Al Qaeda Issues a Statement to Obama

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Al Qaeda has issued a statement to Obama and other top black politicians:

A purported message from al Qaeda’s deputy leader posted on Islamist Web sites on Wednesday told President-elect Barack Obama that “a heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s No. 2, castigated Obama, saying “in you and in Colin Powell, (Condoleezza) Rice and your likes, the words of Malcolm X (may Allah have mercy on him) concerning ‘House Negroes’ are confirmed.”

It sounds as though this message has a little ambiguity and can be dissected a few different ways, but for the safety of Obama and our country, we’re going to take that message as fighting words.



Hi, Hater

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D@mn, here goes 50 Cent stirring up some more sh*t before his album, that has already been pushed back, drops. This cat should really back up off of Kanye because, while the style of 808’s and Heartbreak might be questionable, the way the album is going to fly off the shelves won’t be.

Grab a gander at 50 Cent, a professional hater, on the cover of XXL. SMH


Mya’s Paradise

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This is Mya’s new song and video, Paradise. A country full of men would happily follow Mya into the deadly Congo brush to have a chance to chop down those new grownup legs and backs. The fella grinding his package on her is one lucky man.

What do Bossipers think of the new Mya song and video??

When The Checks Start Coming In

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The ho that Spitzer was paying to chop down, Ashley Dupré, make an attempt at justifying her fu*cking for stacks:

She was the tabloid sensation at the center of the sex scandal that brought down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. But in her very first interview, Ashley Alexandra Dupré tells PEOPLE, “I’m a normal girl”, “Everyone knows me as ‘that girl,’ but I’m not just ‘that girl,” the 23-year-old former escort says in the new issue of PEOPLE, on sale Friday. “I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.” Enduring a media spotlight that included seeing her MySpace photos splashed on front pages “has been really hard,” the New Jersey native explains. “But I’m a survivor.” “It was extremely painful for my mother,” Dupré says, though “my mother wasn’t angry. She was supportive.”

Newsflash, Ashley: normal girls do not have sex with strangers for money. They have sex with men that they already know for money, you silly rabbit. At any rate, we can’t hate you for parlaying this scandal the way you did, so go get your paper.


The Obama Kids Shown White House Bedrooms

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Michelle Obama and her beauties, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, were shown their bedrooms, by the decrepit, Laura Bush, and her freaky daughters:

Malia and Sasha Obama got a special personal tour of the White House on Tuesday. At the invitation of first lady Laura Bush, the Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna, showed Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, their new rooms at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, along with mother Michelle Obama and the girls’ grandmother, Marian Robinson. The Obamas spent about an hour at the mansion, Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for Laura Bush, told The Associated Press. Said Michelle Obama’s spokeswoman, Katie McCormick Lelyveld: “Of course, Mrs. Obama greatly appreciated this invitation to provide an opportunity for the girls to feel at home and become comfortable in this transition process.” White House spokesperson Sally McDonough added that the Bush twins “enjoyed showing their rooms to the Obama girls.” Earlier in the day, the Obamas visited their top choices for schools “to make sure we find the right fit,” Lelyveld said. She would not name the schools. “Their move to Washington is her top priority,” she said.

Let’s all pray for an especially smooth transition for the girls, and a comfortable one for the entire Obama family. We can see the Obama’s running to the door to lock it as soon as the Bush’s vacate.


Setting Things Straight

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Jim Jones made the cover of Complex Magazine and in the interview he sets the record straight about his stacks, music and beef:

You have a guest role on the Starz show Crash. What else are you getting into for ’09?

Jim Jones: Well, the sky’s the limit, man. There are so many things I want to do. We just started a comedy division together: me, Dame and Mike Epps. We’re getting ready to do the big concert with Epps, and we got a soundtrack to the comedy show. It’s called From Hollywood to Harlem—it should be really funny. Mike Epps is brilliant. I want to explore the movie world through comedy and try to get in that way. Not too many people know me in Hollywood, and that’s the place I need to be. I need everybody to know me.

And what about the play you’re starring in?

Jim Jones: I’m doing a play called Hip-Hop Monologues Off-Broadway. It’s something we derived for my new album. You know how everybody does a listening session and all the publicity comes through, and there’s a little bit of liquor there, and they play the music? I got tired of doing that; I wanted to do something very different. Something to gain people’s attention ’cause I want this album to be a real success. We’re going to do the best verses that fit the situation out of all the songs to pull this play off, and then we’re going to have a full stage set, the backgrounds, and are just going to paint the whole picture. But for the most part, I’ll be how John Leguizamo was in Freak; I’ll be the center of attention.

There’s a bunch more including photos when you… Continue »

Terrence Howard Makes Out With Noemie Lenoir

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This purse-carrying softy is now picking and choosing from Victoria’s Secret models:

During Friday night’s Fontainebleau opening in Miami, Page Six spotted Howard – who once said he’d date only women who keep moist towelettes by their toilet – billing and cooing with the sultry French model and actress. After Mariah Carey performed, the two were spotted at hotel lounge Blade. A source told us, “Terrence saw Noemie in the crowd and started singing to her. He came to see her the next night at the Victoria’s Secret show, and they like each other a lot.”

A highly placed source tells us that not only did he sing to her, but he and Noemie proceeded to make out at the hotel after party in front of other celebs. The source noted that although Noemie is nice, she has a “crazy accent that is annoying as all hell.” Apparently Terrence thought so too and decided to shove his tongue down her throat so he wouldn’t actually have to talk to her.

We wonder how many boxes of aloe-scented wipes the hotel maid found the next morning.


Single Ladies: Flatline

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We know ya’ll have probably had about enough of the single ladies, but don’t worry about it clinging to life on Bossip because this blob has officially killed it. Single ladies passed away this morning due to complications stemming from man meat and tube socks falling out of a leotard.

We’re finished. SMH

Thanks xhinhua.

Quote of the Day

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Dallas Austin, the originator of the term “Fu*kin’ for Tracks” puts the little Atlanta House “Wife” Kim on blast:

“We are not doing a song, we are not doing an album … that was only for television!

That is pure comedy. SMH at that shady Kim character really thinking she can sing; she definitely seems like the type that would fu*k for some tracks for sure.

And if anyone saw the finale last night it said that she and “Big Poppa” broke up, which means those checks have stopped coming in. Fu*kin for tracks may be her only option. Poor thang.

Hit up Livesteez for the full story and more Kim and Lisa fight drama.

Which One Would You Hit???

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Before you answer this question, make sure to look away from DJ Clue’s pretty brown eyes as they will severely hinder you from making a fair decision. Now, which one of these fellas would you hit?

More pics from Fab’s Birthday Bash at Club Centurion in NY below.

Images via WireImage

Baby Cock Fights

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Look at these white kids beating each others’ @sses while grown folks sit there watching and taping it. SMH in disgust.

Shout out to N.U.

T.I. To Take the Stand

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According to Livesteez, T.I is set to testify in the shooting death of his close friend in Cinci:

One of two men implicated in the murder of T.I.’s childhood friend, Philant Johnson, went on trial yesterday (November 18) in Cincinnati facing multiple charges including murder and felonious assault. Authorities spent almost two years investigating the May 2006 chase and shoot out that left Johnson dead and three other individuals in the Grand Hustle camp wounded. It wasn’t until this past summer that police caught a break, which lead to the arrest of 40-year-old Padron Thomas and 36-year-old Hosea Thomas, who stands on trial alone in the crime. The elder Thomas brother, along with two others charged with federal gun crimes, contacted officials earlier this year with details of the incident, effectively pointing the finger at Hosea as the killer. Continue »

Seen on Scene

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Your boy, Donnell Jones, was in London getting his party on at the Funky Buddah Night Club. Raise your hand if you like Donnell and wish he’d make another album like “Where I Wanna Be” and not those other ones that you were forced to sell to the Used CD store for 2 dollars. SMH

More pics of Donnell below.

Princess RiRi in the Big Apple

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Princess RiRi arrived in NY yesterday to do some more prancing around and provide visual aides on how to look gorgeous. She also came prepared with a mean mug fit for any New Yorker.

More snapshots of Rihanna below:

Images via Splash

Ciara “Makes a Wish” Come True

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CiCi teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation to give a talented little girl with Sickle Cell Anemia some private dance lessons. Peep the video to see Ciara help the little girl get her one-two step game down.

More pics of CiCi when you… Continue »


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