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Brandy revealed some information about why she lied to the world:

Singer Brandy opens up for the first time to Us Weekly about her fake marriage and the “traumatic” car accident that left one person dead.

In 2002, Brandy Norwood announced she’d secretly wed music producer Robert Smith the year before – just four months before giving birth to their baby, Sy’rai, when just 22 years old. The pair even acted as husband and wife on MTV series Brandy: A Special Delivery, which documented their daughter’s birth.

But after calling it quits in 2003, Smith told a radio station the marriage never happened.

“I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model,” Norwood, 29, reveals to Us Weekly in her first interview on the topic.

“Our relationship was very real, we just weren’t legally married,” she adds.

Poor thang had no clue we already knew why she lied. We didn’t believe that whole ‘Moesha’ act for one second and knew those young prep school backs were getting tore up, just like the other girls.


Exclusive New Footage of Film “Notorious”

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Check out this new footage of the “Notorious” actors learning how to emulate the swag of Biggie, Lil Kim and Diddy. Peep Derek Luke in his 90’s Puff Daddy steez… shiny shirt, greasy curl and all.

Keep Your Stacks; I Want My Kids

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Guy Ritchie would rather have the kids than Madonna’s millions:

Madonna and Guy Ritchie may have reached a divorce settlement, with the British director walking away with … zilch.

Ritchie has reportedly thumbed his nose at his estranged wife’s millions, opting to focus instead on obtaining joint custody of the couple’s two sons Rocco, 8, and David, 3.

Half the chicks can’t even pay their babies’ fathers to keep them, and this guy is volunteering for nothing. He must really love those little bad @ss boys.


Slick Willy To Do “Whatever Obama Wants”

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Bill Clinton Obama

Bill Clinton is on board with Barack:

Former President Bill Clinton has agreed to all of the conditions sought by President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team to eliminate potential conflicts of interest if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state, people close to the Clintons said Wednesday.“I’m certain President Clinton will do whatever it takes, which means whatever President-elect Obama wants, to make the nomination acceptable, if he offers and she accepts,” said Lanny J. Davis, a longtime Clinton friend who was special counsel in his White House and has consulted the Clinton camp in recent days.

Well, we can be sure that one of the conditions will be for Bill to keep his little Willy to himself. Old @ss freak mcnasty.

Via NY Times

Peep good ole Bill trying to get back good with black folks at Clark Atlanta University Wednesday:

Dude, Where’s My Hair Stylist???

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Beyonce attended the the unveiling of Seventeen Magazine’s 2008 Style Star of the Year looking like Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, Bubbles, did her hair. She should know by now to take a day off when she isn’t on point. SMH

More pics of Bey for your viewing displeasure below:

Check out Gabrielle Union doing some good deeds at Mickey D’s when you… Continue »

Seen On The Scene

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Kim Kakes and Melody Thornton were at the T-Mobile It’s a Wrap Party. We just have one little question though…Melody, do you have to show all 28 of your teeth?

Another pic of the two below:

New Music: Solange, “T.O.N.Y.”

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Have you ever tried really, really hard to like something or someone, but it just didn’t work? Well, here’s another chance.

Tell us what you think about Solange’s new track and video.

Random Ridiculousness

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T-Pain says it’s a wrap for everyone ‘biting’ off his little vocoder, Auto-Tune swag:

At the end of the “Can’t Believe It” remix, T-Pain says that Auto-Tune is almost up. What? Why would Pain, whose Thr33 Ringz debuts at #4 on next week’s Billboard albums sales chart, extinguish his signature sound now?

“Not for me,” Pain clarified, “for everybody else.” The singer — who told DJ Skee in a separate interview that artists such as Ron Browz have used the Auto-Tune effect poorly. If Diddy can collaborate with Pain and pay him for using the Auto-Tune, so can you other guys. “Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune. He signed the contract and everything. If I can do that with Diddy, somebody else better be signing something. It’s Diddy. He didn’t have to involve me at all. … I’m writing and producing on his album, and he gave me extra royalties on top of that for using something I just brought back.”

Damn, cats are really paying this ni**a for some recycled ish? That just goes to show you where the music game is at today.

Listen to a T-Pain and Lil’ Kim bootleg Computer Love remake called “Download”:

Any Thoughts?


112 Members Ganking Each Other??

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There are theft allegations between the members of 112:

*Q. Parker of the group 112 appeared on Atlanta’s WVEE-V103 this week to address former member Michael Keith’s recent allegation that the group disbanded due to mistrust among the quartet.

Without naming names, Keith told EUR’s Lee Bailey that he and Marvin “Slim” Scandrick fell out with another member of the band over a mishandling of funds – which left either Quinnes Parker or Daron Jones as the alleged guilty party.

“I had to leave because I found out that a certain member of the group took my publishing check,” Keith told Bailey in October. “It was made clear that it was intended for myself and another member, Slim.”

During his interview on WVEE, Q directly addressed Mike’s accusation of theft.

“It comes down to something very simple,” he said. “As recently as last week we went to court about this very topic and I was exonerated.”

“All of the guys from 112 are like my brothers, and I have nothing but love for them,” he added. “I may not agree with what Mike is saying, but I respect his right to speak his mind.”

As for Mike’s statement that he left the group, Q said, “If 112 is broken up, its news to me. We have been doing shows over the last year; as recent as last weekend!”

Added Parker, “I agree with Mike on a lot of the things he says. This group is like a marriage, a family, and when there are problems in the family, you work together to try and resolve that. I wish that was something Mike would do.”

Since these fools can’t seem to work through this by being grown-ups and going through the courts, there’s only one solution: a singing contest. Whoever wins is right and gets to keep the money. SMH


Skippin’ Out on the Tab

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Usher’s mom is being investigated by one-time:

Police have launched an investigation looking into whether or not Usher’s mother and former manager, Jonnetta Patton, scammed a limo driver during the recent BET Awards.

A freelance limo driver says that Patton used his services for her Atlanta-based transportation company, but never paid him his $1,668 for services. He has since filed a complaint. According to TMZ, Patton’s camp is currently mum regarding the complaint and investigation. Dekalb County detectives are actively looking into the case.

Come on, Jonetta; you couldn’t afford to pay that little tab? We can only imagine that something must have happened to disrupt her monthly allowance from Usher. SMH


Grown Man Swag

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Big Boi looks like quite the GQ gentleman in that wool suit via Ralph Lauren Purple Label, of course. The entire ensemble looks fly, except for the purple ruby on his pinky finger. The jury’s still out on that one.

A couple more pics of Big Boi at the GQ Men of the Year Party below.

Shout out to Unsigned Man

Which One Would You Hit???

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LL Cool J and Joe were on the scene in NY last night requiring all the fellas to keep a watchful eye on their women. These experienced gents could probably teach a girl a thing or two, so which one would you hit?

Here are a bunch of pics from the New Yorkers For Children Wrap to Rap event.

A ton of pics are waiting for you when you… Continue »

Coupled Up

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Awww…look at the happy couple out and about in NY. Ladies, Mary has that glow a woman gets when she is happy with the relationship and a brother is putting in work in the bedroom. Must be nice.

More pics of Mary and Timbaland at the Tattoo Heart Collection to benefit UNICEF dinner below.

Let’s Hope It’s Not Rocks

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Mr. Financial Turmoil himself was showing some unusual behavior at a recent event:

Damon Dash couldn’t sit still during John Galliano’s speech at the CFDA Fashion Fund and told his table at Sky light Studios he was “bugging out,” prompting a guest to say, “He was really a mess”

Poor Dame, such an easy target these days. Probably soaking up all this ‘free publicity.”


Who Looked More Bangin’???

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Both Beyonce and Melyssa Ford were in NY partying it up at separate events, but they both looked gorgeous, to us, that is. If you had to tab one of these young ladies as the hottest chick in NY last night, we have to know: Which One Looked More Bangin’?

More pics from Beyonce’s Gotham Magazine Gala for your viewing pleasure below.

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