Crisp & Clean

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Terrence Howard 425

Terrance Howard attended the dinner for the cast and crew of “Iron Man” last night. He’s looking as dapper as ever. We all know how important cleanliness is for ole T.

Terrence Howard 001Terrence Howard 002Terrence Howard 003Terrence Howard 004

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Johnny Boy Denies The Creep

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John Legend says he only has eyes for his boo Christine after he was spotted out with another chick earlier this week:

“It is entirely false and he finds it offensive that his girlfriend has to read such lies. I am still happily dating my girlfriend, Christine Teigen, and have been for about a year now. Maria Menounos is just an acquaintance and we were having a friendly drink.”

Those “friendly drinks” sure are fun.

Peep Johnny and his boo below:


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A Plea for Inga

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Foxy Brown 425

Lawless Foxy accepted a plea:

“Brown accepted a plea deal Thursday from the state that allows her to avoid time behind bars over a fight at a Pembroke Pines beauty supply store last year. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, will serve six months probation. She’ll also have to perform 15 hours of community service, pay court costs and fines.

The 29-year-old also has to write letters of apology to the store employee she hit with a tube of hair glue and the store owner. She already completed an anger management course. The owner of the Queen Beauty Supply has a civil suit pending against Brown.”

Inga’s drama is never-ending. It’s seems the only way to stay on the scene when your career’s on the decline. Here’s an idea: How about spending less time in the courthouse and jailhouse and more time in the studio and on stage? Crafty heffah.


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Janet Kicks it with her Shawty

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Janet & Jermaine

Jermaine Dupri says Jay-Z the Camel is happy to be hitched:

“Dupri says Jay-Z is ‘doing great’ since exchanging vows with Beyonce. ‘We were in the studio the day after the wedding doing a record for Usher’s album,’ [said] at the opening of Bape store in L.A. Wednesday.

‘It’s the same as he always is,’ he added. But Jay-Z was mum about enjoying married life. ‘We don’t talk about that kind of stuff,’ Dupri said. ‘We talk about work.'”

LMAO that Camel-man was back in the studio the day after the secret wedding. Damn, he’s the new hardest working man in showbiz. And we see that Jay-Z’s large lips are still very sealed around the marriage issue – so be it.

Check out more pics of Janet and her lil man leaving the Foxtail club last night below. JD’s probably sittin on a couple of phone books to navigate that ride. SMH.

Janet & Jermaine 01Janet & Jermaine 02


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Free Blade!!!! Gets Maximum 3 Year Prison Term

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Wesley Snipes was locked up today for a tax evasion conviction:

A judge has just sentenced Wesley Snipes to three years in prison for tax evasion. Forget black — always bet on the U.S. government!

Snipes was not forced to surrender immediately. Instead, the judge ruled he could surrender at a later date, closer to his New Jersey home. Nathan J. Hochman, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Tax Division, said, “Snipes’ long prison sentence should send a loud and crystal clear message to all tax defiers that if they engage in similar tax defier conduct, they face joining him and his co-defendants … as inmates in prison.”

Denzel wrote a letter to the judge on Wesley’s behalf but he still got the maximum possible sentence. You know the judge got mad at a brotha making 30X more than him. Click here to read why Snipes thinks racism is involved in the case.

His sentence sounds excessive to us, discuss…

Muscle Booty

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Serena Williams and her buns of steel hit up the BAPESTORE Los Angeles Opening in Hollyweird last night along with Yeezy, Pharrell, JD, Paula Patton, Robin Thicke, etc.

We know Common enjoys tearing those backs up on a regular.


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Random Ridiculousness

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The Juice is looking to up his media whore-dom and is asking to be on Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

Click Here for more on OJ’s latest batch of ridiculousness. Hopefully he’ll leave the trailer park hoes at home.

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Fag-Hag Swag

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Here are a couple stills from Michelle Williams’ new video “We Break the Dawn” that was shot in LA yesterday. We see Michelle has crossed over from her gospel steez all the way and is trying to sex it up a bit with the little ‘male dancers’ faces all in her crotch area. It would actually be pretty hot if those cats didn’t look like a bunch of pansies.


Damn, Already?

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garycoleman & wife

Gary Coleman and the redheaded broad he lost his virginity to are headed to “Divorce Court” too:

Today on a special two-part session of Divorce Court, 80’s child star Gary Coleman and his new wife Shannon have come to Divorce Court seeking Judge Toler’s advice on their troubled marriage before it’s too late. Gary says he met Shannon on a movie set and was glad to know Shannon did not know who he was when they first met. Shannon proposed a year later after an argument. Gary is in love with Shannon and calls her his star protector. Shannon says she is tired of Gary’s anger issues and blames her for anything that goes wrong and is sick of playing the blame game.

First Juanita Bynum now Gary Coleman and his swirl gone bad on Divorce Court? Too bad their relationships didn’t pan out, but this is some pure comedy indeed. The show will air May 1st.

Read more on the second episode under the hood… Continue »

Seen on the Scene

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Kerry Hilson & Young Jeezy

Keri Hilson and Young Jeezy were kickin’ it at Luckie last night in ATL. Chingy, Polow da Don and Mannie Fresh hit up the event as well. Check out more pics of the festivities below.

Keri Hilson @ LuckieChingy @ LuckieYoung Jeezy @ LuckieManniefresh @ Luckie

Peep Fergie and Polow da Don under the hood Continue »

The Odd Couple

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Dwyane Wade and Star Jones

Star Jones and Dwyane Wade were spotted at a Tennis match together last year. Now, fresh off her break up with botty boy Al, rumors fly that the two are an item:

“It’s been one whole day since news broke that Star Jones filed for divorce from Al — and already Star is being linked to Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade. A rep for Star Jones [said] that the rumors aren’t true.”

Wow. Maybe they’ve had a thing brewing for a while, although it’s hard to image Dwyane dumping Siohvaughn for Star – unless he has some sort of deflated fat girl fetish – Yuck.


Naughty in Newark

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Treach has been involved in some suspect behavior:

“Naughty by Nature’s Treach has been released by police after he was arrested following a spate of shootings in Newark, New Jersey. [Treach, or] Anthony Criss – was taken in for police questioning after he was spotted driving erratically in the city on Tuesday.

The 37-year-old was detained for several hours by Newark authorities, who are investigating a double murder, but was released on Wednesday after being handed a fine for driving with a suspended licence. A spokesman for Newark Police Department confirmed his release and admitted he was only “a potential witness” in the alleged shooting case.”

Nothing like a lil’ old school, d-list drama. Treach is probably trying to build up street cred to revive his career. Click here to learn the background of this suspect ish.

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One Down, One to Go

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Jam Master Jay

At least one man is going down behind Jam Master Jay’s murder:

“One of the main suspects in the murder of Run-DMC group member Jam Master Jay was sentenced to 17-years in prison yesterday (April 22) for a series of robberies. Ronald ‘Tinard’ Washington [the suspect], a longtime friend of Jam Master Jay, allegedly confessed to being one of the two gunman who came into Jay’s 24/7 Recording Studio in Hollis, Queens, on October 30, 2002 and shot the pioneering DJ to death.

While he allegedly admitted to his role, the second gunman who allegedly pulled the trigger remains at large.”

It’s truly sick and disgusting how cops and official investigators drag their damned feet when it comes to black men getting gunned down. SMH.


Who Looked More Bangin??

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Iman & Joy Bryant

Old and new beauties Iman and Joy Bryant attended the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Benefit last night. Not their finest hour, but they look lovely nonetheless.

So we must ask: Who Looked More Bangin??

We decided to throw in a couple pics of Mya at the Play 4 Parkinson’s Benefit for your viewing pleasure – enjoy.

Iman 01Joy Bryant 03Mya 01Iman 02

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Baby Boyfriend Swag

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Here is Janet Jackson’s man of miniature proportions rockin some colorful Bathing Ape gear and torn jeans outside of the Villa Lounge in Hollyweird last night. We don’t know about this one, JD. Even though you look like a wee lil’ baby, doesn’t mean you have to dress like one.


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