If You Don’t Know……

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If you don’t know what fu*kin for tracks means or if you thought it was some sh*t Bossip made up, click here

Rudy Walks The Track

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Little Rudy AKA Keisha Knight Pulliam will play a role walking on the ho stroll opposite Derek Luke in Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes to Jail.’ The flick will start filming next year in the ATL.

Walking the track in this movie is a big step up from that video girl work.

We wouldn’t mind taking a look at Rudy’s goodies in the flick.


Ho Sit Down

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A new Newsweek poll shows that shady Hillary Clinton trailing Barack Obama by nearly 20 percentage points among Democrats nationally. Watching the debate, we were going to say Obama needs to ‘Man-Up’ but everything seems to be clickin’.

After Pennsyvania, we expect Clinton to drop out of the race if Obama keeps her win under double digits.

It’s time for her to be a true patriot and fall back, just give it up, it’s ova.

Fill in The Blank

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Here is poor little Bobbi Christina spending some quality time with her Mom at LAX yesterday.

Fill in The Blank: Whitney is probably chopping it up with to Ray-J and Bobbi just hit up her______________.


Kim Porter Gets Some Play

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Diddy, Kim Porter, and her little booty were spotted at a restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday. Aww, nice to see Kim getting a little air time. She’s one of the most loyal broads ever.


Images via WENN

View another happy couple and Diddy’s favorite little jumpoff right about now… Continue »

The Game Ft. Keyshia Cole: “Pain”

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Here is a new track by The Game featuring Keyshia Cole called “Pain”. Check it out below:

Any thoughts?

When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Isiah Thomas finally gets canned for all of his out of pocket tendencies and bad coaching:

Thomas was fired Friday after a season of listless and dreadful basketball, a tawdry lawsuit and unending chants from fans demanding his dismissal. This season alone, Thomas was found to have sexually harassed a former team employee, feuded with point guard Stephon Marbury and benched center Eddy Curry – the players Thomas acquired in the two biggest of a number of moves that never panned out. Things went poorly this season from the time training camp opened. The jury came back with its verdict that day, finding that Thomas and MSG sexually harassed former team executive Anucha Browne Sanders and ordering the company to pay $11.6 million in damages. Criticized by Al Sharpton and Rutgers women’s coach C. Vivian Stringer for comments he made in his taped deposition, Thomas seemed downcast during most of training camp – and never had much reason for better spirits when the season began. Chants of “Fire Isiah!” sometimes started minutes after home games, and even Dolan’s strong relationship with Thomas couldn’t convince people the coach would last.

Those “Fire Isiah” chants sound like pure comedy. Poor thang.


Here We Go Again

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Ray-J & Whitney

Whitney and Ray-J were spotted at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Hip Hop fashion show last night. Whitney’s looking as crazy as ever. Hope she didn’t go tumbling off that wagon. Check out the thumbnails to view the madness up close.

Ray-J & Whitney1Ray-J & Whitney3Ray-J & Whitney4

Via TMZ & altpics.net

Foxy’s Free

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Foxy Brown & Judith Marchand

Foxy Brown was released from jail today:

“As soon as she was released from prison, she was greeted by her mother Judith Marchand and lawyer New York City Councilman Charles Barron, as well as hundreds of reporters and fans, some with posters and pink balloons, others with ‘Free Foxy Brown’ T-shirts. Brown wore a leather jacket, jeans, a black shirt, designer pumps and a stylish Fendi designer doo rag over her hair.

Brown’s entourage arrived in a fleet of luxury vehicles that included three Rolls Royce’s, a number of SUV’s and a Maybach, that was filled with clothes. Her family, friends, managers and a hair stylist and makeup artist were all part of the group of people that greeted Brown.”

Wow. Sounds like Inga had quite a welcoming party. LMAO at her hair and make up stylist being front and center at the gates (time to touch-up those roots!!!). Congrats to Foxy for getting out of jail. They might as well save all the party favors, posters and what-not. It’s only a matter of time before she lands her crazy ass back up at Rikers again.


Foxy Brown & Judith Marchand1Foxy Brown & Judith Marchand2Foxy Brown & Judith Marchand3

More hilarious post lock-down pics under the hood Continue »

Voluptuous Beauty of The Week

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Raven on Jet

In the newest issue of Jet, Raven-Symoné reveals why she won’t change for fame:

‘”I have to stay true to who I am’, says Disney star Raven-Symoné, 22, regarding her new self-titled CD, which is slated for release April 29. ‘I am not going to sing about sex, drugs and violence, that’s just not who I am’, she continues. As she prepares for the CD’s release and a 55-city Pajama Party concert tour, the confident and talented entertainer hopes this project will fill a void in today’s music. We need some music that will open people’s minds up and give them other things to think about other than the same things we have been giving them for a while. Maybe my album can do that.’

While the 5-foot-2-inch singer-actress stays true to her music, she’s also staying true to her image by being comfortable with her size. ‘When I look in the mirror and see how voluptuously fabulous I am, I can’t even worry about it. I am just fabulous.'”

Kudos for Raven for taking a stand. It’s refreshing to see a young artist trying to be on the up and up. Now, we’ll have to wait to see how that translate into record sales. She might change her tune real quick if she comes up dry.

Thanks Jeanine

Life in the Fab Lane Sneak Peek

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Check out this sneak preview of Kimora Lee Simmons’ on her “Mommy/Mogul” steez in the new season of “Life in the Fab Lane.”

Thanks Carter

Bossip Certified Links

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Are You Feeling This Get Up??

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Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz was spotted at the Bowery last night in NYC. We’re not really feeling this particular look. A dirty tattered wife beater and a feather earring? It’s almost painful to look at.

Zoe Kravitz1Zoe Kravitz2Zoe Kravitz3

Images via Splash

Album Anticipation

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Atlanta supergroup OutKast plans to drop an album early next year. This collaborative effort will follow two solo albums slated to be released by both Andre 3000 and Big Boi later this year.

Click here to read more about OutKast’s newest effort and learn about the other long lost duo set to re-emerge onto the scene: Capone-N-Noriega.

They Couldn’t Stand the Rain

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Kanye & Alexis

Word is that Kanye and Alexis called it quits. Allegedly, Kanye told her that he didn’t think their relationship was working and asked for the ring back. We all know break ups are never easy, but we do know that some of you are more than a little pleased to learn the news: Kanye’s back on the market.

It’s too bad though, we actually liked them as a couple, but things were a little fishy when Yeezy was showing up to events dolo. Too bad.

Image via WENN


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