Are You Feelin This Get Up???

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Traci Bingham and her busty knifed up rack hit up Hot Summer Nights at the Playboy Mansion to benefit the United Breast Cancer Foundation with her slut-bucket steez in full effect. Classy.

Images via WENN

Got E and Meth??

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Actor Craig Robinson from “The Office” and Pineapple Express is in trouble:

Prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against Craig Phillip Robinson, an actor best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on NBC’s “The Office.” According to documents released Friday, police in Culver City arrested Robinson on June 29 on suspicion of possessing MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and methamphetamine. He was released the same day after posting bail, jail records show. Los Angeles County prosecutors charged Robinson with two felony counts of drug possession and one count of being under the influence of illegal drugs.

He sounds like he was trying to party like a rockstar for real. Poor thang.


For the Stans

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More House of Deredookie is in store for the future:

Beyoncé Knowles and her mother, Tina, are known for glamming it up with piles of diamond jewelry by the likes of Lorraine Schwartz, but now the duo wants to offer bling at an accessible price. Industry sources say Deréon, the junior sportswear brand founded by the Knowleses, has inked a deal with Carolee jewelry to create a fashion jewelry collection for the label. The line is expected to hit stores in spring.



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Is Bow Wow Still Hittin’ Angela Simmons??

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PageSix reports:

Bow Wow, formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow, has a new girlfriend. He showed up to the 25th birthday party for Reverend Run’s daughter, Vanessa, Saturday night at Mansion in Miami and they were “all over each other,” a spy said. “We all did a double take because she was dating pro skater Terry Kennedy.” But insiders knew that relationship was over when Kennedy took all of Vanessa’s pictures off his MySpace page earlier last week. Not that Vanessa cared. “She only had eyes for Bow Wow all night,” our source said.

Last time we checked that was Angela, not Vanessa Simmons. Either way, Bow Wow and Angela were linked to each other over a year ago. How precious.

Juelz Santana Speaks

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Juelz Santana speaks about his career:

The mayor of “Santana’s Town” has been embroiled in behind-the-scenes contractual turmoil with his onetime mentor Cam’ron. “I was upset about the part of me being ‘sold for $2 million,’ ” Santana told MTV News, standing in front of his New Jersey studio on Thursday. “At times like this, nobody is trying to ‘sell’ me. I could have come out and said, ‘Oh, yeah, Cam got bought out.’ But I didn’t go that route. They just gotta watch me move. We gonna make it hot.”

Now that he recently got out of his legal obligation to Cam’s Diplomat Records, the 23-year-old is signed directly to Def Jam. Juelz said “tons” of his work on other artists’ songs never saw the light of day. “I’m just gonna say a lot of big records. … I was on a good portion of those records, or asked to be on a good portion of those records that [Lil] Wayne was on — along with him, not like they asked me before they asked him, or vice versa. I have no hard feelings towards Cam,” he explained. “I tell people I couldn’t do business with him. But I will say he gave me the biggest chance I needed. I’m a dude from the ‘hood, so the chance he gave me is a chance I needed to never turn back. I’m good. My artistry, my talent, my career was never built on controversy. So I would never come out and say a whole bunch of things that could be said. All I can say is, I’m sorry he can’t be here to be a part of what’s about to happen, because we’re about to tear ‘em up.”

We guess Killa Cam will just sit back and continue to talk sh*t from his little kiddie pool.


A Woman Scorned

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LisaRaye was spotted at LAX this weekend back to rockin her signature white attire. Despite all the bullshyte going on with her little Turks & Caicos soap opera, she looks like she’s doing fine. Here is what went down according to her publicist:

LisaRaye McCoy Misick and her publicist, Lynn Allen Jeter, had a busy week dealing with the aftermath of the actress’ fight with her husband, Turks and Caicos Islands Premier, Michael Misick.There was no pushing, there was no slugging, there was no swinging of arms, there was no tussle, nothing like that,” says Jeter. However, her account of the incident – as told to her by LisaRaye and LisaRaye’s cousin Phillip Travis – corroborates much of what has already been reported; that LisaRaye and Travis went into the house against Misick’s will; pushing and shoving took place between the two, Misick’s sister became involved and LisaRaye was bitten (and bit someone) at some point during the altercation. Continue »

Some Monday Smut

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Ice-T and his wife Coco did some Body Count performance this weekend. What a nice way to pimp the hell out of your wife. SMH at Ice-Ts facial expression. Wethinks we just threw up in our mouths a little bit. Gross.

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Topless Yeezy

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Here are some pics of Kanye West with out a shirt on. We think this is indeed the first time we’ve seen little Yeezy topless. Enjoy ladies, if that’s what you’re into.

20 Years of the Source, pt. 2

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Ice Cube and Queen Latifah are the other two artists other than Nas and LL who are featured on The Source’s 20 anniversary edition. Ice Cube has certainly come a long way from those jheri curl juiced NWA days.

Jesus Take The Wheel

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This is ridiculous:

A toddler whose remains were found inside a suitcase in Philadelphia this spring was starved to death by members of a religious cult, including his mother, in part because he refused to say “amen” after meals, the police said. Ria Ramkissoon, the mother of the boy, was charged Sunday with first-degree murder, and Baltimore police officials said that three other members of a group called 1 Mind Ministries have also been charged with first-degree murder. The police and Ms. Ramkissoon’s family say the group is a cult. Ms. Ramkissoon, 21, was being held in the psychiatric ward of the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center.

This cult ish is way out of hand. How the heck are you going to starve a 15 month old baby for not saying amen, then shove him in a suitcase? What kind of sick fu*ks are they?



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Bugsy and Camel top Forbes list of “Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings”:

It’s been some year for Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. In the past 12 months, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-born hip-hop demigod released a platinum album, signed a 10-year, $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation and tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyoncé Knowles. Quite a record. But only good enough for a silver medal. While Jay-Z topped’s inaugural Hip-Hop Cash Kings list of the top-earning people in the business last year, in 2008 he cedes the throne to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who raked in $150 million over the past 12 months–almost twice what Jay-Z made. Continue »

Mary J. in a Kini

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Mary J. Blige flaunted her little bikini body while vacationing with husband Kendu in Saint Tropez recently. Please Mary don’t hurt ‘em in the kini, but Kendu, on the other hand, needs a little work. He’s got that master tubby bear steez on lock. Looking 8 months pregnant…

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Memorial For Bernie Mac

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Here are some photos from Bernie Mac’s Memorial service that took place this weekend at the House of Hope in the Chi. R.I.P.

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When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Damn, Mike is doing his brothers dirty:

Michael Jackson hasn’t spoken to his brothers since he was acquitted of child molestation charges three years ago – even though they’ve been trying to reach him about money he owes them. Sources say Wacko Jacko owes Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson $840,000 in royalties from their Jackson 5 hits. Since Michael won’t talk to them, and is said to be in a wheelchair, it’s unlikely he’ll join his siblings on Sept. 4 when they pick up their lifetime achievement salutes at the BMI Urban Awards.

That’s some fu*k sh*t right there, Mike know them niccas need that money bad. Especially Jermaine with his broke ass, no job having, eight kids having ass.


Which One Would You Hit???

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Mario and Terrence Howard attended the 2008 ALMA Awards in LA last night.

If you HAD to hit one of these dapper individuals, Which One???

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