Out Of Pocket

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Thanks to her extensive relationship experience (Bow Wow and No Cent), Ciara offered her two cents on Madonna’s ordeal:

CIARA has spoken out in support of MADONNA – insisting the pop superstar is strong enough to get through her divorce from GUY RITCHIE.  The pair announced their split last month (Oct08), confirming that their marriage has come to an end after seven-and-a-half years.  According to some reports, Madonna’s desire to adopt another child, her punishing gym routine, and a lack of support for her director husband’s filmmaking career caused irreparable damage to their union.  But the Material Girl star can count on one supporter to back her through the bitter proceedings – crunk star Ciara, who insists the singer’s 25-years in the public spotlight will help her cope.  The 23-year-old tells OK! magazine, “She’s a megastar, and that goes with the territory.  “But she’s definitely put her foot down as a woman over the years and she’s proven to be one of the best to me. She’ll make it through – she’s been doing this for a long time.”- WENN

Little does Ciara know, Madonna has not been able to refrain from tainting us all with her debauchery and nymphomania since around the time CiCi was born. The ink hasn’t even touched the divorce papers yet, but Madonna is already up to her old tricks and has been chopping down A-Rod.

Fill in The Blank

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Here is that ho Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush at a Halloween party last night. Their costume theme is on point. It looks certified that he is going to try to wife her and have to explain her giving brains to Ray J on tape to his kids.

Fill in The Blank:: If you could tell that brotha Reggie something before he proposes to Kim, you would tell him_____________________.

Election Halloween: Obama is a Treat and McCain is a “Trick”

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Here is your boy Obama yesterday taking his cute daughter Sasha out for Halloween in Chicago. He got into it with the press and then started running away:

It wasn’t quite a Halloween nightmare on Obama street, but journalists on Friday drew a rare flash of anger from the normally unflappable Democratic presidential nominee.Barack Obama had taken a break from the campaign trail for a few hours of Halloween fun at home with his family four days before the election, but ended up visibly annoyed when news crews dogged their footsteps in their Chicago neighborhood.

“That’s enough. You’ve got a shot. Leave us alone,” Obama told reporters as he walked down the block with his 7-year-old daughter Sasha in her costume on the way to a party at a neighbor’s home.

Obama, usually cool in public during a campaign that has turned him into the frontrunner for the White House, did not disguise his irritation when his surprise walk caused news photographers and camera crews to scramble for position on the sidewalk.

He grew especially testy when a Polish television cameraman tried to approach them.”Come on guys, get back on the bus,” he pleaded with journalists, many of whom had accompanied him from the airport to Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood.Obama, wearing sunglasses but no costume, and his daughter, dressed up as what campaign aides said was a “corpse’s bride,” then broke into a sprint, leaving the journalists behind.

Only a few days until Obama turns the page of history. Everyone should be out there to vote on Tuesday and if you can’t vote, you better be pushing someone to get their a*s out there and support change. Don’t get it twisted, we have to go all out and full blast to make it happen.


When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Obama’s aunt is living in the “jects” in Boston as an illegal immigrant and the Obama campaign recently returned her little $200 donation to his campaign:

Barack Obama’s White House campaign said Saturday it was returning a small donation from his Boston-based Kenyan aunt after questions were raised over her US immigration status.

Aides said Obama had not been in touch with his late father’s sister, Zeituni Onyango, 56, for at least four years, and questioned reporting about her residency status so close to Tuesday’s election against Republican John McCain.Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said the campaign was returning 265 dollars donated by the aunt to her nephew’s White House bid.Foreigners cannot donate money to US presidential candidates. But aides refused to say whether returning the money was an acknowledgement that the aunt was an illegal alien.

“Given the information that has been brought to our attention, the contributions are being refunded,” LaBolt said in a statement, without elaborating.Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod would not comment on the aunt’s immigration status but said Obama last met her for sure at his Senate inauguration ceremony in 2004.

“It’s not a real close relationship. They have not been in close touch,” he told reporters after Obama addressed 15,000 supporters in Henderson, Nevada.

Someone needs to pass poor Zeituni some stacks, she shouldn’t be living in the jects.


Public Memorial Services to Be Held for JHud Family

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This tragic chapter in their lives is nearly closed. Jennifer Hudson and her family will hold a public memorial service:

A public memorial service for Jennifer Hudson’s slain mother, brother and nephew is planned for Sunday at the South Side Chicago church where the Oscar-winner grew up singing. “The Hudson family welcomes anyone who wishes to attend and pay their respects to these three beloved members of the Chicago community,” reads a statement from Hudson’s rep. Neither the singer-actress nor her sister, Julia, the mother of slain 7-year-old Julian King, are expected to attend the public observance. The service will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church, located at 4526 S. Greenwood in Chicago. The memorial will be preceded by a private service.


Via People

Brokeback Mountain-The Legend Continues

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Holy Cow…Look at John Legend with his eyes affixed on some young stud who he wants to make a real cowboy out of. Our suggestion is for that stud to hop on his horse, no pun intended, and get the f*ck outta dodge!

More pics from the Pur Jeans Halloween Bash in Cali below:

Some Weekend Semi Swirl

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Zoe Kravitz has a new boo:

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, Zoe , wants a man just like her dear old dad – a rocker. The gorgeous 19-year-old just started dating MGMT frontman Andrew VanWyngarden. The couple have only been together two weeks, but friends say they are “inseparable,” even showing up to a Prince concert on top of the Gansevoort Hotel and making out all night.

SMH at dude’s steez. Check him out below:


Coupled Up

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You know that you have been successful in this world when you can afford to go 2 steps past way too far. The black and blue fools you see are Seal and his normally Porcelain Goddess, Heidi. FYI, Seal is the black @ss one. SMH

More action from Heidi’s Absolut 100 Halloween Party in NY:

Which One Is Packin???

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Snoop and Ice Cube were in Sydney spreading a little gangsta mentality to our friends “down under.”

If you had to take a wild stab at it, which one of these gangstas do you you think has the biggest ummm…gun?

A couple more pics to help influence your decision:


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