Random Ridiculousness: It’s So Cold in The “D”

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Here’s a perfect example of exactly what is wrong with rap today. Get a cot d@mn education people and stop trying to be rappers, singers, and circus clowns!

SMH, forever.

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Sasha Fierce #1 on Billboard Charts and Bey Does the Today Show

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Bey’s Album topped the charts today selling almost a half a million records:

Beyonce scores her third straight No. 1 debut on The Billboard 200 this week as the double-disc “I Am … Sasha Fierce” (Music World/Columbia) shifts a whopping 482,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The album, split between material credited to Beyonce and her new alter-ego Sasha Fierce, has already spawned the hits “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” Beyonce’s 2003 solo debut, “Dangerously in Love,” started with 317,000, while 2006’s “B-Day” moved 541,000.

Hi, Haters. It looks like Bey’s album is well on it’s way to platinum status here in the U.S. What now?

On top of that, Beyonce was on the Today show making her star shine that much brighter. Perhaps the performance left a little to be desired, but she still did her thing out there.

Here are some shots of her in action this morning.

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What is Wrong With This Picture???

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He likes it like that, leave that man alone. SMH

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Ne-Yo’s New Video “Mad”

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The beginning of this video is a scene played out in regular life. That argument is cliche and realistic as hell. Don’t ya’ll go to bed mad at your boo. SMH and dialing my boo’s work number to say sorry.

What do ya’ll think about Ne-Yo’s latest track and video?

Lindsey Lohan Drinking and Fornicating: What Rehab??

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The ginger Amy Winehouse, Lohan, is speeding on the road to destruction. You better hurry up and grab your tickets before the show is sold out.

Together Again?

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Sources say that Whitney & Bobby may soon reunite:

We’ve heard it before, but folks inside Whitney Houston’s circle of pals again insist the on-the-rebound diva and ex-husband Bobby Brown may be getting back together.

The official word from Camp Houston sticks to to the old line about the divorced couple remaining separate, ”but good friends whose primary interest is the well-being of their daughter.” Yet, several Georgia sightings of Houston and Brown in recent days — clearly looking very romantic while dining together — seem to boost the reliability of what I’m hearing. I’m also hearing that the divorced couple’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is eager for her parents to remarry.

This comes as no shock. Those two nutballs are made for each other. Pity.

When All Else Fails…There’s Always Playboy

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This ‘tasteful’ shot of Aubrey O’Day was taken earlier this year for Travis Barker’s clothing line Stars and Stripes. Word is she’ll be flashing those silicone lumps once more for her very own Playboy spread. According to TMZ, O’Day will posing butt naked with a bunch of lion cubs. Get that paper – ya trflin’ ass hussy.

Let Kanye’s Mom Rest In Peace

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One-Time is investigating the nephew of Donde West who is a R.N. that was caring for her after the surgery:

A year after Kanye_West’s mother, Donda, 58, died while recovering from plastic surgery, PEOPLE has learned that California authorities have launched a probe into the possible role of Donda West’s nephew, Stephan Scoggins, 46. A registered nurse, Scoggins was supervising West’s post-surgery care with West’s assistant and a friend when, according to a source familiar with the situation, he left the house to attend a baby shower the day after West underwent breast augmentation and liposuction last Nov. 10. West died that evening at a Los Angeles hospital. At the time, the death of the rapper’s mother was described by a family spokesman as “the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure,” a statement that placed intense scrutiny on West’s surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams. But last January, a Los Angeles coroner ruled that West died of “multiple post-operative factors,” effectively clearing Dr. Adams of responsibility. In this new development, an investigator with the California Department of Consumer Affairs has issued subpoenas asking individuals “to testify in the matter of the investigation of Stephan Scoggins,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Kind of unfortunate that after all the man and his family have gone through with this ordeal, people still won’t let the late be great, and live.


Trey Songz and Young Dro: Making it Rain on Them Hoes

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Young Dro, Trey Songz and Gramps hit up Magic City to get they freak on. These niccas were throwing cash everywhere.

Pictures of some random @ss and cash below.

ABC Presents The Obama’s

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Looks like talk show dinosaur Barbara Walters will have the pleasure of interviewing the soon to be President and First Lady:

The Barack Obama media tour is making another stop — and at another high-profile place. A week after the president-elect and first lady-elect Michelle Obama spoke to “60 Minutes,” they’re sitting down for an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters. It will air as a one-hour special Wednesday night on ABC.

The interview will touch on the transition, economy, foreign policy and how the family is dealing with the immense change in their lives, says ABC. Walters will do the interview late in the day in Chicago, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The television network hopes that the Obama interview will be as much of a ratings success as the Obamas’ interview with “60 Minutes” two Sundays ago that gave the newsmagazine its best ratings in years. Parts of the interview will also air on “Good Morning America,” “World News” and “Nightline.”

Yeah, the ratings are guaranteed to be high for this jawn too, but let’s hope the old bag keeps it relevant, which means no more questions about the Obama’s getting a mutha-effin’ dog. A hint of what’s to come is on the flip Continue »

A Real Baby for a Sham Marriage?

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Yesterday, Ellen Degeneres tried to strong-arm MiMi into admitting that she’s knocked up:

On her talk show Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres puts Mariah Carey in the hot seat over rumors that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting their first child. “People are saying that you’re pregnant,” DeGeneres says. “No, that’s OK,” Carey coyly replies. See stars who are expecting this season!

Telling her she doesn’t have to answer, DeGeneres then tries to get Carey to take a sip of champagne. But Carey tells her it’s “just fattening. That’s not champagne. You can’t have it on TV.

“I can’t believe you did this to me, Ellen,” she later adds. “This is peer pressure.”

DeGeneres then tells her, “let’s toast to you not being pregnant.” Replies Carey, “Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe her! Why would we toast to that? How about to the future?”

Carey pretends to drink the champagne as she adds, “It’s too early for me. I only drink after 3 p.m.!”

“You’re pregnant,” DeGeneres flat-out tells her. “I didn’t say that. No, no, no. My mother would be at home, like on the computer, like what are you talking about?” Carey replies. “We will let you know when we’re going to have a family.”

Meanwhile, Carey also explains how she and Cannon did not consummate their relationship before tying the knot. “We were intimate, but we weren’t completely intimate in the biblical sense,” Carey tells DeGeneres. Adds the singer, “It worked out great.”

Ole Mimi ain’t no spring chicken, so if she is planning on poppin’ out a li’l Carey-Cannon, they better hop to it. And we see she’s still running her mouth about not having premarital sex with her boytoy. Heffah please.


Some Morning Eye Candy

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Keri Hilson puts it down for Complex Magazine – where she originally made that infamous faux-gasm comment.

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The Jury is Deliberating in T.I. Trial

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The jury is deciding what to do with the idiot who’s brother snitched him out in the murder of TI’s best friend:

Defense attorneys for Hosea Thomas presented a surprise witness yesterday (Nov 25) who countered the entire case presented by the prosecution. A woman claiming to be Thomas’ former girlfriend offered him an alibi for the night he is accused of shooting at two vans carrying T.I. And his entourage. Twenty-five year-old Kim Sweeten, who now resides in Atlanta, stated in court that she returned to Cincinnati as soon she found out about the trial. Sweeten says that on the night of the shoot out that left T.I’s friend Philant Johnson dead and three others injured, she and Thomas left Club Ritz together and headed straight home. Her testimony comes in direct contradiction to the theory presented by the prosecution’s star witness, Thomas’ older brother Padron, who testified that he drove the Jeep Cherokee which followed the Atlanta rapper and his entourage unto I-75 on the fateful May 2006 night. However, prosecutors noted that Thomas never offered up this alibi when he was arrested and charged with murder. As part of a plea agreement, Padron Thomas identified his younger brother as the one who fired several shots into the two vans in which the Grand Hustle camp were traveling. During his testimony on Friday (November 21), T.I. told the court that he believed those shots were meant for him.

These fools got a baby mama to come into court and lie a long time after this was said and done. They look like they have done some kind of thug coonery like this before.


Which One Would You Hit???

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Last night Mel B was spotted out partying with the hubby at the Dancing with the Stars afterparty, while Taraji P Henson attended a “Special” Los Angeles premiere in Century City. So if you had to choose between the “freak of the week,” or the “I normally don’t do ‘this'” type of freak, Which One Would You Hit???

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Lil’ Wayne’s Album Tops Pop Charts

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Lil’ Wayne’s album is on top of the pop charts:

Lil Wayne’s multi-million-selling album Tha Carter III has been named the Best Album of 2008 in the year’s first pop poll.

The rapper’s hit album beat Girl Talk’s “Feed The Animals” release and TV on the Radio’s “Dear Science” in the new Blender magazine hitlist.

We knew Weezy was doing it big, but to top the Pop charts means that all those Caucasian teenie-boppers are your main fan base. Just wait until soccer moms find out that isn’t purple Kool-Aid in those styrofoam cups. SMH



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