Child Support Rears Its Ugly Head

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Yung Joc owes money to his baby’s mom:

Yung Joc is being sued for back child support by the mother of his seven-year-old son, according to reports. Local Atlanta television channel WSB-TV reports that Yung Joc, born Jasiel Robinson, owes about $2,000 dollars in back child support. “I never thought he would be putting me through some of the stuff I’m going through now. I can’t even get in contact with him for things for my baby…it’s just hard,” Jester told WSB-TV. “Mr. Robinson has all kinds of cars, Bentleys, Mercedes Benz, Ranger Rovers, Two Range rovers.” Jester says that while Yung Joc is earning millions through his career as a chart topping rapper, she and their son struggle financially on a day-to-day basis.

He’s got Bentleys, Ranges, and Benzes and he can’t pay a measley 2 stacks? That makes no goddamn sense. We know that wack ass chain he rocks is worth more than that. SMH.


Poor Thang

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This little girl ain’t never gonna learn:

Someone should tell Cassie that she could do better than Sean “Diddy” Combs. He’s publicly announced that his on-and-off flame is not the only woman in his life, but she’s not moving on. Our spies saw a sullen Cassie “looking smokin’ hot,” at the Empire Hotel the other night. But it wasn’t enough to catch the eye of Diddy, who has emphatically shot down rumors that they’re exclusively dating. “Diddy spent the entire time with his entourage while she was being walked around by one of his assistants,” said our source. “She never smiled, and she kept looking over at him.”

He got all these bitches sprung. Don’t these broads understand that it doesn’t matter how young and fly or whatever, ho ass men like Puffy is never going to put you first. Let’s just hope Cassie’s little booty doesn’t get knocked up and start popping out even more little Diddies.


Making It Rain on These Hoes

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21 year-old sprinter Usain Bolt won Jamaica’s first ever Olympic Gold medal as well as breaking the World Record in the 100 meters:

Bolt won the 100 meters in a time, 9.69 seconds, that broke his 11-week-old world record of 9.72 and could have been much faster had he not turned the end of the race into Carnival. His rivals still couldn’t catch up. Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago ran a personal-best 9.89 and was farther from first than any Olympic silver medalist since 1984. Walter Dix of the United States was third in a personal-best 9.91, and Churandy Martina was fourth in a Netherlands Antilles-record 9.93.

Dude is no joke. Real talk.

Click here to watch video of the brotha clown on the track


These Two Again

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Lovebirds, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon kicked it at LA Reid’s Summer of Love Bash. No comment on these two, but Mary is looking quite fly these days.

Some more pics are just a click away… Continue »

Seen on the Scene

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Amerie and Teiarra Mari hit up the 3rd annual Hot In Hollywood event in Cali this weekend trying their best to stay relevant. These ladies are looking good, however if we see one more damn person wearing that fluffy feather vest….

Peep pics of Vanessa Simmons celebrating her birthday on the flipside… Continue »

Some Weekend Slizzard

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Meagan Good hosted some party in Vegas this weekend looking zooted as hell. Luckily for her, those titties stayed inside her dress. SMH.

Images via WENN

DK in GQ

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Danity Kane is featured in the recent GQ magazine with Aubrey looking like her usual whorish self.  Poor thang.

Don’t Mess with CB4 ‘Officer Ross’

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With some shady gunfire recently at a Rick Ross charity event in Miami, some are speculating a recent beatdown by Officer Ross against a DJ is in effort to regain some credibility. The DJ is going after 4 million in stacks with a lawsuit:

According to the suit, Vlad received a text message from Ross on the afternoon of the Ozone Awards that read, “N—– will learn … trillaaaa.” Vlad had interviewed Ross twice before, which is allegedly how the MC obtained Vlad’s phone number. After the DJ inquired about who the text was from, Ross allegedly responded, “Ross … I’m hearing things.”

A short time later, according to the suit, Ross called Vlad and said, “I’ve been hearing things about me on your Web site. … We gonna make a story. … We going to see each other. … We going to talk. … Where are you?” Upon learning that both men were in town for the Ozone Awards, Ross allegedly set up a time for the meeting on the second floor of the Hilton Hotel in Houston and arrived accompanied by four other people.

“Following a brief conversation between DJ Vlad and Ross in which Ross said, ‘We got beef,’ Ross’ accomplices, who had surrounded DJ Vlad while he spoke with Ross, proceeded to strike and beat DJ Vlad in Ross’ presence and without any protest on Ross’ part,” the suit says. The men then reportedly fled the scene and left Vlad laying on the ground “bleeding profusely” after one attacker shouted, “Yeah, mother—-er, that’s what you get.”

It’s going to take a lot more than a beatdown of this little white dude to come off that CB4 status. Dude that got beat down should have known that one-time doesn’t play around. smh.


Quote of the Day

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She’s always talking out of her @ss and today is no exception. Kim Kardashian talks about losing her only asset:

“I love that I’m curvy, but I’m on this major kick to try and lose weight, especially in my butt,” she tells Radar magazine. “I’m just so over it! When you’re posing on the red carpet and the paparazzi shout, ‘Turn around! Turn around!’ — it gets a little offensive.”

This broad sounds crazy. Come on, Kim, what else are you known for? …Wait, nevermind. SMH.


Thuggin It Out

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Shaq and Shaunie won’t divorce afterall:

During an interview about the launch of her new video-sharing Web site, Shaunie O’Neal told The Associated Press that the couple plans to stop divorce proceedings soon. “Neither one of us could probably answer why we were getting one in the first place,” Shaunie O’Neal said. Shaquille O’Neal filed for divorce in Miami-Dade Circuit Court in September 2007, after nearly five years of marriage. “Things have been going so great, that someone actually had to remind us that ‘Hey, you do remember those papers are still there.’ Literally, it was days ago,” Shaunie O’Neal said. “So, we’ve agreed that before we leave Florida in a few days we’ll make sure that that’s gone away.”

The couple has six children: four together, and each had one of their own before the Dec. 26, 2002, wedding. “The kids and I kind of learned about the divorce at the same time,” Shaunie O’Neal said. “So that was hard. That was probably the worst part of the whole thing, was being able to deal with how hurt the whole kids were.”

Well with all this LisaRaye divorce bulldookie going on, it’s nice to hear that Shaq and Shaunie have decided to thug it out and stay together. Good for them.


Jesus Take The Wheel

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An Atlanta teenager claims that his girlfriend’s family tortured him because he wasn’t good enough:

An Atlanta teenager told police that he was kidnapped by his girlfriend’s relatives and taken to an apartment, where he was beaten, choked and burned with a cigarette because they want him to stop seeing her, according to a police report. Darius Aimey, 17, said he was tortured at a southwest Atlanta apartment for more than four hours, from the evening of Aug. 5 to early the next morning, according to the Atlanta police report. He suffered swelling to his left eye, jaw, knee, arm and burns to his left arm and back along with other abrasions and bruises, the report said. The reason for the prolonged beating, according to the victim: His girlfriend’s mother doesn’t want Aimey to date her daughter and doesn’t believe he’s good enough for her. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

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More Promo-Hoeing

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Sex Olympian Sean Puff Daddy Combs does promo shots for his new perfume called “I Am King”. We’re amazed that he was able to keep his mouth closed in 2 of the three shots.

Images via Yeezy’s Blog

The Overweight Lover’s In the House

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Hip hop heavyweight, Heavy D was in the place to be at some LL Cool J event at LQ recently. It’s good to see Heavy on the scene. He was chillin’ with Brandy and LL’s ole knifed up ass. More images below:

Check out pics of The Game, Cee Lo and that Shay Buckeey Johnson character kickin it at Pure Atlanta on the flipside… Continue »

LisaRaye: I’m Going to Pray for that Man-Whore

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LisaRaye finally responds to all the ho-bagging ridiculousness that has ended her 28 month old marriage to the Premier of Turks and Caicos.

Press Play, the Video works!

Click HERE for the direct link.


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