Naomi Campbell is a Liar

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Naomi Campbell explained her woes for the lack of blacks in the world of fashion at the Blacks in Fashion Panel Discussion Friday in NYC:

“I’ve never been on the cover of British Vogue and I’ve asked a million times and they’ve always refused me. They’ll put the same white model for half the year — I swear like six times, but wouldn’t put me on once in my own country. But I still want my British Vogue cover!”

Although there is indeed a need for more black models working in the fashion industry, this sure looks like a British Vogue cover to us, this b*tch must be crazy (See photo above)…


Three Months Pregnant and Still Fly

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Halle Berry, who announced she was knocked up a couple of weeks ago, was spotted on the streets recently looking great. Pregnant chic is definitely a good look for Ms. Berry. Even her legs are looking better in these shots. Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn into a scary monster in her third trimester like most pregnant women do.


Image Source

Exclusive: Ja Rule Talks 50 Cent, Superhead, and Curl Kits

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Ja Rule’s crazy ass dropped the dirt on Bossip last week. In a two part interview, he tells why 50 Cent is a marketing genius, talks about smacking up 50 in a studio, and for the first time, discusses the Superhead book and how it has affected his personal life.

He also discusses his relationship with DMX, a night in jail with Lil Wayne, and his reaction to Irv Gotti’s comments about sleeping with Ashanti on Wendy Williams.

Part 1

Ja Rule snaps at 50 Cent and the real deal on “Superhead”.

Part 2

Ja Rule talks about his collaboration with Game, his relationship with DMX, the infamous night in jail with Lil Wayne, and his “naturally curly hair”.

See the text from the interview after the jump Continue »

Ginger Bread Pimpin’

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Chris Brown preserves his newly found sex appeal in the September edition of GQ magazine. According to his Fan Site, he has signed on to play the “Ginger bread pimp” in Shrek 4.

So, we weren’t done with Shrek the Third I see.   Kudos to Chris for landing a voice-over job in a major motion picture.  “Ginger Bread Pimp”  seems to be a good fit for him.  That is exactly what he looks like in the pictures from this GQ spread.


A Keys Goes Retro on the Album Cover

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This is the seventies-esque cover art for the talented and lovely Alicia Keys’ third album “As I Am”. It drops in November of this year and we look forward to hearing some quality music from this greatly anticipated album. Please don’t disappoint us, Alicia.

Image Source

T.I. is Hurtin ‘Em

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TI’s album T.I. Vs T.I.P. received nine nominations for the BET Hip Hop Awards including Best Collabo, Best Live Performance, Lyricist of the Year, MVP, Track of the Year, CD of the Year, Hustler of the Year, Best Ringtone and Viewer’s Choice. Wow, there is an award for “Best Ringtone”?  SMH.

Click here for more information on the BET’s Hip Hop Awards.

Mr. Harris also recently shot the video for his track “Hurt” featuring Alfa Mega. Damn, that Alfa is one scary looking character. He looks like “Krazee-Eyez Killa” for real.


Who Looked More Bangin? Hood Rich vs. Classic Look

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Trina and Lauren London hit up Dwyane Wade’s Young, Fly, and Flashy Skating party this past week in Illinois.



More photos from that event:


Even more pics from that event right about now… Continue »

Fill in the Blank: Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse, an admitted cutter and drug user was spotted on the streets of London sans beehive recently.

Fill In The Blank: Amy Winehouse is walking around with a bloody cloth in her hand because _____________________.

Celebrating The Knock Out

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Kanye West and fiancee Alexis Phifer was seen sharing a toast over dinner this weekend. It was announced today that “Graduation” beat out 50’s “Curtis” for the number one spot on the UK charts.

Kanye recently dropped “How To Make A Classic Record 101″ on the Herald Sun:

“If you’ve got 16 lines of verse, you need to have every line mean something and have impact. I’ve stepped it up to a whole new poetry level of insight and philosophy.

“I have just enough clever lines, spirituality, curse words for my rhymes to go down smooth. Lyrically, I’m at a whole ‘nother level. It’s a situation where I’m not competing with other hip-hop artists any more. I’m more of a ambassador for hip-hop.”

Ambassador West says hip-hop should be about more than a swagger, baggy jeans and spruiking soft drink.

“A lot of hip-hop artists don’t have the ability to make classic songs because they spend most of their time rapping about themselves rather than what people really care about,” West says.“My songs are songs. They are songs to help in life, to inspire. Let me speak in the third person for a second — a Kanye West album is like a brand, like Louis Vuitton, or Nike, or the latest Jordans. You buy a pair of Jordans, take them to school and everybody goes, `Wow’. Second pair, incredible. Third pair, you don’t even have to say it. It’s like me. People just know. It’s a Kanye West.”

The numbers don’t lie. We’ll let him feel himself this week..


Which One Would You Hit?? The Metrosexual Edition

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Fonzworth Bentley hosted the Allhiphop Urban Art Show yesterday and Former Project Runway contestant Mychael Knight held it down at The Bombay Sapphire in Atlanta this weekend.

We must ask, if you had to hit one of these well-groomed characters, WHICH ONE???


Hoes Against Hoes

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Melysa Ford is blaming Superhead for getting a bad reputation as a ‘video girl”:

It’s because of behavior of recent girls in videos and books such as Confessions of a Video Vixen. Books like this definitely don’t help and Karine’s story doesn’t represent all video girls. It’s sad to be defined as something you are completely not.

For all we know, Melysa Ford is a virgin. At least until her checks stop and she releases her own book. It’s sure to be a best-seller.

Source: Black Men Magazine

When The Checks Stop Coming In

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The Juice is locked up and his bail is set at $78,000. He knows these folks want to kill him, why doesn’t he go sit his ass down?

The checks must have stopped for OJ to be thuggin’ it up and trying to get his sh*t back in Vegas.

Update: A judge denied The Juice bail! TMZ has the audio of alleged robbery.

Quote of The Day: Melyssa Ford

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‘Black Men’ Magazine decided to put a Black woman on the cover this month and ass-ilicious Melyssa Ford and ANTM’s Nik have some game to share with young kids and those with video ho aspirations:

Melyssa Ford:

I was marketing myself, doing my own merchandising, and making my own calendars and DVD’s before other women were doing that”

Oooooh, they may be teaching this in business schools one day.

ANTM’s Nik:

I also want to help young women who need guidance and role models. I would have an impact on children’s lives. I think kids nowadays need positive role models and I think giving back and helping them is very important and very much needed


More pics right about now Continue »

Are Those ‘Blood Diamonds’ Kimora is Rockin?

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Considering Blood Diamond Russ has defended the practices of of the diamond industry in Africa and is on the diamond industry payroll to shut up and spin the truth, Kimora was probably rockin’ some blood diamonds herself tonight at the Emmy’s. This dress makes her look like Barney or an amazon giraffe and we are not feelin’ it.

Where is Amistad , who starred in ‘Blood Diamond’?


One-Time Squeezes The Juice: Was He Set-UP?

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Las Vegas one-time (the police) squeezed the Juice and he was arrested today. One-time alleges he was part of an armed robbery. He seems to always have that shady smirk on his face. Damn, time to lawyer-up homie.

We think he is probably innocent “this time”. The alleged victim says he is on “OJ’s side”.



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