Making It Rain on Them Hoes

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Crazy-ass Mimi talked about her diet at VH1’s Save the Music gala in NYC last night:

“My secret is bleak diets,” the singer told reporters at VH1’s Save the Music gala at Lincoln Center in New York on Thursday night, looking noticeably svelte in a figure-hugging purple gown.”I still feel like I have a way to go.”

“I don’t feel like you have to be a size zero. We should all just embrace who we are physically,” she said. “I’m not supposed to be a stick figure girl. It’s just not me. I have a wonderful trainer whose name is Patricia, she lives in St. Barts, poor girl,” she said. “People say, ‘Only you would fly someone from St. Barts to New York to work out.’ “

Carey added, “We do water aerobics mostly.”

Mimi is making it rain on them hoes at 38, she looks good.



Bossip Certified Links

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Where is Kim Porter? Part 33- Is Diddy Hittin’ Cassie Again?

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Bossip exclusively reported almost a whole year ago that Puffy and Cassie had a relationship that was beyond music and “friendship”. Now VH1’s blog has suggested that the two are “knocking boots”. Diddy and Cassie have been leanin’ on each other at NYC clubs all month.

I guess ya’ll will believe it now. Damn, Diddy just seems like he don’t give a f*ck. Two babymamas that have known each other for years, parading his young meat around while having his puppet Kim on the other arm. SMH.

Coupled Up

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Nelly supported his boo Ashanti at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Hosts World Premiere for her new film Resident Evil: Extinction. It’s rumored that they are engaged, but Ashanti’s fingers are looking extremely naked. You can’t knock em though, because they actually look nice together.

Ice-T’s siliconed wife Coco showed her support for him at his performance at the Presents “The Release” last night in NYC. No comment on whether they are a good looking couple or not.

More pics from those events:


Random Ridiculousness: Suge Knight’s Swirl Action in a Lima Bean Green Limo

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Paris Hilton and Britney Spears lover Suge Knight proves that he is indeed a fan of inebriated white girls’ head game. Complex Magazine’s Blog has the picture and the story behind it:

A distinctively lima bean green limo pulled up to the main entrance of the Palms casino/resort in Las Vegas around 2 a.m. With the windows drawn and wafts of chronic smoke billowing out, he went in for a closer look and was shocked to sneak a peek of Suge “Sugar Bear” Knight smoking a Marley-sized blunt with one hand while “butt fingering” a girl with the other. The photog claimed both bitches were on all fours on the floor of the limo and one was going down on the other while Suge was offering a helping hand to the one in the rear, pun intended. As you can see by the picture, one of the girls is totally pulling down her skirt while Suge enjoys the rest of his blunt.


Jay-Z Ft. Pharrell Williams: Blue Magic

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Here is Jay-Z’s first single “Blue Magic” ft. Pharrell off his American Gangster album. We’ll let you make your own decision, but we were kinda disappointed especially at the En Vogue “Hold On” hook by P. Willy.

Golden Brooks Looks Like a Tranny

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Golden Brooks showed up to the Chanel and P.S. Arts Event last night in Beverly Hills looking a bit tranny-ish. Yeah, she is pretty irrelevant, but at least she looked like a woman when she was on Girlfriends. She needs to fire her stylist and her weaveologist.

More pics from that event:


Feelin on Her Booty

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Terrence Howard and Kim Kardashshian were spotted in NYC last week getting awfully touchy-feely. According to Page Six:

A spy spotted Kardashian arriving and “making out” with Howard at Tenjune and then Butter last week. “They were all over each other,” snitched the onlooker. “She was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing her butt.”

Well looks like there’s another one added to the list. This is interesting coming from “separated from his wife” Mr. Pre-Marital Sex makes me feel dirty/Baby Wipe/Murse rocker. I hope he stocked up on the extra baby wipes cause it’s gonna take a lot to clean all that ass.

Update: Kim Kardashian’s people hit us up and they stated that this story is false.

Fu*kin for Films

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Tracey Edmonds recently discussed her wedding coming up with People Magazine. We don’t care about that boring stuff:

“While the wedding planning is a joint effort, Murphy, 46, and Edmonds also plan to collaborate in a more public way soon – on a film that Edmonds is producing for her fiancé.

We’ve got a couple different things with each other we’re working on,” Murphy revealed. One tentative project includes a comedy costarring Chris Tucker. “I have two comedies,” Edmonds explained, adding, “We are actually doing a lot of things.

Well, we guess this is one way to upgrade from BET movies. You must don’t know Tracey if you think Eddie’s tranny date and baggage is going to stop her career game.

Fill in The Blank: Prince

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Prince was spotted with new girl at a London fashion show today.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Prince is giving this girl a high-five because________________.

‘Messy’ Jesse Jackson: Obama is Acting White on Jena 6

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Jesse Jackson recently blasted Barack Obama over his weak reaction to the Jena 6 case and said Obama was ‘acting white’ on the issue.

It must be some money in this for The Reverend. There are a whole lot of Jena 6’s out there and we need to focus on the big picture. Let Obama do his thing.

Baby Lacefront’s Next?

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Tina Knowles is making it rain on them hoes, she even has a House of Dereon baby line coming out. Our experts over here predict some baby lacefront wigs are next and a line of House of Dereon skin whitening cream will drop next month.

Donatella Versace, watch yo back.

From Lil’ Beyonce to The Hottest Chick In The Game

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You can’t front on Rihanna when her fo-head is covered up. Apparently, we are not the only people who think she has banger potential as a style icon. She has been popping up on fashion mags all year.

She needs to get in some movies to round things out, it’s called the don’t have to fu*k for tracks prevention plan.

What Blonde Sports Groupie is This Good at Photoshop?

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Former boxing champion Oscar de le Hoya is denying it’s him in the tranny pics that dropped this week. His lawyer calls the pictures:

…a really bad photoshop job

The girl who took the pictures has something to say:

“Now that she’s being called a liar, she’s ready to sell her story”

We don’t believe The Golden Boy The Golden Girl, you need more people! Makes sure you click here to get your laugh on today.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Likes The Baggy Thugged-Out Look

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Cuba Gooding Jr. was spotted rockin this young suit and we think something is really wrong with with him. It looks like he is trying to show up to events with his blonde wife and this suit rockin 1954 Emmett Till swag (R.I.P).

Ricky would have been shot a long time ago in the movie if Tre’ was spotted with him rockin this.


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