is Checkin’ For Bossip? 50 Cent vs. Ye’

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Now that the fake-ass publicity beef is over, the real question who is is leaning on Bossip more, No Cents or Ye’. One of 50 Cents people contacted us last week:

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am a big fan of Bossip. I work with 50 Cent, and I put him onto bossip.com. He’s really “into” what people say about him (lol) so for the last month hes been checking out your site. He was on Hot 97 recently and slipped by saying Bossip.

When you listen to the audio of the Hot 97 interview, notice how No Cents tries to be slick and act like he is not leaning on our site. A recent Kanye West Bossip mention on the Wendy Williams show is also on the clip.

Go to Hot 97 to listen to the entire No Cents interview, Click here


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