Who Looked More Bangin?

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gabrielleunion kellyrowland

Gabrielle Union attended ‘Dream Keeper Awards’ brunch in LA and Kelly Rowland arrived at the Kabaret’s Prophecy club in London.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??


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Naomi Campbell’s Former PA Commits Suicide

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Naomi Campbell’s former assistant has taken her own life recently:

The former personal assistant to supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has leapt off a bridge to her death. Celebrity stylist and personal shopper Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland was found dead under London’s Albert Bridge on the shore of the Thames river near her home in Battersea, South London.

The 28-year-old was seen sobbing on the streets of Los Angeles last year (07) after a fight with Campbell caused her to quit her job as the catwalk model’s assistant. Caribbean-born Sutherland – who was born a boy but underwent a sex-change – was said to have been devastated after the death from pneumonia of her “soulmate” Andrew Richardson, 24, who died just ten days before her suicide. In an email to friends she wrote: “He’s now gone, I’m all alone, my heart is empty, my life is empty. I don’t think life’s worth living after losing a close one.”


JFK 2.0???

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Ted Kennedy talking about Obama yesterday:

“With Barack Obama, we will turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion. With Barack Obama, we will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender.”

Another quote from Caroline Kenenedy:

“This kind of person doesn’t come along very often, and when they do, I think that it really is up to all of us to give it a serious look and put aside whatever plans we might have had and really get behind that kind of inspiration and power”


Quote of the Day

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Vivica Fox discusses why she has yet to be impregnated and plans of possibly adopting and becoming a single mother:

“I haven’t met anybody that I want to be reminded of. You gotta think about that for 18 years because, more than likely, you, as a woman, you’re gonna be stuck raising the kids. Knowing me, I’d have a baby by somebody I can’t stand and he’d (baby) look just like him (boyfriend). It’d be like, ‘Damn, here you come again today…’ You don’t want to take it out on the child. I’ve gotten a little old to be walking around pregnant (but) I’d make a wonderful mom. I’m good with kids. I love kids. It’s just that (pregnancy) hasn’t happened in my life.”

Good idea Vivica. Adoption would be a great way for her to save money as well. She can put the money that would have gone to post-pregnancy plastic surgery to good use.


Which One Would You Hit??

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randy jackson mr.chow

American Idol judge Randy Jackson shared lunch with another colorful character at Mr. Chow’s in Hollyweird recently.

If you HAD to hit one of these kind gentlefolk, Which One?

randy jackson mr.chow2randy jackson mr.chow3randy jackson mr.chow4randy jackson mr.chow5

Images via Splash

Coupled Up

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Nicole Ari And Boris Kodjoe

Nicole Ari Parker and Borris Kodjoe attended the premiere for the new movie “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” last night in Hollyweird. That’s an interesting shirt Borris is rockin. His ass can wear anything and the broads will still be swooning.

More couples from that event:

Cedric the entertainier and wifesallirichardhusbanddondrewhittfieldmo’nique and husbandmichael clarke duncan

View several more images from this event under the hood… Continue »

Dog Swag

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mariah and jack

Mimi was photographed recently shopping in Beverly Hills with two of her favorite accessories, her little dog Jack and a glass of champagne.

SMH at all these little dogs being sported around. We wonder how long this trend will last.

mariah and jack2mariah and jack3mariah champagnemariah champagne2

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When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Ice t Coco

For those of you who were wondering exactly what was going on in this picture when we posted it about a month ago, here is your answer:

Ice-T is more of the actor-type than the rapper-type and I heard things are getting tight for the brother. You have to understand, Ice is used to a certain income based on doing “Law & Order.” I heard that he and Coco are now hustling her career along in things like calendars and whatever to get it popping. You know Coco is hot so she is definitely holding it down for her man on the money side. I heard Ice-T has his rainy day stash of cash, but it is definitely turning into a thunderstorm in the world of acting!

That damn writer’s strike got the game fu*ked up right now, even Ice-T has to pimp his trailer ho for dough.

Via the homie Illseed at AHH

Still Talking Ish

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Wyclef Lauryn Hill

Wyclef Jean continues to speak on Lauryn Hill:

“Half of your face has red make-up, the other half green, and your hair is barely combed. How you gonna let people see you like that? Someone is pimping Lauryn right now. A true friend would say, ‘You have to check yourself into a psychiatrist.’

If he was a real friend, he would stop talking sh*t and help her. She is reportedly pregnant with her fifth child, this nonsense is gonna have to cease eventually.


lauryn hill yay

Jesus Take The Wheel

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Bobby Brown Deuce

It’s no mystery that the King of R&B snorts the yay and hits the rocks, but it’s another thing when you mess up ‘opportunities’ brought on by Superhead who claims to be his savior:

“I got Harper Collins interested in a book deal for him… (but) he got too drunk to go to the meeting. I was trying to help him put his life back together. He drank a whole bottle of Patron (tequila) the day before and missed the meeting, and made me look like an idiot. I was doing more than anybody else was doing.”

Steffans admits she felt compelled to offer Brown a roof over his head -even after they split as a couple – because he had helped her four years ago when she was struggling. But after weeks spent buying him clothes and letting him use her brand new Mercedes, Steffans threw him out. She says, “I wanted to help him because someone did that for me.”

Poor thang. We sincerely hope that Bobby can get it together one day. Really.


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Not Pregnant

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Contrary to rumors by mediaFAKEOUT, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony are not expecting a new baby. A highly placed source close to Carmelo exclusively tells Bossip:

Lala is NOT pregnant. Carmelo and Lala are devoting their attention to raising their only son, Kiyan

If you’re wondering about when this couple will get married, this may help you out.

This Guy Again…

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Scandal extraordinaire Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was out creeping recently at the Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC with a broad named “Carmen Slowsky”:

Reports that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had a woman other than his wife with him at the Grove Park Inn before speaking at the Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast left event organizers disappointed Friday. The mayor had been with a woman who called herself Carmen Slowsky and that the two had enjoyed champagne and a whirlpool bath together at a cost of more than $500. A copy of the hotel invoice shows a stay arranged for two.A prosecutor in Michigan launched an investigation Friday into allegations that Kilpatrick lied under oath about an affair with his top aide. Kilpatrick is married, and news of an extramarital affair with his chief of staff had surfaced in Detroit recently. Kilpatrick has said the affair was over.

Damn, this man stay getting caught. Obviously, he doesn’t give a fu*k, and now his Chief Of Staff/Lover Christine Beatty has even resigned. We wonder if his wife will ever leave his ho ass.


Christine Beatty resign

Thanks Jannelle

Quote of the Day

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Lil Wayne expressed some feelings for his recent arrest and goes at some members of his crew at a recent performance in Virginia:

“I just flew in not even 10 minutes ago. I just had to deal with a whole lot of bullsh– today, but I guess you know that. … I want you to know that none of y’all up in this building have nothing to do with the attitude that I have right now. I’m not the happiest man right now. When your friends tell you one thing and they’re gonna be there for you and then when you get to that point … I just want all the mother—-ers that been with me that ain’t never gonna be with me to note, I did it for y’all. To the ones that ain’t gonna be with me no more, die.

A junkie can’t do what the f— I do. I try to tell them. I am the ultimate high, understand? I am my drug, you understand me? Why don’t you do me one favor, I ain’t gonna tell you who we talking to, let’s just look this way [as he turned toward the stage], and on the count of three say, ‘F— you.’ “

Ahh, the eloquence that is Weezy. You gotta love it.


Two of the Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollyweird

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Raven US Magazine

Rihanna and Raven Symone are on US Magazine’s list of Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollywood. Rihanna is labeled as the hitmaker and Raven Symone as the mini-mogul. Rihanna along with her success of “Umbrella” she discusses getting into film (big surprise) and her own business.

Mini-mogul is the right name for Raven. She banks $400 million on That’s So Raven alone and has many other business ventures as well. She is definitely a great role model for young girls, and is making it rain on them hoes for real.

Rihanna US Magazine

Random Ridiculousness

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Diddy Naked

Artist Birgitte V. Philippides did a painting some years back of Mr. Sean John, and for some reason it’s popping up again. Here is her explanation of why she chose to do the portrait:

“I showed him naked and that’s basically the core of who he is. People may or may not like him, but he’s a smart motherfu*ker. He was very excited about the painting. He’s been very supportive for what I’ve seen to the gay community. He’s been supportive of GLAAD, even though he comes from one world; he floats into many different worlds.”

“I choose to put his genitals in this piece because whether he has a big di*k or not—for someone that has that much power, money and confidence, he’s got to have a big di*k! Like, if I did a portrait of Donald Trump I would portray him with a big di*k—it’s part of the character!”

SMH at the blonde hair in the background that says “Ma”. Where’s Kim Porter?

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